Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vanillas and Their Innocent Spanking-Free World

I was reading, on Haron's and Abel's blog, about "Electric Paddles". After quoting from a vanilla blog, Haron says "by Naomi, to whom I don’t link to avoid freaking her out".

And she is right. I can't stop giggling at how sick we spankos are.

Sometimes, I get tired of reading spankings told from a spanko perspective and I search the blogs for vanilla stories. It's interesting to note that while Juju - like many other spankos - are still tormented by feelings of anger and frustration when recalling childhood spankings, the vanillas barely remember them. I even remember an occasional swat and feel embarassed by it! Does it have to do with our spanko minds? It has to. In all the occasional conversations I had with vanillas about spankings received while they were kids I've never seen a glimpse of remorse or hard feelings. The other day, one of my friends was telling us that he was getting spanked probably once every 24 hours for being naughty. And he could laugh about it. And when he said that, the whole group joined in telling stories of their spankings - except for me. I'm not vanilla.

I also remember, in my childhood, that one of my cousins was getting it regularly and good. He had no trouble speaking of it and even giving me details. I was freaked out.

I am beginning to believe that spanking is a great deal to us, adults, who have some kind of spanking fetish. The rest of people - they don't give a shit anymore and everything looks normal and forgotten.


Paul said...

Kayley, you may be right, is your point that we ought to be more open about our kink.
I think most of us tend to be a little reticent about our sexual interests, and I think for the majority of us spanking has a lot to do with sex.
Love and warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Hey Paul,

I am only saying that, as kids, we were embarassed by spankings - like many other kids were. Boys are usually less embarassed than girls. But those kids grew up and now they are able to look back at spankings without feeling ashamed. We cannot, mostly.

While those kids changed their views on spanking as they grew up, we still remain somewhat stuck into a child mentality cliche. Those adults don't care about and don't even imagine being spanked as adults, while we would be embarassed to say - society judges - that we are spanked or that we spank others nows. We are stuck, like I said, while they evolved and got over it.



Rose said...


You make an interesting point. This is something that I've noticed about myself over the years, but hadn't ever thought of this way. I've been so used to feeling like a freak and being embarrassed by the fact that I think about spanking that I never talked about spanking as a child, and I still don't as an adult. I still can barely utter the word.

Hermione said...

Kayley, that is very perceptive. I never thought about it much, but now that I look back, I can recall people in the office talking in a very casual way, from time to time, about having being spanked as children. I never knew where to put myself when those conversations were going on, but no one else seemed embarrassed or uneasy. I know I still couldn't join in one of those sharing sessions, even though I am now very comfortable with being a spanko.


Kayley said...

Rose, Hermione, thanks for the feedback. I hope this helps - maybe next time you can join in the conversation and enjoy the fun, pretending to be a vanilla.

I don't have any stories to tell on this subject but I love being around when the subject is discussed. ;)



Eric G. said...

I remember, as a kid, most kids who got spanked (non-spankos?) seemed to take or talk about spankings without undue embarrassment. For me, I didn't even want to hear the word in mixed company. Might be because it was linked to sexuality, even at a very young age. Another reason: CP was fairly well accepted by the generations before me, but seemed uncool and out of fashion by mine. For whatever reason, I always thought spanking was the ultimate indignity.

I know a woman intimately who described her childhood spankings as abusive. She's wasn't embarrassed, just angry. She's not really a spanko, either.