Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yesterday's Story

After I went to bed last night - somewhere after a very troubled dream I had - I suddenly realized that I should have warned the readers that what came out of me was the product of the mood for writing horror stories. I'm working on a little plot at the moment and I am not quite sasisfied yet - that's what I actually wanted to be writing last night. Given the circumstances, I said let's write a spanking story instead. So I suppose the mood for writing that kind of genre translated itself, a bit at least, to my spanking story.

I felt it was over the edge. I did. I knew the rections I would get, but I went on anyway. For a second there I got into Jack's frame of mind - being extremely tired and frustrated with Alex's behavior. That's why there was no lecture. I felt there was no point anymore. I thought, in his selfish behavior Alex broke two primordial rules: one, to care for his sister and protect her; two, to warn about her whereabouts when everyone is sick worried and crying their eyes out. Initially, I think, I wanted Clara to interfere. Then, given all of the above, I changed my mind. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. I am evil, ain't I?

As for Ashley, she might be my creation but I hate the whinny brat that she is. Trust me, her butt was barely red so the tantrum was for nothing really. I would have crucified her if I could; instead, I chose to degrade her through her own behavior. Unlike Alex, she is the annoying kind of brat.

The only things that I care about at this point are Alex feeling bad about what he did and Jack being let down again by Alex.

Clara? Clara is a little confused woman, with strong oppinions but controversed feelings. And actions, as well.

Thanks everyone! :)


Paul said...

Kay, I did like the story, yes Alex is a lovable brat and he deserves everything he gets, yes Ashley is a whinny brat but she is thirteen!!!!!
You write what you wish, there is no need for you to try and explain yourself.
I'm glad that you won't be away for two months, I'd suffer withdrawal.
Love and warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

I'm with Paul. A writer should never feel the need to explain their story. Sometimes we readers need to be pushed a little bit.

Alex and Ashley both needed to be spanked alright. Ashley, especially when sober. In fact Alex should have probably busted her butt when he found out what Ashley was up to. The fact that he went along with her scheme shows he still needs Dad's guidance.

You are a very good writer Kayley. I'm always looking for a good story and have gone through many that I have to click out during the first paragraph. Some people should stick to reading, like me. Anyway, I'm glad I found your site thru Juju and I look forward to more stories from you.


Kayley said...

Paul, a brat at 17, always a brat. Same goes for a whinny one at 13. ;)

Cathy, thanks for the nice words. :)

I am not trying to justify really... I am just trying to... I don't know. lol Forget it. lol Anyway, I am already feeling guilty because I am ready for a new Alex story and I am already sorry for him. lol

Guys, thank you both! :) Big big hugz! :)

mthc said...

Love your stories..i'm ready for the next part!

Eric said...

What surprised me a bit in this story was Alex's behavior more than Jack's reaction to it. As you say, he didn't protect his little sister, and left everyone to worry about her absence. She's only 13. From what I've learned about Alex, I'd expect better from him at 17. Jack had every right to be angry and disappointed. Considering he's not averse to whipping the daylights out of Alex, his actions made sense to me. It also made sense that Alex would be more emotionally affected by guilt in this one.

Your attitude about your Ashley character is interesting. We haven't really gotten to know her much. She seems like a child, so I didn't really feel her degradation as much as just a little kid in big trouble and acting like it. Don't have a real feel for who she is or what she thinks like with Alex. His punishments are always much harder for me to stomach. LOL.

Thanks for the explanation. It's always interesting to hear an author talk about their story.


kinkyag2000 said...

I like Alex. He displays some pretty poor judgment, but he takes his punishment as bravely as he can, and seldom does he seem resentful afterward. Your latest story spoke of the trouble he would have going to sleep because of his guilt. He initially wanted to take revenge on his little sister for her failure to keep a confidence, and for seeking to mitigate her punishment by ratting on him. But he put those hateful thoughts aside and just took his whipping to the limit of his physical endurance. Despite some very serious flaws in judgment, he is a nice kid.

Kayley said...

mthc - Hiya! Thanks a lot. ;) Next part is already posted. ;)

Eric - You are also defending Ashley. Hmmm... Ok ok, I'll give her a break, geeez! ;) lol Hugz!

Hey Kinky! :) - Yeah, I agree with you. He is somewhat... selfish. I guess he does everything possible to escape a spanking and realizes his mistakes only right before or right after a spanking. Can you blame him? ;) *hugz* :)