Saturday, January 20, 2007

Interesting Keywords

Bonnie has lots of lists like this, and reading them cracks me up each time. It's both the things these visitors are looking for and Bonnie's extremely funny comments.

Anyway, like any blogger, now and then I check my 'keywords' and I wonder "what were they thinking?". Sometimes the things these guys are looking for are quite obvious and the obvious makes them even funnier.

Here are a couple of examples from a list I have been gathering lately:

~ brats get spanked - I couldn't agree more.

~ nc spank between bottom cheeks - I suggest a rod, applied vertically for full effect.

~ waaahhh hairbrush spanking - Please adjust your "wah's" when getting spanked. The correct sound seems to comprise no less and no more than 3 a's and 3 h's.

~ cought in aunties panties stories - That's an interesting position. I didn't think it crossed anybody's mind so far... but if stories were written on it, oh well...

~ get a spanking brat - Get Tigger... How else would you define a 'spanking brat'?

~ nothing under my skirt - I hope you're not typing this while sitting on a pillow and being horny...

~ how to control myself from being such a brat - Here is someone who needs a spanking.

~ spankable outfits - The point is to take the outfit off and spank on the bare. But if you lack the person, you can spank the clothes I guess.

~ spanking bratty brats - Not *any* brat, you see... La creme de la creme only!

~ per minute spank me submissive - A good spanker would say that 50 spanks per minute is quite something. The spankee might not agree.

~ looking inside a vagina - Use your other head to peek inside, if you really have to. It might be more satisfying... and needed, from what I gather.

~ kayley nude - Oh, no, you don't!

~ sweet wide butt spanking - This guy knows what he wants!

~ spanked for being a brat - Sounds reasonable.


Paul said...

Kay, tickle, tickle, chuckle, chuckle, wa-hay, nice ones.
Warm hugs,

Tiggr said...

OK, sis, my two favorites are your response with, "La creme de la creme only!" and the "Kayley nude" search...

Priceless, both of them!

Love you, girl!

Bonnie said...


We clearly attract some of the same readers!

I especially enjoy custom word forms such as "cought." Does it mean caught, coughed, ought, or something else? Each variation allows for a different sort of retort.

What fun!


Kayley said...

Thank you guys! :) Well, they weren't as funny as Bonnie's, but they certainly were funny keywords. :)