Sunday, January 06, 2008


I have to share this with you... There is this guy who has a mild public obsession with spanking. I mean, a butt is there to be swatted, you know? So once I mentioned to him spanking and the reaction was 'oh, ok'. The next day he tells me, while going out to eat: "We need to talk." Me, innocently: "About?" "You know, the thing you told me about yesterday." "Ok," I said, "whenever you want."

Then there was nothing else said. But the next days the chat between us was... awkward. As if... I can't explain how, but it was awkward. Just chatting about work and various things but the discussion about spanking was like hanging somewhere in the air, you know? He avoided the discussion, but he did not avoid splapping some asses soundly - he was doing it before also, only that now they were like 'emphasized', you know? His attitude changed mildly and so did mine (I became protective, displayed my 'kool' look (which is Top'ish not bottom'ish). You know, in our own spanko world we feel the 'messages' when they are sent, and even without discussion, it was as if he sent the signal - 'I am into spanking'. But... that was it. Sooner or later, the discussion will come out again. I know it will. But I am curious what the heck goes through his head. Do you know how frustrating this is? I don't care about him in any way - except as a friend and colleague - but curiosity is killing me. What is he into?

Well, as a spanko, I should think he is into some very mild - maybe - spanking reality. I don't think he investigated it further. He is the Top with no chance of bottoming. But where is the limit for him and how did it happen? Fuck, this really kills me. I *need* to know! A potential spanko needs to be investigated and recruited.


Paul said...

Kay, if you think that you KNOW this guy, offer to let him spank you. Let him use his hand only, if this doesn't freak him out, and he spanks you, you will learn a lot from the way he spanks.
Be aware that a hand spanking can be very hard indeed, so have a safe way out, do this only if you trust him. Oh and clear it with Jack first.
Love and warm hugs,

CresceNet said...

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Kayley said...

Man, no way Paul! NO. I am just curious what he is into but no way anybody touches my butt except for Jack. Investigating the problem and seeing what he is into is one thing and spanking is a completely different issue. I am very serious. Spanking is almost the equivalent of sex and that, for our relationship, at least, does not go outside our marriage.

Besides, I don't think I want anybody else to touch my bum except for Jack... really... :)

But if the guy wants a more qualified oppinion, he can ask me. hehe

Hugz! :)

Paul said...

Kay, I didn't think you would, hence my last sentence.
Mel would not have dreamed of going outside our marriage, she was very much of the same opinion as you.
I hope that I didn't offend.
Love and warm hugs.

Eric said...

Well, if a woman I knew showed any interest in spanking, I'd want to know all about it. Doesn't matter who she is, or that we're not going to be partners in it or anything. That's just natural, isn't it? :)

Kayley, I'm curious what you said to him initially. What does "I mentioned to him spanking" mean?


Kayley said...

Heya mate! :) Hey, guess what! My bloody friend came today from his vacation and 5 mins after he was in he was threatening two girls with a spanking and then he said it out loud, for all the department to hear (to some girl) and being very close to me: "I should spank you". lol I was very busy so I refrained from commenting. lol You know what? He makes me feel relaxed about my kink. I am scared of mentioning the word spanking in public, yet he is so open about it!

So, how did I mention spanking? Well, we were talking about PayPal and adult sites and shit... and I complained in my small circle of friends that this site refuses to accept my card, but that i managed to get a subscription in the end. So he asked: "what exactly were you after? I mean can't you get porn from torrents?" "not what I'm looking for", I said. And they said smth and I said it's not something gross - don't worry - but I'll tell you some other time. He said ok. And then I msged him at work: "spanking. that's what I was after," I said. "And can't you find that on torrents?" "Well, the interests are very different in the spanko world so I cannot find what I want." "You know better," he wrote back. "Interesting," he said. And there were two smiley faces and that was it. And the next day he tells me - 'we need to talk." So go figure what he meant.I think he gave up talking and went for showing. lol I think tomorrow I will ask him if he wants spanking clips. Straight forward. lol

Then we have another chick, on the same isle with me, who gets shivers on her spine the moment she sees a whip. She was getting overly excited when someone brought one at work and was cracking it around. lol

Kayley said...

Paul - get real! *You* cannot possibly insult me. :) HUGZ! :)