Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday's Poll and Happy Halloween!

Along with my wish, you can have a Tuesday's Poll. Last voting day is Thursday, November 2, 2006.

Halloween Spanking Poll

You hold a Halloween party and you invite some of your collegues from work or relatives. After drinking too many beers, one of them says he/she is into spanking.What do you say?
Not much. Maybe you pretend not to hear and you change the discussion fast.
You smile knowingly but don't say a word.
Become all enthusiastic about it and ask for details, without saying that you also like spanking.
Guess what! I'm also a spanko. This is so great!
 Current Results

A funny clip. Nothing to do with spanking, but very funny!

Oh... forgot to add something. Poor pooor kitty... I mean TIGGER getting a bath. ;)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Friday Spanking

Sometimes it's just better to tell the story when it happens. Why? So you don't forget the details, obviously. So you can write it when you still feel hot about it.

What happened on Friday was funny. When I put on the schoolgirl uniform, to take the pictures, I had nothing on my mind, except for the pics, like I said. But after I checked them on my computer, Jack started turning off half of the lights in the house and covering the windows. Now, if Jack does that, you know what's coming...

"Stand up. I'm gonna give you a massage and I'm gonna f*ck you."
As easy as this. I tried to tell him that I wasn't in the mood for sex, but I can never refuse a massage. I walked to the bed, and he asked me to bend over and place my hands on the bed. Why would I need this to get a massage? Something was fishy, but, spanking already on my mind, I complied. I was hoping for a spanking, but not believing it would happen.

Then he faught with my skirt for a while, finally pulled it up, and started smacking my bottom. He doesn't know what a warm-up is, trust me. Spankings start with raining blasts around here. I tried to cover right away, but he managed to get me in the headspace extremely fast. He actually persuased me that covering my butt is not in my best interest after all, even if I though otherwise, and that giving me extra hard slaps doesn't bother him. He proved his point after seeing my hand leave the bed a few times. In less than a minute, I was an obidient girl. "Yes, Sir" came out of my mouth more often than necessary. I said it when he didn't ask anything, when he simply lectured me. He said my spanking was overdue.

My panties came down. I was again wearing some thin stupid stuff - I am so dumb! He slapped some more, making me turn left and right, but my hands never left the bed. Then I heard the swish, and he belt came out of his pants' loops. I got ten hard ones. He counted them and had to repeat a couple of strokes, because I was jumping forwards a bit too much - even if after each stroke, I was bringing my butt back for another stroke.

He explained to me calmly that he wasn't interested in my butt being out of reach, but being presented for his belt in the correct position. He adjusted my position: "This is what I want. Not there, not here, but right *here*. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir." "Besides, why do you tense? You said the belt doesn't hurt, right?" "Yes... but this is different!" Of course it was. I thought it wouldn't hurt... as usual, I was wrong! But ten finished.

And he went to get the hairbrush. That thing stings! He covered my bum all around with it. He loves catching both cheeks with one hit. He said that. I witnessed it.

When the spanking was done and I was sore, he went for sex. He was damn hard! And he says sppanking is not his thing? For God's sake! If it's not his thing, why was his gun so fucking loaded? So, fingered, fucked, orgasms, oral sex, all the crap took place for half an hour. Why not more? We like quickies. hehe We are animals. By the end of it we were both exhausted.

Anyway, Jack is sick today, that is why I couldn't expand my story much. He has high fever - God knows how he caught it - but I hope he will get better soon... I'm fine, for once! hahaha

Anyway, catch ya later people. I need to take care of my baby! :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Tuesday Poll's and Saturday's Game Results

Now let's talk about Tuesday's Poll results. The question was "When watching a spanking vid or looking at a spanking picture, you are more interested in seeing what?". While everyone would have picked all the three answers, they had to decide.

Most of the Tops (70%) answered that they prefer looking at the spankee's bottom, and 30% prefer seeing the spankee's face during a spanking.

As for bottoms, 62% want also to see the spankee's bottom, 21% are interested in the spankee's face, and 17% voted for the spanker's face.

