Saturday, November 17, 2007

Great Snippet 2

Here is a couple that turns me on even before I reach the actual spanking:

When they entered the front doors of the school, Drew took a deep breath. He was totally out of his element and felt almost as if he was in a foreign country. He hated schools, and it all came back to him the minute he walked through the doors. People were already giving him startled looks. He was wearing his black leather jacket and grease covered jeans. His dark fuzzy hair and unshaved face only made him look even more formidable. Alex looked like a young teen rebel, with her semi-gothic style of dress and angry expression. It wasn’t that difficult for a casual observer to see that in an odd sort of way Drew and his daughter Alex seemed to go together.

A hot Dad and a rebel teenage daughter. *grin*

Story unfolds slowly to:

“For starters you’re going to bring home all your current homework and do it every single day. Then you can start making up all the work you are missing, one class at a time. You are going to be a very busy girl.” He mused.

Alex tightened her jaw in anger. “And if I don’t?”

“I think you know the answer to that.” He said looking at her sternly. “You will get more of what I’m about to give you.”

Hot is not enough to describe it. If you want the whole story, try out Jujubees' place here.

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Paul said...

Kay, thanks for writing back, I'll try not to worry about you, but when my friends are hurting, it's called empathy.
I so hope that you will get what you need.
I love JuJu's writing, I can see you do.
Warm hugs dear girl,