Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If I Were a Male Top...

So, girls, if you were a male top, how would you be?

I would be a teaser. I would be sarcastic. I would be witty. I would dare the bottom to break the rules. I would never stop in the middle of a spanking, no matter what. I would play the cats and mice game, always giving a false hope. I would keep my promisses. I would be inventive. And I would announce the spankings unexpectedly and matter-of-factly.

How I wish I were a male top really... Maybe in another life. 'Cause I hope I will care my interest into my next life...


Initially I stopped there and published the post. Then I remembered something I did. A few years ago I was using a spanking chat room and once, my friend dared me to log in as a male top. In a virtual world, everything is possible. It's the same as playing a PS2 or PC game, with you being the main male character. It's like playing Leisure Suit Larry and trying to fuck all the girls in town.

When you are a female bottom you certainly know what female bottoms need and want. More or less, they are all the same. Women have something which most men don't have as tops. They like to play weird games and to tease. I cannot explain in which sense, but it certainly is different from men. So if you find such a top, hold onto him. ;)

So I got in, found a victim, and started my game. It was so much fun that I did the same the next day, same girl. Then I had to stop mostly because she wanted more than spanking and I'm not into that. Strange for some, but I achieve all I need through spanking. If God left me only with spanking, I would not complain one bit.

Feeling the power a top has - both through the status and through the simple fact that a man is stronger than a woman - made me feel great. So to the "If I were a Top..." I can also add... "I would be evil". I was evil. Which made the girl like it even more. What's wrong with girls? hehe


Will said...

The headline on your blog reads:

"Did you get your spanking today?"

my answer:

No. (blush)...But, if I were to receive a spanking today~~and, I should, believe me, cuz I been very naughty!~~

I'd want YOU to be the spanker!

~~oh, my dear...

You're The TOP!


xx,Will. my "bottomsUp!"

Paul said...

Kay, yes, we tops can be evil, but in ways our brats ultimately enjoy.
I could tease my Mel so much, she would get frustrated and wild, yet we would always end up happy and sated.
Love and warm hugs,