Thursday, December 14, 2006

Domination, Submission, and Hormones

The idea came to me today. I have a friend who's been coming over a lot for the past few days, usually when we return from school. We chat about projects and crap and all the other shit that girls usually talk about, including gossips. This time our Marketing project took us to pills, estrogen, and testosterone.

Some women tend to have more testosterone than estrogen, even though they keep being women. Three of my friends are like this and it seems that I make friends only with these kind of girls. I, for example, just like my friend, had a tendency, as a kid, to prefer cars and play soccer with the boys, climb trees, get into fights, over playing with dolls. We are more assertive, love control, and are still interested in things that men are interested in. Well, except for spending hours in the mirror, shopping for hours, and other similar stuff, of course. Our voice is not high pitched, but a little grave. We don't 'wag' our butt when we walk, generally. We build muscle faster than average girls too. We loved Maths and Physics and Chemistry in school. We wanted to have a job that makes use of a uniform. We like SAS on Discovery Channel, programs with cars, we like the way engines work. Of course, we cannot generalize, but of a party of four or even more, most of these traits repeat themselves in the people I know.

What's the point of this discussion? I am wondering if these hormones play any role in our interests in being dominant or submissive? I might as well be a bottom when it comes to Jack, but with anybody else I tend to be bossy. I wouldn't accept probably any kind of authority and the only one I would accept is the one I approve of. I run things my way and I always did. I normally get along better with guys than with girls, or I end up having girl-friends who are as bossy as I am.

You're asking me if I have an interest in girls or if any of us have an interest in girls? Nope. Sorry. Maybe if I get drunk I could kiss a girl but I can't go further. It's not my kink, really. That's just a matter of preference, in my opinion. It's also a difference between being gay or becoming a transvestite. Anyway... that's all for today.

Aren't you amazed that I posted two days in a row? hehe


Tiggr said...

Hiya Kay!!!!!!

You're back from the near-dead... yippee!

And you got whacked and screwed ever so wonderfully... now I'm jealous! *grins*

So are the exams over for a few weeks? I sure hope so... I've missed you ever so much!

Hormones related to dominance and submission... I would say so!!! Hormones are at the root of everything we think and feel!

Love you,

Kayley said...

Well, sweets, I am back more or less. More with posting but not back on blog bouncing. I'm still living im my own pretty Universe. So I have no clue about what happens around. hehe

Anyway, happy to see you so happy to see me back. lol

Love ya, ya crazy brat! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but these days hormones is a nasty word with me. No matter where the Domination and submission tend to stand!


Anonymous said...

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