Monday, December 18, 2006

Nude Spanking

I hate nude spankings. I hate them because they are more humiliating than anything else. Besides, I don't really see the point in getting naked for a spanking. Well, I see his point, but that is quite the opposite of mine, so it doesn't help much.

A few years ago he spanked my wet bum. I remember when I was small my Mom was obsessed with me not staying forever in the bath tub - where I would gather all my ships and action figures and small soldiers. Now, my hubby is obsessed with it. I guess they were - and are - scared that I might faint in there or something. Anyway, I got spanked for long baths as an adult. It might have been also my fault, since I insisted on splashing water on his suit... hehe

He counted first. 1...2....3....4....5... Nothing. His wife had no intention in leaving her nice and warm foamy bath. Then he reached out, scooped the wife out, and spanker her wet bum nice and good. That is not the way a bath should end. He could have dried me with a nice fuzzy towel and carried me to bed. That's the right approach, you see. Instead, he spanked me and asked me to dry myself and go to bed. So sad...

So... I don't like wet spanking, especially when I am naked.


Cain said...

Okay! ~~I'm sure you recognise me!

Hello again! I'm not dead! Yes, Adam is no longer Adam. He changed into Cain...and he's still into a good spanking tale (Kinda like the one he just read!!)...nude, or not!

Drop the "Spanking Stories" Blog, Kayley..please!

If you'd like, come visit my new address, on New Year's Eve....I'll be back then, and I'm sure I'll have some spanking stories to tell.

~~You're gonna like my blog (I hope)...I'm breathless, but alive!

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!!!


Spanky said...

For some reason the idea of spanking a wet bum is quite erotic to me. Of course, spanking Kallisto any way is erotic to me. Nice post, Kayley!

Paul said...

Yes Kayley, nude wet spankings sting don't they, which is why we like them.
And my brat was so hot after----!!!
Warm hugs,

lessa{D} said...

grinnnnnnnnnnn, OK.. am not gonna tell this to DragonM... until now he never spanked me after a bath or shower.. grin...

naked is another story.. most times I get spanked it is naked.. and I love feeling his hand.... mmmmmmm

Cain said...

Getting you wet, and spanking you, would probably be my fantasy...

That is, if you really liked it!

~~I'll stop there. I've got a story to write. Remember??...

...Well. It's a different story. Kinda New Yearsey (that a word??)~~

I know: You're still pondering that naked, wet, spanking. You naughty, brat you!!


Ree said...

I understand completly. I bratted Rowan one time before going upstairs and getting into the shower. I didn't know it but he went and got the dredded spoon and hauled me out of my warm shower and spanked me with it and put me back in the shower.

Poor girl, I feel for ya.

Cain said...

Happy New Year, Kids!

Really miss yez, you know.

Hope you're both well..


Ree said...

Where are you?? I miss you.

Lots of love


Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

Anonymous said...

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