Thursday, February 07, 2008

Unavailable Due to 'Technical' Reasons

I had a little accident this morning - with my eye, an accident with my baby male cat while I was sleeping so I reached ER around 1pm. I came back home around 5pm from work and hospital with a bandaged eye so... didn't have time to work on the story.

If everything is fine tomorrow, after another morning check at the doctor, I will write. I feel extremely bored not being allowed to strain my eyes or smoke (risk of infection growing) and shit like that. I did sleep for something like 4 hours, woke up, did some remote work from home on my computer at work (like four hours hehe) and smoked a pack of ciggies, and I can't wait to go back to work on Monday. hehe

Time to go to bed, I guess...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this Kay. I hope you feel better soon and that everything is OK. Take care of yourself.


Eric said...

Yes, please take care of that eye, Kayley. Doctor knows best... or something. Do as he says!

Where's Jack? You need supervision.


Paul said...

Kay, dear girl, I can only repeat what the others say.
Take care of your self, do as you are told, if possible, and get well soon.
Love and warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Hey guys, thanks. :) My eye is a bit numb but except for that it doesnt hurt much anymore. And my vision is still not clear. :)

Dave said...

Hi Kayley,

Rest up and feel better fast. Definitely take care of those peepers!

Warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read about your eye Kay. Hope you're better now. Bad kitty!