Saturday, January 12, 2008

Writing My Ass Off

This is why I am not posting anything. I worked every night. I even worked on it from work today. Juju, inspite of being sick, is also writing.

We're proud to announce that we have reached past the middle of the story, and most probably we will post the first parts starting this weekend. At the moment we have about 16 pages of Times New Roman, 12 pt. and 1.5 lines spaced. Quite good I would say.

May I remind you that it's an MM/mf(teenagers) story and I don't think there are many others online. And certainly there are no others as good as this one would be. ;) hehehe

Anyway, we are very excited. I can't seem to stop writing. Which works to Juju's disadvantage, since, as I have already mentioned, she was sick. But she's catching up like a maniac right now. And I don't mind one bit, because putting our bits and pieces together is also a lot of fun.

So... stay tuned. :)

Peace! :) And pray that Juju gets well soon. :)


Paul said...

Kay, I'm certainly looking forward to reading it, so please hurry. LOL
Putting your bits and pieces together is a lot of fun, I'll bet. WEG!!!
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

Paul!! LOL

You know Kayley is keeping everyone awake while she writes stories and plays online. To me it seems someone ought to take her in hand, particularly if they are the one being kept up by her shenanigans. *hint hint* Jack!

Yes we are working, Kayley is a real task master, she even makes me work when I am sick and stuff.


Eric said...

Well, I'm glad to see Julie is so chipper. I was worried because I didn't see anything on her blog today. Now if she should be bundled up and resting, and you, Kayley Blue, are providing a bad influence, then two rebellious girls should be in bed right now on their stomachs. Is Jack listening? Regarding a poor girl who's sick, I don't like administering my narrow, leather belt, but a good ol' fire on the bottom shouldn't slow her recovery. Is Julie listening?

Two evil minds are even better than one. Can't wait to read your story, girls. ;)


Will/NewYorkBoy said...

~~I'm in suspended in awe,
awaiting your naughty story!

~~take your time.
Like I say,
I'm suspended...

...(get well soon JuJu!)