Monday, February 04, 2008

M/F Story on the Way

Good news for those who enjoy the M/F genre - I've started writing the second part of "Coming to Senses". More good news is that I enjoy doing that.

It took me about two hours to convince myself that I can switch my mind from M/m to M/F successfully. I think I did it, but you will be the judges of that. :) Writing M/F gives me a good feeling if I get a good vibe of my plot. I was kind of stuck, not knowing how to go with the second part (especially since I wrote the first part in the fall of 2006). I totally hate bland plots that feature only a spanking and nothing else. I want the story mostly. So I came up with something as playful as always (or so I like to believe) to motivate me to write. :)

Hope you'll enjoy it. It has to be ready by tomorrow. And no, I cannot post the first part without having the whole story in hand - it's like telling what you're gonna write before you do: for me, the whole magic goes and I can't write a word anymore. For me, writing is all about being spontaneous, discovering my characters along the road. I take that away and I am left with nothing. :)

Cheers! :)


Paul said...

Kay, you write the way that suits you, the way that you are comfortable with.
If you need constructive criticism, I'm happy to do that, what you have written recently is very good.
You will grow into your talent as you use it.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

"Coming To Senses" was very funny. Drunks crack me up sometimes. Geesh that Jack is a meanie! Can't a girl have a little fun?
Glad you're in the mood to write!

Eric said...

Good news, indeed. I went back and read the first part again. Kayley's been a bad girl. :)


Kayley said...

Paul - thank you. :) But where is the criticism in that? hehe HUGZ!

Cathy - I find it funny that I decided to call that guy jack also... but I wrote it quite some time ago and I had forgotten the names I had used in that story. ;) Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. :) Hugz back!

Eric - Oh, and you don't know what follows! ;) Big hugz!

Dave said...

Yum! Whatever you write, it's all good. :)