The results are a bit different than what I expected, especially the bottom's voting results. I thought they would score a lot higher in the spankee's face but obviously, I was wrong. hehe

So, most of us, spankos, prefer a shot of the spankee's bottom getting spanked.

Thank you for voting people. On Tuesday, don't fortget, we will have a new poll. :)

Now, the Saturday's Game Results...

Here you have a picture of the results for the first question (to see a larger pic, click on the picture):

The correct answer was "Kayley shows everyone the finger". hehe Here is my proof, the fourth picture of the sequence:


About the second question, what happened in real life, here is how the voting went:

The correct answer was "Jack spanked Kayley and had sex with her". :) And an account of that will happen tomorrow, since today my post is already long enough, and I don't want to try your patience.

Guys, thanks for voting!

Now, on other issues...

I will add a new link to Domestic Discipline. The site is called Cease Resistance: Spanking Ree. It's the site of a 22 year old girl involved in a nice relationship. I think she's a bit of a brat and the way she is asking for spankings surely reminds me of myself at that age. ;) So I recommend that site.

Here's a nice spanking test in French. :) I found it on Le Journal de la Fessee. I love that site! :)

Vous êtes fessophile à 78%
Ce test a juste été construit pour vous en apprendre sur vous-même. Il n'y a pas de score à battre ou à atteindre. Il s'agit juste d'un moment de réflexion personnelle. J'espère qu'il vous a été agréable.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 71% on fessophile
Link: The Fessee Test written by fessee on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

See you tomorrow everyone! :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday's Game: What Next? (1)

I promissed a new set of pics. And I kept my promise. Do me a favor please, and don't scroll down, just keep reading.

This Saturday stuff is actually a game. I hope I can do it every Saturday, but if not, there will be Saturdays when I will.

The idea is to take a sequence of up to three pics (pieces of writing, in the worst possibility), to show a scene. Pictures can be only of you or things you have done or written, not of someone else, unless that someone else is doing something to *you*. Same goes for pieces of writing. If you choose to write something, you cannot have more than four sentences in total.

The fourth pic (or sentence) should be something like "what happens next?" and is supposed to be a a bit of a surprise, or at least something fun that people would love to see as the final scene. Nudity is okay, pornography is not.

So, today I will post the three pictures from a sequence of four, and I will ask you to cast your vote on the poll and tell me what happens 'next'. Tomorrow, as in Sunday, I will post the fourth picture. :)

Now, when I ask you what happens next, I don't ask you to tell me what happened next in real life, but what do you think the fourth picture represents.

I am also giving you a poll asking you what you think that happened in real life, after Jack took these pictures of me.

So, let's see the sequence:




Now it's time to cast your vote people:

Saturday Poll: What next?

What happens in the next picture:

Jack takes Kayley over his knee for a spanking
Jack puts Kayley in the corner
Kayley flashes
Kayley shows everyone the finger

The second poll, with the results to be reveiled the latest on Monday, and which will be accompanied by a story, is about what you think that happened in real life, between Jack and me after he took these pictures:

What happened next in real life?

So, what happened between me and Jack after he took these pictures:

Jack put Kayley in the corner, then he spanked her
Jack spanked and had sex with Kayley
Jack had sex with Kayley
Jack put Kayley in the corner, spanked her, and had sex with her

Thanks for voting guys! See you tomorrow for the results!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Google Trends in Spanking

First, lemme tell you that I didn't score 90 something percent in the brat quiz. Obviously, I could have done 100, since I know the value for each question, but if I were to answer honetly, I'd probably score somewhere above 70. That is what Jack said and he took the quiz for me. hehe

Now, about trends. Who do you reckon is the most obsessed nation with spanking? You don't think that Americans are, like I did, do you? Because, if that's what is going now through your mind, you are dearly wrong.

According to Google, these are the top regions looking for the word 'spanking'.

Now, what about the languages for all of those searching for spanking? You will be amazed. You might think that English is leaving all the other languages far behind. Wrong again. You didn't know how kinky the Danish people are, did you?

And do you want to know which is the city most obsessed with spanking?

