Saturday, September 30, 2006

Diving into Spanking Fantasies

Yesterday night, while watching those vids, I experienced something weird. Ok, maybe weird is not the right word, but you'll soon find out what I mean.

I was so turned on by domestic discipline with Daddy/daughter stuff that I was knocked out. Ok, I've always been into domestic discipline related to Guardian (father figure though, of course) and some young chick, but probably my kink developed. A guardian spanking the girl is a forced fantasy, quite unlikely to happen. But a father spanking his daughter is plausible. My personal opinion: people who are scared to fantasize about Daddy/teenage daughter stuff go for Guardian/teenager. I am convinced actually that this is the truth. You try to put out from your mind incest thoughts and you do that by redirecting your interest. Well, for me, only the spankings related to Father/daughter interest me, and giving the fact that never goes for sex, it was easy to dive into this new kink. As a matter of fact, I think I have mentioned it before - spanking is a world by itself, and it doesn't need sex. Unless the real life story runs that way, and then it's okay. But mind me, I would never be able to go further with the Daddy/daughter approach.

Given my sudden view enlargement on the world of spanking, I reach the conclusion that spanking role-play fantasies - let's take 'role-play' out if possible - develope in time. Back then my interest was very limited - M/F domestic was the only thing that did it for me - then slowly slowly I got into M/f, into Father/daughter, teacher/schoolgirl. I wonder where this journey will take me next... I have a new respect for the cane, even though it scares the shit out of me and I don't see it as proper punishment by itself. Not proper punishment unless it bruises the heck out of you means out with this fantasy, not my kink.

Another thing - maybe a scenario transforms into kink the moment you fantasize about it the first time, and sticks to your mind when you play it with your hubby/boyfriend/etc in real life.

So, have your fantasies evolved? And how come?

Oh, shit! I hope Jack doesn't see this post! I already worry about what he might think seeing my new interest. Not good thoughts, I expect. I don't know. I think I'm really ashamed of myself. lol Yeah... Hell, what can I do? It's not my fault my mind works like this! Hey, blame it on! Yeah! Go spank David! It's his fault! I didn't do it. Honestly, I'm innocent! *grinning like a Cheshire cat* Right, I'm off. I hope I can get some work donw around here before I post again.

Oh, I want so much to go read blogs now and post comments!! But first, to earn that right, I should write my letter of intent. I hate those things!! *puts cigarette out* Can't smoke anymore... can't breathe anymore either... *cough cough* Damn these cigarettes! But today, I'm not buying a new pack! Even if I go crazy!


Tiggr said...

Hey Kayley,

Great posts!!! You've been a busy girl overnight... hopefully you're getting some sleep now and a spanking later (both much deserved, or so it sounds).

Cool thoughts on the fantasies... don't try to analyze it all too much though, and certainly don't let that analysis turn it into something bad or dirty. Well, it is dirty (and bad) but in all the right ways...

As long as fantasy is fantasy, that'sthe joy of it. And role-play is the link that joins fantasy and reality for us lucky ones!!

Big hugs,

Kayley said...

Tiggr, the only spanking I could be getting now, girl, is self-spanking. lol Well, it's a bit left till my hubby returns... so maybe I should be patient.

Deserved?? Shhh!! Don't let him here that! I'm innocent!

I really like your comment on analysing the kink. You're right! It sounds bad when you look too deep into it, doesn't it? And when you walk outside around vanillas... Hell! Who cares? Let's celebrate! We love spanking! Long live the spankings! hehe ;)

Catch ya later, chica! :) *hugz* And thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

All of you are right. It is what it is. I have read that the parental age play is one of the most common. I think that father/daughter is very common. Says a lot about the father/daughter connection in our society I think. A lot of unresolved stuff going on for adult daughters. Fantasy age/role playing seems to be a great outlet.

Dave said...

Great post. Complicated, very complex topic. My fantasies have evolved, morphed, transformed......though there are always erotic overtones in them, no matter whawt the scenario is. . . .

Thank you for discussing this topic/I have rarely seen this discussed on any other blog that I know of.


Anonymous said...

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