Saturday, January 13, 2007

I know I know...

I know I know - I posted a little while ago and here I am again. Maybe it's just because I like to hear myself talking. Yep, that must be it. Or maybe I need a spanking...

Speaking of which - whow! don't get super-excited because I ain't gonna tell you that I've just got spanked - so speaking of which, I had some very interesting dreams while being away for shopping. (And it was abroad, have I mentioned that? ;) )

I usually have nice, and not very far fetched, spanking dreams by the early hours of the morning, when obviously my desires start taking over. I remember Jack and two friends that I couldn't identify being around. Sue me if I don't remember my crime, but Jack was quite pissed off and he started swatting my butt in front of those guys. In my dream I was nervous, in my reality I was hot for a real spanking. In the end he grabbed me by the arm and started negociating a spanking in the other room.

You know these kind of dreams, don't you? So so real that you wish they happened. Anyway, by the time Jack got to the bottom of things I woke up. Of course, I tried to fall asleep again, tried to continue the dream but it was too late; the magic was gone.

My only confort was that I was getting up to have a cigarette, have my breakfast, and hit the mall.

Now it's 3am here so maybe - just maybe - I can go to bed and have a nice spanking dream. I'm in the mood, you know.

My estimates say, based on previous analysis of similar situations, that by the time I will have to hand in my dissertation I will have had a few good spankings to calm me down. Each time I get over-stressed - like almost now - I get wrapped up in spanking, because it calms me down. It's the obsession that keeps me normal and helps me forget about exams and jobs and God knows what.

Anyway, hearing myself talk again tonight was good.


Paul said...

Kay, I hope that you get lots more than spanking dreams lovely one.
Warm hugs,

lessa{D} said...

mmmmmmmmmm, OK.. deliver me some dreams like that for tonite... yummieeeeeeeeee

Tiggr said...

Hmmm... Dante had a dream SORT OF like that the other night... and I got spanked for real last night... can't wait to hear mroe stories and hear all about YOU getting that kind of spanking.

Love you, babe,

Kayley said...

Thank you guys! :)

Paul - I kind of hope so too. Do I kind of hope so? I guess I do... hehe Weird, eh? HUGZ!! :) You're always so sweet Paul! Thank you!

Lessa - Deliver you dreams? I wish I could. I couldn't deliver not even to myself that night! lol Hugz! Love ya! :)

And Tiggs... hehe Nice to hear that Dante puts into practice his dreams. Lucky you! :) Luv ya girl! Take care!