Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Interesting Keywords #2

It's true, I don't have much time to talk about things happening in my life now - however sex and spankings still happen, so I am back with more funny keywords.

bonnies spanking quizzes - Hello? No, sorry, wrong number. But here is Bonnie's number...

And here you can find 'the beginner's guide to spanking':

first thing into becoming a spankee - Getting a spanking.

where to go get a spank - Someone's lap is preferable. Or try advertising yourself online!

hairbrush spanking needed
- 5'3, 150lbs, blond hair, blue eyes. Always available. (Happy you took my advice.)

i'll spank you - An answer always comes! When you least expect it you are saved by the prince with the hairbrush in his hand.

how to position a spankee - Oh, dear, is he also a newbie?

i'm going to give you ten swats with the hairbrush and i want you to ask for them
I say it's a good start for you two. A bit cliche, but it might work.

please....not the belt! - You should have bargained before the spanking.

i got spanked with a belt - A natural sequence to the plead before.

got spanked two times in one day it hurt - That's what happens when you are too greedy: hairbrush and belt. That should teach you a lesson!

corner time after he spanks me - Well done, you successfully completed the spankee's trial demo!

spank kayley - Well, I guess someone didn't like my advice on spanking.


Paul said...

Kay,it's always nice to see you posting, means I haven't wasted a click. LOL
Thanks for the chuckles.
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Paul, you know that your comments warm my heart! You are not wasting clicks, trust me! :) Even if I don't post I still know some people will be there looking for my posts. I love to know that some of you do care about what I write. :) So thank you for each and every comment! :) Hugz!

Cain said...

Well. spank*spank!

And, dear one, that's not because of your advice on spanking!

~~umm, I thought I was a "drop-post-and-get-a-life-while-hoping-to-post-but-hoping-for-the-written-word-to-post-while-hoping-to-spank-the-one-who-hasn't-posted kind of person!!~~~ummm...

So, are you going to post about this,

or do you want another little **spank**!!



Cain said...

Ummm..SO? Are ya? :)

Tiggr D'Amore said...

Where, oh, where, has my sister brat gone? Wherre, oh, where can she be?????

Kay? I really miss you... Jack???? Are YOU at least there... can you please tell me where kay has gone????

The search parties have all come back empty-handed and have given up the search...

I love you, Kay,

Cain said...

Bottoms Up!

Where are YOU!!!!!


xx,cain.~~did you miss me as much as I miss you...did'ja???

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Cain said...

I'm not giving up.
If you don't write a post or say good bye, or something soon...

I'm going to keep coming here each day, and do this:



guess who said...


told ya so!

Anonymous said...

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