Monday, November 13, 2006

Jack on Spanking

Jack here. I guess you brats are surprised to see me here. And your doms are probably equally surprised that I am still alive and not exhausted to death from dealing with the brattiest brat in the world.

So, what can I say about spanking? You brat, you get punished. Next day you brat some more because you want to be spanked again. Am I right? Well my work is done here then... alright alright I'll write some more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do you spank Kayley?

A: First of all, to stop her from annoying me! Yeah sometimes she talks too much and laughs like a lunatic and bothers me. In those cases, whatever I say has no affect. So, I let my hands do the talking. Second of all, it's always nice to remind her who is boss. After some spanking I ask her who's in control, and she says "you". Third of all, for Kayley, it works much faster than foreplay.

Q: What are some good substitutes for spank?

A: Flowers, teddy bears, red wine, romantic candle light dinners, and many other things guys would not rather get involved with. That is why the number of spankos in the world is increasing. People have less and less money and time for such stuff and spanking is a valuable substitute.

Q: Does watching spanking videos turn you on?

A: If the girl is pretty and something happens after she gets spanked, sure why not. But the girl should look like she's getting punished. She shouldn't say "yeah spank me harder"... that just is silly. Nevertheless, I'm sure you've all come across such videos.

Q: What goes hand in hand with spanking?

A: For me personally, schoooll girl uniform or pijamas sound good. It works much better than some girl pulling down her jeans or wearing high heel boots or something. For some reason, the teacher-student image is very nice. I guess it has to do with control and the fact that it's taboo.

Alright that's it from me. If you liked my writing and would like to hear from me regularly, pressure Kayley into making me a weekly regular or something like that. If you didn't like me or what I wrote, I'll be here every week anyway but this time I'll write about stamp collecting, cleaning spider webs, my favorite elevator music, the best vacuum cleaner brands, and other exciting topics.


Spice said...

Aaaw Kay make him a weekly regular; he's sexy! *grins wickedly*
Also it's funny - I can just imagine you reading over his shoulder going "Hey!" every so often!

Love ya (both, now!)

Ree said...

Yeah, I agree with spice go ahead and make him a regular. At least he is willing, Rowan hardly ever posts for me (pouts). Maybe he just can't think of anything to say - he isn't all that creative ha ha. That is unless he is trying to come up with reasons to spank me - but of course you know there are none because I am such a good girl! He is just a mean bully without a creative bone in his body!( *WEG* he he he, you know I can say whatever I want in comments because he doesn't check what I say on other people's blogs)

You know he did spank me Kay, lots of help you were. Jack, I think that Kay deserves a nice hard spanking. I'm sure, no positive, that she has earned it; just ask her!! he he he.... (even if I can't stay out of trouble, I don't want to be the only one with a sore tush)

lots of love

lessa{D} said...

ohhhhhh yes... I am all for Jack being a weekly publisher overhere.... all votes say yes.. so please pretty please do ask him ever so politely kay sweetie...

I just loved these faq's... though I do think kay deserves the flowers and dinner as well..*grin*

she should have it all... yes.... all that and another spanking... mmmmmmm

*real polite hello to Jack and an enormous hug and love you to Kay*

Kayley said...

Spice - hehe I also thought he was very funny and more creative than me. He whined he doesn't have anythingto write about, but reading his post cracked me up. ;) he can be a regular if he wants. I would love that, that's for sure. ;) And yeah, he is one sexy top, isn't he? yum yum! Luv ya!!

Ree - Can I rofl girl? That was an innocent comment... but only if you knew that Rowan was hot on your tail... ;) That is so hilarious! Oh, in case jack asks, I will deny: I do not deserve a spanking! lol Luv ya!

Lessa - thank you sweets! *big warm hugs!* Flowers and dinner, eh? I prefer spankings! lmao ;) Luv ya! :) And how's your holiday coming along??

Theresa said...

Great to hear from you Jack...I imagine Kayley is quite a handful!

Hey do you actually clean spider webs for people or just give instructions?


Paul said...

Jack, please keep the posts about Kayley's spanking. much more interesting then cleaning spider webs and the like.
Give Kay a swat from me,
Be well,

Lily said...

Hi Jack,

Loved your post and I hope you do become a regular writer.

Take care,



Tiggr said...

Jack - OK, sorry but you are NOT funnier than Kay... but you did alright for a testosterone-laden bully-boy, er, um, I mean Jack, VERY good post. Bravo. Seriously, I jsut wanna here you compare the vacuum cleaners... does Kay help with that product testing stuff?

Kay - Bring him back, please, I haven't had so much fun tormenting someone in quite some time!


Fitz said...

Hi Jack!

Loved the Q&A's, agree with pretty much each of them, too.

Hope you'll be a regular. There's not many Doms out here in blogland, and it's good for the girls to hear how it is from the other side of the fence :)

I'd be ever so greatful if you'd stick to talking about Kay's red bum and maybe not so much on the spiderweb front, though. Deal?