Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jack is Back

Upon popular demand, I am back this week to share more of the thoughts that occupy my overly grown brain. Anyway, where were we last week? Oh yes, I promised some exciting topics, such as stamp collecting.

But given that this is a blog on spanking, I will try to combine these exciting topics with the concept of spanking. Here's one thing you can also easily try at home if you are a stamp collector. Find those stamps that are not worth much, pull the brat on your knee and pull down her panties... then, place the stamp face down on your palm and give the other side a lick... next, move your hand on spanking position and whack the brat... now, you have a stamp stuck on the brat's butt... neat huh?

A phrase you can use while you do this is "I'm gonna mail your ass out of town!"... or "I'm gonna spank you all the way to China (replace China with the place the stamp is from)... or think of any other witty phrases you can think of. If you want, you can even sign your name on the brat's ass and claim it as a package.

Or... instead of making your brat count simply "1...2...3...4..." each time you whack her, make her count the value of the stamps in cents. Like "22 cents... 44 cents... 66 cents..." and make her start from the top each time she messes up the calculation. Or just spank her silly till she guesses what's on the stamp.

Or stamp spanking can also be a hand-eye coordination game for the master. You can try not to get two stamps over each other and see how many stamps you stick on the butt. Who says the brat should get all the fun? If you have a kinky relationship with two masters and one brat, this can also be a very entertaining two player game. If you're even kinkier, your ass can be the life of the party in a party game with lots of people.

Well, that it from Jack this week. Next week I will finally talk about the vacuum cleaners and fun things you can do with them. I'm sure you'll ll be looking deeply forward to it. Alright, you've been a great audiance, thank you very much.


Paul said...

Hay Jack, stamping one's brat, sounds a bit cruel, but fun. Why should brats have all the fun.

Theresa said...

I am not even going to ask about the vacuum thingie. I am just going to wait patiently!

Great post. Hugs

Tiggr said...

I won't wait patiently... I wanna hear about sucking and hoses and friction and swallowing every last... oh, you talked about STAMPS didn't you?

Sorry... ANyway, OK, back to the stamps... can we see a pic of Kay's butt with all those stamps stuck on it? That's kind of an expensive game, unless you used previously mailed stamps... not sticky but fun just the same...

Sounds like a great Thursday anti-HNT pic to me!

Hugs to you and big kisses to Kay,

Lily said...

Thanks for the giggle. I can just see brats everywhere with stamps on their bottoms. I wait with baited breath for the vacuum cleaner game.

Take care,



New Beginnings said...
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New Beginnings said...

I am always up for a new spanking game! And we just got a new vacuum so hurry up!

Elis (PK)

Haron said...

OMG, this cracked me up. Smacking the stamps onto a girl? You kids sure know how to have wholesome geeky fun :)

lessa{D} said...

ohhhhhhhh yes... like Tiggr said... please post a pic of kay's behing stamped with colourfull stamps.... we would really like that...

the party game sounds a bit scary... I think I juust settle for a sing-a-long..