Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nihoahoa! - Ramblings

That would describe my mood.

Oh, you people must think that I'm psychotic - I come out of the dark only when I go berserk. Hmmm... It must be true though. If I were to read my latest posts I don't see any trace of normality.

Anyway - spanking mood hit again. Still M/m. Why the heck does it happen like this? No, I am not complaining... I'm just puzzled.

I've been on vacation for like two weeks, and for three or four days in a row I actually woke up having spanking dreams. Do you know how hard I try to get those when I am get into spanking moods? And do you know that it never happens then? But tyis time - lo and behold - every morning I woke up I was wet.

I had again lots of crap to take care of when I got back to work... then someone innocently 'spanked' me on Facebook. And here I am again...

Natty said in a comment something about dark stories... 'dysfunctional' was the word she used. I would like to see those though... :) I might as well break the 'pattern' and write something M/m soon. I need to. I mean I grew up writing only M/m. M/m allows for longer and harsher spankings - and you don't think of them as harsher just because the person getting spanked is a boy, and theoretically boys are harder to bring to tears.

You know what's funny about M/m's? The guy getting it - and in my fantasy ages range from 11 to 17 - try to keep a straight face all the way to the end. The tendency to disobey is higher after a spanking. And I like the way in my fantasies guys always try to play kool. And maybe M/m is stronger for me because it seems more intense - even psychologically speaking. Plus... a guy getting spanked obviously is a 'bad guy'. And girls tend to fall in love with the negative character who actually has a good heart. hehe

Yeah... time to get a paper and start writing. Why not on my laptop? Because my eyes hurt really bad from work already - almost a migraine.

Cheers and thanks for passing bye and commenting everyone! :)


Will said...

I wouldn't mind "innocently, spanking you", on Facebook!

All I gotta say is "Write ON!!"

[I think you'd like to spank ME! Come on, tell me I'm wrong!~~~I've been awfully "bad" while you were on Vacation ("sniffle-sniffle")...

I'm sorry..(can't say I won't do again though!)

xx,Will. BottomsUp! :)

Kayley said...

Ummm... lol Yes, Will, one can get a kick from that nowadays. And given that it seems to be a vanilla 'spank' is even more exciting! :)
LOL again. Will, if I weren't a bottom, maybe. :D

If you were to swear not to do it again and I wouldn't believe you... ;) Don't worry.