Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spanking Vids are Healthy Choices

Let me thank everyone who took the time to post comments on my site, especially since I've been gone. Guys, even though I don't have time to reply, I do check each and every one of those comments. Ok, not every day like I used to, but in bulks. :) And I enjoy them. So thank you guys! :)

Tigger, Lessa, Spice - love you girls! You should know that! And there is Paul who is always nice and who always passes by. Thanks mate! :) And all those people whose blogs are listed on my site, with special preferancies - obviously, since we are human... Thank you! :) And those ones whom I do not know normally or didn't get the chance to chat with but whose comments are so sweet to read. So, guys, people, dear friends and posters and lurkers, I love you and thank you for your patience.

Today I am back with a fresh account. I will post because my brain is too mixed up from my exam to be able to do other stuff. hehe

I donwloaded things that I needed for school and, since I was at it, I typed in 'spanking'. I got 69 clips zipped. 69 is a lucky number. hehe Mostly caning. So when I woke up, Jack announced me that my download was complete. "Mostly caning," he said watching, "but the girls are pretty." These aren't the best clips - certainly not better than those of PunishedBrats, but they are new vids, you see? We watched together a couple and he was quite excited about them. Then... the procedure: draw the curtains, search for God knows what in the drawers - turned out to be the brush, - a fast shower, and spanking over some matresses we have been carrying around since we needed them last. The matresses, resting against the wall, are as tall as a table, and really nice and soft.

He really spanked. Like a professional. hehe Hand and hairbrush. He stopped to caress my butt with the hairbrush - it's the first time he was doing it. It was... it was like a first spanking for me from many points of view. It felt good because he was also extremely horny at this point. He positioned and re-positioned me, used his smart comments to make me feel more vulnerable. He was damn good! And I know I say this each time - but he really was at his peak this morning.

Then we had sex. Over the edge of the matresses, with my hands on the bed, with my hands on the floor, on the chair, back on the matress, back to the bed... I was swimming in my own juices. I can't believe he made me feel so great on the day of my exam, and at a time when my brain is filled with so much shit that I cannot enjoy life anymore. :) He's good. :)

That's all for now, folks. Holiday starts next Thursday but it's not a real holiday for me. So, anyway, keep in touch. hehe


Kallisto said...

I'm glad you had such a good morning! And on exam day, no less. I hope the exam went well? Glad to see you back!

Kayley said...

Hey Kallisto! :) Nice seeing you around. :) My exam... don't get me started. hehe It went well, but could have gone better. And it's hardly my fault, funny enough. Guess that is why I am not pissed off at myself, as I would normally be. :)


lessa{D} said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, she's back.. and with a yummy sounding spanking... now that makes me want one to... grinnnnnnn

love you to girl... and uhmmm, grin I am not the wiggle waggle type either... lol... not good for the hips in my opinion...

love and a huge hug...

Anonymous said...

So when did you pop back up, and how did I miss it?