Monday, December 18, 2006

Nude Spanking

I hate nude spankings. I hate them because they are more humiliating than anything else. Besides, I don't really see the point in getting naked for a spanking. Well, I see his point, but that is quite the opposite of mine, so it doesn't help much.

A few years ago he spanked my wet bum. I remember when I was small my Mom was obsessed with me not staying forever in the bath tub - where I would gather all my ships and action figures and small soldiers. Now, my hubby is obsessed with it. I guess they were - and are - scared that I might faint in there or something. Anyway, I got spanked for long baths as an adult. It might have been also my fault, since I insisted on splashing water on his suit... hehe

He counted first. 1...2....3....4....5... Nothing. His wife had no intention in leaving her nice and warm foamy bath. Then he reached out, scooped the wife out, and spanker her wet bum nice and good. That is not the way a bath should end. He could have dried me with a nice fuzzy towel and carried me to bed. That's the right approach, you see. Instead, he spanked me and asked me to dry myself and go to bed. So sad...

So... I don't like wet spanking, especially when I am naked.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Stupid Forum, Stupid Spanking

So I was brain-washed and tired enough to call his forum 'stupid'.

It started from Jules' (my best friend's) statement that she hadn't had time to read a book for her own pleasure for almost two years. She was enjoying one now. At this remark, Jack thought he'd put his two cents in: "Like me. I haven't read a novel for more than a year..."

"But that's not because you're too busy, hon; it's because you spend all day on your stupid forum," I concluded dutifully.

It wasn't a pissed off remark. It was a statement. But who cares what it was since I got spanked for it? And I laughed my ass off while he hauled me by the hand, turned me around, and went on swatting my bum mercilessly. And all I did was wriggle my bum and laugh my ass off.

"Stupid forum? I show you stupid forum!"

Ha! He showed me a good time, that's all.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Domination, Submission, and Hormones

The idea came to me today. I have a friend who's been coming over a lot for the past few days, usually when we return from school. We chat about projects and crap and all the other shit that girls usually talk about, including gossips. This time our Marketing project took us to pills, estrogen, and testosterone.

Some women tend to have more testosterone than estrogen, even though they keep being women. Three of my friends are like this and it seems that I make friends only with these kind of girls. I, for example, just like my friend, had a tendency, as a kid, to prefer cars and play soccer with the boys, climb trees, get into fights, over playing with dolls. We are more assertive, love control, and are still interested in things that men are interested in. Well, except for spending hours in the mirror, shopping for hours, and other similar stuff, of course. Our voice is not high pitched, but a little grave. We don't 'wag' our butt when we walk, generally. We build muscle faster than average girls too. We loved Maths and Physics and Chemistry in school. We wanted to have a job that makes use of a uniform. We like SAS on Discovery Channel, programs with cars, we like the way engines work. Of course, we cannot generalize, but of a party of four or even more, most of these traits repeat themselves in the people I know.

What's the point of this discussion? I am wondering if these hormones play any role in our interests in being dominant or submissive? I might as well be a bottom when it comes to Jack, but with anybody else I tend to be bossy. I wouldn't accept probably any kind of authority and the only one I would accept is the one I approve of. I run things my way and I always did. I normally get along better with guys than with girls, or I end up having girl-friends who are as bossy as I am.

You're asking me if I have an interest in girls or if any of us have an interest in girls? Nope. Sorry. Maybe if I get drunk I could kiss a girl but I can't go further. It's not my kink, really. That's just a matter of preference, in my opinion. It's also a difference between being gay or becoming a transvestite. Anyway... that's all for today.

Aren't you amazed that I posted two days in a row? hehe

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spanking Vids are Healthy Choices

Let me thank everyone who took the time to post comments on my site, especially since I've been gone. Guys, even though I don't have time to reply, I do check each and every one of those comments. Ok, not every day like I used to, but in bulks. :) And I enjoy them. So thank you guys! :)

Tigger, Lessa, Spice - love you girls! You should know that! And there is Paul who is always nice and who always passes by. Thanks mate! :) And all those people whose blogs are listed on my site, with special preferancies - obviously, since we are human... Thank you! :) And those ones whom I do not know normally or didn't get the chance to chat with but whose comments are so sweet to read. So, guys, people, dear friends and posters and lurkers, I love you and thank you for your patience.

