Monday, February 13, 2006


I had to get into this.

While a haibrush or any other implement can send shivers through my spine, nothing can trouble me more than the belt. The leather, the click of the buckle, the swoosh, everything, sends my mind racing. I would do anything to avoid belts. Yeah, I think my hubby knows that too.

I'm not sure belts hurt as bad as his hand though. I doubt it. But they are scarier. They have a hidden potential. An evil potential to crack your nerves and resistance.

I know he once tried a jumping rope. Don't underestimate the sting of a jumping rope. Ever! It's the worst I've seen - felt, actually. It's like tongues of fire scratching your skin. And that beasty thing needs more than four whacks to cover your bum, and no matter how light they are, they are still swooshy. Swooshy... that reminds me of the 'swoosh' they make. Eeek! Forget jumping ropes. They are scary. Unless you're the worst brat in the world, trust me, you don't deserve them!

But no matter how awful the implements are, nothing can make me submit faster than his tone of voice. It slaps my mind into place. There's no need for spanking when I hear that tone. Oh yeah, I try to ignore it and also ignore my premonitions about it, and I go all hyper and bratty... I always know - or pretend to know - what will happen. I even try to control the near future. Sometimes I predict it. And yet, it always surprises me. You know, it's like when you expect for someone to say something and you wait and wait and you lose yourself into thinking about the wait, and when they finally say it, it startles you, since you were paying no attention to the fact anymore, but only to the idea. It's something like that.

Hell, I'm tired. I got a headache. Stupid b^tch thinking I'm 15 or something and the other b^tch saying I have an accent. Oh, to hell with you all! Grrrrr.... I would smash their heads together if I could!

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