Saturday, April 26, 2008


You don't miss it much until you lose it for a few weeks. That is my case and Jack's. My parents have been around for like two-three weeks, helping us (a LOT) with the re-construction work in our appartment. We desperately need a bit of privacy.

The previous story I wrote went out worse than expected - it's not a disaster but not the total success I had in mind, either. While I explained to Eric in an email (even though he knew better than I) what went wrong, now I have the feeling that that was not all. I think the main explanation is that writing a spanking story with people constantly asking you questions and talking around you and passing behind you turns creation into a struggle. It showed.

Last night I began another story, M/F this time, and almost finished it. I had again the feeling that I couldn't dive into the world I was creating for the same reason: inability to focus because of too many people moving around. (*grumbling* And It happens again right now!)

Honestly, I was planning on finishing my story tonight but after a six-hour drive I am pretty tired. And my eyes are closing. And having 6 people around, not 3, makes it even worse.

Anyway, today I got into this funny cuddling mood in the morning. I was desperate for some attention. And therefore, I was hyper. Jack and I finally caught about 40 minutes alone, if not less, and I wanted to cuddle. It seems that my definition of cuddle also comprises biting, kissing, and doing all sorts of weird things which Jack understood as a sign that I needed the other special kind of attention. So I got a good hand-spanking, enough to make my butt red. He couldn't go further because we were expecting my Dad to get back home (we were preparing for the 6 hours drive). It helped. A red butt helps your mind clear. This morning I could have taken a lot, honestly.

I will spare you the details of what followed because, for some reason, I don't like writing about what can happen (and almost always happens) after a spanking but we were in the middle of it when we heard the door and my Dad came in. I had time to pull up my pants and Jack had time to calm himself down - if you know what I mean. *eg* But we continued and finished our work in the bathroom. Probably we were both too loaded to just drop it. It was a very akward moment for us but we do hope that my Dad hasn't got a clue what the fuck was going on.

Anyway... I might be in the mood for a spanking again. But then when ain't I? hehe


Paul said...

Kay, dear girl, I so know that feeling.
It happened to Mel and I in the first months of our marriage, her parents were helping out getting the house together.
Hope that you have your privacy back soon.
They mean really well.
Love and warm hugs,

Spanking OTK said...

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