Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Broke a Record

I wouldn't be posting now if I didn't get spanked this morning. I haven't been much into spanking lately - let's just say that my moods vary wildly and I have some other fascinating things happening in my life right now who use my brain even at night. But not being into a spanking mood does not mean that your kink has died. Hell, no!

Out of blue sky, Jack decided today that a spanking would be a good idea - to calm himself down and calm me down. Hand is what we mostly do and today was no different. Except that a particular sharp slap landed on the inside of my leg, a few times. It burnt. You feel the prickles on those sensitive areas - most of you know that. You feel the meat burning, swelling. It's nice.

All through the spanking I kept my sense of humor. And I was very talkative - with small funny interruptions when the pain stopped my brain from articulating thoughts and words. I am a very fast speaker - in any language you want, I speak fast. So today I broke the record of finishing a sentence in over one minute. ;) Hell, I don't see that happening again - unless spanked again, of course.



Paul said...

Kayley, great to hear from you, I've missed you.
Good that you had a nice spanking.
Hope that you are having a good summer.
Should I talk to Jack to give you more spanking, if that's the only way you are going to post. Grins.
Love and warm hugs,

tinaslut said...

it's true... our kinks never die... it's glowing all the time, although at times so weakly that we hardly notice it.. and then it turns into a raging fire...