Monday, February 13, 2006

Brat "Not" Under Control

That's what happens when my hubby is not around for a month. There is no one to organize my life. Yeah, my Smart Self might argue, "you were able to organize it before". And I think I was pretty good at it. And I generally am good at organizing others too. But I am just a poor time manager.

I overdo things. I shouldn't!! I have classes tomorrow. I have work tomorrow. I am always tired and having a headache after going to bed at 2 and 3am for three night ina row. But hey, there's no one here to tell me it's time to sleep, and I ignore my conscious because it bores me.

So I stayed up too late. I ate too little. I smoked more than a pack a day and had trouble going to bed. I was supposed to wash my hair yesterday (or today). I didn't. And I spent the last of my money on flowers. I got a beautiful yellow Gardenia and some other pretty flower I don't know the name of, but it's bordeau and I love the bell-like flowers. That's all that matters. And the fact that I had to buy it from the most expensive Flower Shop I'd imagine. My Mom said I gave too much - she didn't say it that nicely though - but I think it's quality and there is always a higher price for it.

Today I bought cigarettes again - just in case I get hungry and spend my money on food instead - and was left with some change in my pocket. I'm starving now, but that's a different issue. I'm smoking instead...

I want a credit card for shopping. I can get extra credit on the same card on which i get my salary. I am shop addicted. I can shop anything!! Even if I don't need it, I find a use for it. I shop fruits and veggies that I don't eat, milk that I don't drink, and so on. So a credit card is a very dangerous instrument in my hands. My hubby simply said on his funny tone that I am in big trouble if I even consider getting a credit on my card. Actually... I am considering. We will see. He doesn't have to know right away... I can tell him later. And if I control my shopping, he doesn't have to find out at all. I mean, it's no big deal, right? Everyone uses credits! YAAAAAAAAAA!! I want a credit card!! I wanna shop! Life is so sad without shopping! I want something little... something shiny maybe... something colorful. Or something for the house. Or something big! I would very much like something big. Or clothes!! I saw the best suit ever at Polo Garage for almost 500 bucks. I'd love to get it! *sniff* I really want that suit! Or at least a blouse. Or a shirt!! Marks and Spencer has the best shirts ever!

Yeah, let's make a huge list of the things I would like to buy right now! It would cheer me up!!
- colorful socks
- sexy expensive underwear
- the suit I liked from Polo Garage
- the light pink shirt ( I have 3 more pink shirts) from Marks and Spencer
- the laundry basket at the Mall. It was only 35 bucks, it wasn't much...
- three more flowers: a bamboo, a red flower, and a purple flower. Maybe a yellow or white one too. Maybe three is not enough. Maybe more than three would be better... I'll have to see. 10-20 bucks each. That's 60-70.
- the bedsheets I've seen in the same place where they had all the Valentines hearts. They were pretty, soothing colors, small ribbons. Loved the bedsheet. Modern too.
- I want new curtains!!!
- I want pillows to sit on them on the floor
- a new book to read
- Chinese and Mexican food!
- cream, lotion, and cleansing gel from the Body Shop
- new eye-liner from the Body Shop, two nail polishes cuz I wanna do my nails. Maybe even three, even if I rarely use them.
- I want a new lipstick! Or two new lipsticks!
- colorful things for my hair and two new ones to wear at work
- a nice modern lamp, Japanese; the bamboos, the Japanese paintings and rugs from the Mall
- a bigger kettle for my coffee
- something nice that I want the moment I see it - no matter what it is
- a skirt. And new jeans. And a new bike.

I'll never get enough money to buy all this! :( But I will check on my list now and then, now that I've made it. *evil grin* And something for Valentines. And a schoolgirl uniform.
That should do for one month. And the CREDIT CARD! So I can buy them all.

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