Sunday, November 18, 2007

Laughing at Spanking

Here is one more funny clip related to spanking... and sausages. :D


Paul said...

Kay, now that was funny, these three would have eaten those sausages.
Billy my Lhassa
Phoebe my poodle cross
Tiggi my cat
Hope that you like animals.
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

You kidding me? I LOVE animals. I boycott companies who test on animals and not only. Became vegetariam bcuz of animals... I save animals from the street... I love animals more than humans, I'm afraid I have to confess that...

Kayley said...

Paul, they are so pretty!! So so pretty! And the cat - well, your kitty hit my spot. I'd rather have 5 cats than 5 kids. lol How old is she? Oh, Paul, such a cute baby she is! I assume it's a she, based on the face structure. Pretty pretty baby! I have 2 in the house (a 4yo and an almost 4 months old), my Mom has 3 (thanks to me! lol), my aunt, at her house, has 6 now (again thanks to me) and 4 dogs (ahain, mostly my doing). :D