Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Day I want To Forget

That's today. I want to forget today and my work. I loved it at some point, now I hate it. It's hard to get up in the morning and go to work with the same feeling you would have when going to school on an examination day.

Okay, I don't hate my job, I hate the people I work with. And that's why I want to forget today or get over it... I am so frustrated. I want my own business... Let's see when hubby gets back. I really want my own capital and my own firm to do whatever I want and to fight with no one. I need to find a niche in the market; something with less money, chances to get a nice profit. Work doesn't scare me; the environment does and bores me.

Hey! Maybe I like spanking because I like rules. If your headquarters and the internal law says you have to do it in a certain way, then don't come preaching to me that you can do it otherwise without any consequences. That's not me. Suggesting an improvement to the Quality Cell of your institution, that's different; but trying to be the new law by breaking the old one - no, thank you! And that's why I always liked Maths too: numbers - you always know where you stand. With the blah-blah, you don't. Is it less than 30%? Fine, it's legal. But twisting things is just not me. I hate it.

Spanking would be nice now. An obsession that washes all the others away. No worries, no nothing. Playing by the rules. No 'if'.

I'll go around read some blogs on spanking. That will force me into something more pleasant, something I can write about without furiously hitting the keys of my laptop.

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