Friday, November 09, 2007

Raging Brat?

I had to change the name of the page. Of course, "Brat Under Control" still remains my fav; it's just that it does not describe me anymore. It used to - for a short period of time, but it was a temporary thing.

I have never been under control. And I will never be under control. Pretending to be is fun, of course. But I am tired of pretending. And honestly, I do not want to be under anybody's control.

Yes, ok, maybe you would say that this is just something temporary - because I am fucking mad right now, you know? Angry people do stupid things. But no... this is me. I don't want anybody to haver authority over me in any way. I want to get spanked when I want to get spanked. I could never obey any rules - I can pretend to, like many, but it's not real.

I am pissed also because I cannot drink anymore. Don't get me wrong - I was never a heavy drinker. I am a heavy drinker at parties only, and I attend parties extremely rarily. Why? Because I am not for drinking. But right now I am pissed at myself and my body that I cannot drink sufficiently to knock myself out. I cannot drink at all. Impossible, you say? Not really. Last time I had a glass of champagne I got a headache. When I had wine - I felt sick for two days in a row.

I miss my best friend. I really miss her. She was the only friend I could rely on - fully. You know... like when you want to go out and stuff. I could drink if she were here.

I guess I feel lonely. And bored. And exhausted from work. And... frustrated.

Anyway... don't leave comments, guys. I complain like in a diary here. I don't want pity or extra questions, you know...


spanking latino said...

I like this blog, congratulations!!!

Will said...

So. Do you want a spanking now??

~~I'll make some Iced Tea, without the LOng Island, and you can get exactly "what you WANT"



Kayley said...

lol Will! man, you never give up on the thought of spanking my butt one day, eh? naughty naughty! hehe ;)

Kayley said...

spanking latito - Thanks a lot! :D

Will said...

Some things never change!
(I may have been "adam, Cain, Res, and NewYork Boy, and Will"...

...but, I've always been the same ole' spanko!