Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sick and Wriggling Butt

I am not sure if I didn't catch a pneumonia but in any case, the fact that I am sick made me reduce the amount of time spent on my dissertation... thus made me extremely more playful.

In between two Ibuprofens, vitamins C's and Echinaceas, I had time to wriggle my butt at Jack. Maybe the medicine gets me high or maybe I just had to much of this serious situation. Fact is, I shook my butt at him, nudged him with my butt, grabbed his own butt all day long.

My Mom sent me pills for this weird virus we both caught - maybe it's the Uncontrolled Excitement Virus - and the driver got here a bit before 12am. As I came back upstairs, followed by my sexy husband, I once again 'exposed' my butt to him while taking off my shoes. You just stick the bum out, you know, invitingly, and hope. It mostly works; if you don't get a spanking, at least you get a slap.

I got a minor spanking. No panties down. But when you're in heat, it doesn't matter. I suppose he was also hot, since only last night he stomped out of bed, half asleep, walked to me, and started nibbling my ear. I put him off by saying that I had work to do - in movies you see this scene with the guy typing and the girl nibbling ears - and he trotted back to bed without a word. Today I found out he had no idea that he was sleep walking. hehe One day I might as well find myself raped in the shower and he wouldn't remember a thing! So a little spank was good.

But now I need more. I got greedy.

Hmmm... hmmm... Maybe if I go to bed before he gets a chance to fall asleep and annoy him a bit? It might just work. Oh, spanky spanky, here comes my butt!


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Cain said...

~~These damn Spammers need a spanking!!~~

Get well spanked, k?

(darn! I mean: Get well soon,k?)



Paul said...

Hi Kay, how about waving your bare butt at hubby, that should work well. A glimpse is all it took for Mel to get a nice warm butt and often more. WEG
Warm hugs,

Tiggr said...

If your bare but doesn't sork, sis, how's about handing his belt to him and asking, "Remember this?" That should get the message across!!!!!

Love you, sickly sis... feel better... and that's an order from the bossy Tiggr!

lessa{D} said...

mmmmmmmmm, I do hope that by now you did have that spanking... it's such a healthy thing to get... all nice and glowing and warm... mmmmm

get well soon...

love you...