Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Beautiful Reflection of Your Bottom

I thought it was Pablo's fascinating real life story, "Surfing", that brought this idea back to me.

How hard is it to enjoy your body? You do admire it in the mirror, each time you take a shower or change your clothes. You check your boobs, your tummy, your arms, your butt. You check yourself... everything - as in one of the "Sex and the City" episodes, you even check your 'sushi'! You check your bottom after a good spank. But you rarely - if ever - check any of these when your guy is around. You don't mind dressing up for him and you don't mind when he sees you naked. Then why do you mind if he spanks you in front of a mirror?

You know he's looking, watching every move you make, watching your face traits change, and the fall of his hand on your bottom. But many of us have a problem watching ourselves in the mirror when getting spanked.

I wish I could do it. I wish I could follow the scene; but I can't. I risked a peek once, for only a few seconds. I saw him watching me watch and I refused to look again. It embarassed me.

I doubt that I got over it now, but... if only I had a mirror again, as big as the one in our old house, I could give it one more try!


lessa{D} said...

grinnnnnnn, you made me think of a arch bishops hunting lodge in germany I once visited during a vacation... it was all mirrors... the walls, the ceiling and the floor... some dirty guy he must have been... and then to think we are talking about an arch bishop...

but boy, would I keep my eyes closed in a room like that... I want my blindfold... grinnnnnnnnn

Spanky said...

Kallisto's afternoon spankings during the week are nearly always in front of a mirror with her bent over the counter; however, I never look at her reflection during the spanking since I'm admiring her ass the whole time. I do like to watch her face in the mirror during the part that always follows, however!

Paul said...

Kay, we loved mirrors, one wall of our bedroom were wardrobes with sliding mirror doors.
I always had two views of Mel and if she was standing in front of her dressing table sometimes as many as six, Wow. WEG!!!!
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Lessa - Sweets, that might be a bit too much, you are right. But what an interesting archbishop! hehe Luv ya! :)

Spanky - hehe I guess I know what you mean. Jack was doing that a lot too. ;)

Paul - That's the ones we also had. :( But now, we don't anymore. Don't worry, at least I have a very clear idea about the way my next piece of furniture will look like. hehe Hugz! :)

Tiggr said...

I don't tend to notice the mirrors... I close my eyes and allow the senses and feelings to overcome me. I had to watch in a mirror a few times, but it was always positioned so I could see Dante's hand (and toy) raise fully before crashing down on my poor butt. THAT was truly difficult... he enjoys watching my face at least as much as looking at my butt, maybe even more! He loves every facial expression, every noice, every nuance... and he NOTICES them all...

Love you!