Monday, February 13, 2006

The Mood for Spanking and My Yucky Day

The mood. Right... It's always been a mystery to me: why and when and how do I get in the mood for a spanking. I tried to impersonate a detective Freud and analyse my moods.

I have weeks when the only interest in spanking comes from my hubby spanking me. It starts there and it ends there. And then I have weeks or days when I have only spanking on my mind.
When the first happens, no kinky pictures or stories can interest me. I get bored even before starting to read. But when the kink kicks, hell, I'm close to obsession. And the spanking mood always happens during he most stressing moments of my life - exams or too much work, meeting dead lines, worries about work, frustration, nervousness.

And then the spanking itself. There are many spankos out there interested in RPGs, real BDSM, bondage, ennemas, etc. I'm not one of those and without meaning to criticize anyone, I don't understand them. There's no empathy for that and I suppose that's how they feel about a lighter kink too. Or maybe that's the way vanillas look at spanking - a big picture, no details.

I'm too tired right now to carry on about spanking. I had a f%*(^ up day. Some idiot client was enough of an ass to start addressing me and talking to me as if I was 15. There is nothing in the world that pisses me off more than that. Then some idiot found out I lived abroad and said something like: "That explains your accept. I thought it had something funny..." So that ruined my morning, my lunch, and my evening. I asked everyone else if they thought that my accent was funny and, after assuring me that my accent was fine, my colleagues sent me to mind my own business 'cause they had work to do. Anyway... someone else said my accent was funny, a few months after I had moved abroad or something. Actually they said my 'r' was either missing or too strong - I don't remember. That was years ago, actually. So could it be that I got a weird accent that pops up only in certain sentences or exclamations? I'll ask my best friend about it. She should know.

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