Sunday, November 11, 2007

Other Memories

I am on a roll today with posting...

Writing a post causes me to remember other things.

I remember that when I was small, until the age of 15-16, even though I had boyfriends and so on, I liked to be around boys. I had only two girlfriends - one because we were in the same class, the other because our parents were friends and we were neighbors. But I would play with them stupid girlish games only if the boys were 'unavailable'. This behavior drove my parents crazy - as in they cut all my soccer balls thinking that that would stop me from playing soccer. They grounded me - to no avail. They slapped me - nothing. I had climbing trees and construction buildings in my blood. Playing 'Cowboys and Indians' was also in my blood... action figures, cars (they had to buy me cars because I wouldn't like dolls - I spanked them, so go figure! hehe), soldiers, train sets, lego, games related to sports, etc. And my favorite - soccer. I would play soccer from the moment I got home until I had to do my homeworks in the evening. That's how I managed to cut my leg and have it stiched at 8.

Anyway, when my soccer mates weren't out, I was hanging out with the boys in my building - who could not play soccer (how weird is it for a guy not to play soccer? Soccer still seems to me a very manly thing. If you can't play a manly game, you're not a man in my eyes. Sorry. :) ) One of them was the craziest kid there was - the climbing on everything type and who breaks his teeth at my birthday party; the other - the silent type, whom we would always get in trouble. We were not allowed to wander around the construction site and climb on those buildings for obvious reasons. But we never listened. We were also supposed to be home before dark. This time we managed to drag this boy with us until it was quite dark. His parents went mad looking for him. We heard his Dad calling him home - he was very pissed. And my crazy friend said then - let's go their door and listen to him getting whacked. Which we did. But we were interrupted by him coming to the door, eyes in tears, very embarassed, asking us to leave. I know - we were evil.

The other kid - the crazy one - also got a good whacking once, because he threw potatoes out of his balcony to the people down, and he managed to hit an old man who did not understand the joke. So he went right on to the kids parents. His Dad really spanked his ass. hehe


Paul said...

Kay, it's nice when you're on a roll. I enjoy reading you.
Your reminisces remind me of the old days, not always bad.
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

:) Thanks a lot Paul. :) I always enjoy reading your comments. :)