Today I am back with a fresh account. I will post because my brain is too mixed up from my exam to be able to do other stuff. hehe

I donwloaded things that I needed for school and, since I was at it, I typed in 'spanking'. I got 69 clips zipped. 69 is a lucky number. hehe Mostly caning. So when I woke up, Jack announced me that my download was complete. "Mostly caning," he said watching, "but the girls are pretty." These aren't the best clips - certainly not better than those of PunishedBrats, but they are new vids, you see? We watched together a couple and he was quite excited about them. Then... the procedure: draw the curtains, search for God knows what in the drawers - turned out to be the brush, - a fast shower, and spanking over some matresses we have been carrying around since we needed them last. The matresses, resting against the wall, are as tall as a table, and really nice and soft.

He really spanked. Like a professional. hehe Hand and hairbrush. He stopped to caress my butt with the hairbrush - it's the first time he was doing it. It was... it was like a first spanking for me from many points of view. It felt good because he was also extremely horny at this point. He positioned and re-positioned me, used his smart comments to make me feel more vulnerable. He was damn good! And I know I say this each time - but he really was at his peak this morning.

Then we had sex. Over the edge of the matresses, with my hands on the bed, with my hands on the floor, on the chair, back on the matress, back to the bed... I was swimming in my own juices. I can't believe he made me feel so great on the day of my exam, and at a time when my brain is filled with so much shit that I cannot enjoy life anymore. :) He's good. :)

That's all for now, folks. Holiday starts next Thursday but it's not a real holiday for me. So, anyway, keep in touch. hehe

Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh... That Unexpected... Unwanted Spanking

Many of you must have thought me dead, after not popping my head out into the blogland for so long. Well, luckily enough, school and other crap haven't managed to kill me. Not just yet.

I am interrupting my project writing for a quick bloggy. hehe I would have posted this weekend, but guess what? A stupid neighbor played this Friday with my cables and my Internet and HBO were gone in an instant. So today the guy from the cable company came to solve the problem.

I'm actually writing in order to talk about my spanking this Friday. Or was it Saturday? Who cares? It was weekend and my late mood was being reflected in my bitchy attitude towards everything and everyone. I have worked, second time now, on a project that was intended for five people. Who did the whole work? I did. Why? Once, cause I didn't want those newcomers on my team, but they pushed their way in, and two, how can you trust with your grade someone you don't know? Thus, I did the project. Again. I'm just pissed that some people do the work and others get the good grades. Period.

So on Friday or Saturday, after being almost finished with the project, Jack though I needed a spanking. I laughed in his face, like many other times last week. It was a grin saying "you better not touch me or else you are dead meat". He insisted on "it's up to me not to you when you need it". The statement didn't turn me on. I just didn't want a spanking. I swear I didn't. And it wasn't that "I didn't want" that happens to be "I want". It was the "didn't want" that I have made sure to be so after deeply scanning the insides of my brain and moods. I - DID - NOT - WANT - A - SPANKING. Clear enough. I was ready to bite Jack's head off at this point.

He spanked me alright. I hated it for awhile. I faught back again and again, meaning every push and every scratch and every kick. I scratched his face by mistake though, while pushing away his head. He was trying to bite my butt. If you bite my butt or my tits you make me cry out of fear.

Let me tell you dear spankos that we are wrong when we assume that spankings do not really hurt. They hurt but in a nice way, you're saying? No. They hurt and that's that. If you're not in the mood, they hurt like shit. It's not pleasure, no fucking endorphins running wild, just pure pain. I covered my butt in desperation while Jack was trying to calm me down with a spanking. The more he slapped, the wilder I got. He was so puzzled, poor guy. I mean he was spanking me for my own good, right? Not because he likes it; because he thinks I need it.

Half way through he was so exasparated he went to get the hairbrush. He couldn't find it so he settled for the belt. I didn't count them. It was hurting. I started crying. Sobbing like mad, but crying silently. Not out of pain, like I said. Out of the frustration that I couldn't stop something that was painful and scary.

Jack tried everything to get me to enjoy the spanking: keywords, slaps, playful stuff, control related issues. No result. A few slaps later he gave up. My butt was extremely hot. I had a few marks but they wore out till today.

The whole point of this post is to give you a spanking story, because it happened and I should be phony not to mention it on my blog, and second, to make you aware that spanking is fucking painful when you don't want it.

Sure, it did happen before for me not to want a spanking but then get really wet during one. But this time... this time I was blank. As blank as a guy who has his mind on sex and his company's pressing issues. I don't know how it happened while I do know why it happened. It's just frustrating to know that it happened. Oh well... have fun in your spanking world. My spanking mood is ... a mood.