Sunday, November 11, 2007

Teaser from Teenage Years

They were teasers or startles back then. Since I know the people involved and since I don't sympathize with them I cannot use the plots for my own stories or fantasies; but maybe you can.

I was visiting this city with my best family friend and his mother, and obviously, we were invited to a family for dinner. It was one of those posh families, respecting traditions and crap. In this country, a family with a good background (grandparents having a university degree or similar, taken in 1920s-1930s) is a posh family. And their family friends are also coming - mostly, at least - from other posh families. And such a family holds onto traditions. The tradition says you spank your children and you don't raise brats, or else you are seen as a 'black sheep' among your family friends - that would be my case, since my Granma never hold onto this much and raised, without wanting to, a very rebelious child - that being me. The thing is - these families love talking about educating children, and many times, when your family has friends over or when you go visiting, you can always hear such discussions. You might argue that most of the children of the 70s and 80s were raised with spankings; and I agree. But the difference between a normal family and a posh one is that the latter would follow a 'spanking ritual'. Which is our case.

So this posh family I haven't seen before had a daughter who was at the time 17-18 years old. Over dinner, the discussion has reached educating children. Both me and my friend were 14-15, if I remember correctly. The mother of my friend said that spanking wasn't happening much anymore in their family, since my friend was already old enough not to receive crazy spankings anymore, but occasionally his Dad would still whack his ass. Besides, she complained, her spankings had never had a great impact on her son (another subject worth mentioning in another post). The other mother disagreed - to the point of arguing - that I child should be spanked for as long as the child lives with his parents. Disobeying should always be punished. For example, if the daughter would be late home - even ten minutes late - she would ask her to lie on the couch and she would spank her with a rod on her bare behind. And she would cry like a baby. She mentioned this to her boyfriends even, and proved it in front of one of them. The mother of my friend thought it to be a crazy thing to do and explained why, but the dinner was over and we had to leave and the argument was left in the air. Needless to say that I felt embarassed because I wasn't spanked. Oh -trust me - I would have felt even more embarassed if my parents were part of the discussion!


Paul said...

Kay, good to see you posting again.
I can't remember when spanking started to be frowned upon, big mistake, I think, it worked for me.
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

It was frown upon because of abuses, I think... Don't ask me. It's too deep and too controversial to get into it. ;)

Kayley said...

And even if I risk getting some people jumping at my throat, some kind of discipline might be required in some cases with some kids until a certain age.

Dave said...

I've always been intrigued by all this, naturally.

And thusly now, my favest scenarios/fantasies are Dads and StepDads and fresh, pouty teenagers and the like; cheerleaders; strict professors; old-fashioned Doctors, etc etc :).....