Saturday, February 02, 2008

Spanked for Being a Brat

There is a very thin line between deserving and needing a spanking. Sometimes the distinction is inexistent.

Today I needed - although not so sure about deserving one. In my view, I was acting up again like I normally do. Jack always feels it, but sometimes he does something about it - read: grabs my arm and spanks me - and sometimes he doesn't. Today he only said, "Stop playing."
"I'm playing."
"Stop it, then."
"But I'm playing," I said again.
"I know you are playing and I am saying don't do it." So I acted up more, without saying a word.

He picked himself up from the chair, took my arm and marched me to the bed. He thought that a hand spanking over my sweatpants would do the trick. Realization might have dawned onto him the moment I began laughing. A more sober realization hit me when my sweatpants and my black boy shorts came down. Pretty much the same time my laughter went.

I think Jack does not always have a plan and builds one as he goes along. In this case, he spanked my butt all around and then decided it would be best to focus on my thighs and my sit spot. No matter how much it hurt, my energy was still pumping funny words and sounds into my mouth. He tried two belts - one being my latest acquisition, from Fox, a dark brown one, very flexible. That one kind of hurt, but not as much as his hand when he went back to slapping my butt.

And when I thought that it cannot go any worse, he dragged me to a chair, sat down, and took me over his lap. I screeched and demanded I be taken back to bed but he did not grant me my wish. At some point, I gave up squirming and grabbed the foot of the chair with one hand or pawed at the carpet.

It was hurting less... but also more. I can't explain what I mean, but my butt was almost numb. It hurt only at the moment of the impact.

I am not bruised or anything - I think - but I have two or three sensitive spots. I am sure they will also be gone by tomorrow.


Paul said...

Kay, it's good that when you ask for it, Jack gives it to you, spanking is good for you, calms you and centres you.
I hope that the apartment purchase isn't too traumatic.
Two months, I'll miss you,
Love and warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Paul, I won't be gone for two months... I think. :)

But thanks. Yeah, spanking clears my mind...

Hugz back! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got just what you needed! LOL ~Juju

Kayley said...

LOL Yeah, it sounds about right ;)


Eric said...

Hmmm, deserved or needed? Can't answer that one. :) Appropriate? Well, what happens to brats, I ask you... ?


Kayley said...

*grins* You would think that, Eric, wouldn't you? Well, it happens to the best of us, what can I say? ;)

Big hugz! :)

Anonymous said...

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