Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Basic Marketing Spanking Mix

Let me tell you how the Basic Marketing Mix can help the teacher improve the students' conduct.

The first phase is getting information on how things happened and how the ink got on your seat. Examine all the information you have gathered.

Step two is segmenting the class of students: the ones who could have done it and the one who certainly didn't. If you want to punish the right student, now it's the time to decide who she is.

In step three you target the guilty student and bring her to your desk.

Then you position her over the desk and also position the cane on her butt.

Then you apply the basic spanking marketing mix: the product (the spanking), the price (to be paid for what she did), the distribution (delivering the punishment), and the promotion (advertising the idea that misbehaving is a punishabvle offense).

So, in case you need to remember the Marketing Mix, think of spanking!
>>> Pictures from Hentai Lesbians


Cain said...


Bet that was "red" ink on the teacher's seat!

..What a way to get a "promotion!!"

Many spanks, to you!!


Paul said...

So Kay, thinking of making a spanking advert, you'll be the star of course.
Warm hugs,

lessa{D} said...

grinnnnnnnnn Kay... mmmmm, this does sound like a best selling concept ;-)

have a great weekend...


Ree said...

I love the pics, where do you find them?
lots o love

lessa{D} said...

*leaves a pile of hugs and kisses*

Tiggr said...

Hey sis,

So are you studying something besides spanking, perhaps? *grins*

And where is Jack's much promised and oh, so long overdue vacuum cleaner review? Theresa and I were both looking forward to that LAST YEAR!!!!

Love you,

Kayley said...

Thank you guys for your nice words! :)

Oh, the pictures? I find them online. I kind of exhausted them though. lol

And the vacuum... Well, I gotta talk to Jack. Maybe he'll post something next week. ;)