Monday, November 12, 2007


I have my badge from work on the desk and while I was staring at my amused face in the picture I was wondering - "what are the chances of a spanko recognizing another spanko on the street?".

How should a spanko's face look like? Well, not like my picture on the badge, that's for sure. I look like I have no worry in this world - a big fat smile, shiny eyes... Yeah, it was my 1st day there, that's why I was so bright! hehe

Take a pic now to see two hollow eyes, dark in their orbits, and my smile would probably be a grimace. :)

Yeah, nothing to do with spanking I guess. But that's normal. It's 10 o'clock sharp here and even though I wanted to write a little today I ended up playing American Football on my PS2. And time flew. Flew... my head got mixed for a second with the spelling. Does it ever happen to you? I mean sometimes I have to write the word down to remember how to spell it - and it always happens when someone asks you how to spell something, you know? And while you normally type it unconsciously, you cannot spell it when you're asked. hehe

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Paul said...

Kay, I think that you are going along with the myth that spanko's are different.
If you had met me and Mel, how would you tell that we were spanko's, the only way that you might guess is that we were more loving than many long married couples.
Spanko's are normal, perhaps a little more honest than most.
Warm hugs,