However, do not let yourself fooled by these results. They might be altered, given that people might look for spanking but not be spankos. But, I think that when you look for "red butt", there is no mistake. They got to be talking about 'spanking'.

As for languages, you got it right this time, it is English. Not only because there are lots of English native speakers out there but mostly because English is an international language and the best 'red bottom' sites need to have an English content. :)

And now, let's see which city in the world has the greatest number of 'spankos'. You might want to relocate.

Well, I hope you had fun with this brief spanking analysis.

In case you haven't voted yet in our spanking poll, you still have time to do it until the October 28, this year. hehe So, check the Tuesday's Poll and cast your vote, people. A poll is no poll if not enough voters.

Also, if you think you are a brat, take the How Much of a Brat Are You? Test that I published yesterday.

Don't forget that Tigger is having her Fantasy Friday today, with a new story. You might want to check that out too and vote for who you think the author is. :)

Have a nice Friday! I might be back later.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

How Much of a Brat Are You? Test & HNT #3

Ok, guys... So I have promissed you a new spanking test. Here it is. I had something else in mind, but events forced me to change my mind.

So, How Much of a Brat Are You?

Obviously, my results are high... lol

Sorry about the HNT picture. I *really* didn't have time. But I have a plan for Saturday or Sunday.

The Ultimate Brat!
You are 94% brat!
Bratting for you is like breathing. It holds no secrets. You are so used to it, you don't know when to stop. Sometimes you annoy people, but in the right group or with the right person your spankings can rate high!

You also tend to be a bit egocentric. But other people's opinions do not matter anyway, right? So why not enjoy yourself, be always playful, creative, energetic, and positive about life?

By the way, are you also hyperactive?

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on brat
Link: The How much of a brat are you? Test written by KayleyBlue on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Ok. I'm back and it's a bit later. I will post a pic for HNT because I *have* to. hehe Don't get excited because the pic is not. hehe It was taken when I posted my first HNT, two weeks ago.

So HHNT people!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

And the Oscar goes to... Kayley

Right! So tomorrow I will try to get a HNT pic and, in the same time, I will try to finish putting together a quiz. No, I'm not gonna tell you what it is about. And it's not easy making one, in case you were wondering.

Also, I got a visit from my Mom today and I doubt I will be around much even tomorrow. After she leaves, I have classes again, and this is how the day passes! hehe

"And the Oscar goes to... Kayley Blue" speech now:

First let me thank Bonnie and AngelBrat for giving me links the other day. Most of the visitors came from there. Maybe one day I can help them just the way they helped me. :) Their sites are a blessing for all the spankos out there! Very interactive and fun content!

Then I wanna thank Dante and Tigger, who keep giving me links! Guys, you know I love you! :)

Next, I'm gonna thank Lessa and Spice, the bratty members of Bratpack, for always caring about my posts.

Master Fitz, Theresa, Eva, Padme, and Adam: I'm so happy you guys have time to read my blog and comment on it. You also know how much I like your blogs - or else I wouldn't have linked to you.

Also thanks to Haron, Mija, and Pablo I am here today. They helped me a lot during my wild days on SSS. Yeah, I know, 99% of you don't know my old nickname on SSS, but that makes it even more fun. hehe

Another great site that sends me lots of readers is Laurent's, Le Journal de la Fessee.

Yesterday I have found a Japanese site, My Innervision, - see my links on the right - that has pretty pictures. If you are interested in reading the contents, you can always use Babel Fish to get a translation, or Google's translation services. I've always had something for Japanese chicks. hehe And their manga, hentai, anime rules!

Now, my latest addition to my site is a map of the world on which visitors can pin their location - down, on the right sidebar. It's supposed to be a Guest Book, but I've never liked the idea of guest books. However, I do think that having a map is kool! :)

That's it for today, unfortunately. No spanking news, nothing too hot to post. Jack suggested a post on schoolgirls and uniforms, so I told him, since he is so interested, he can have a go. He said that he likes schoolgirls, not school uniforms. "What's the difference," I asked. Dante claimed that we both got it wrong: it's he girls in the end, not the outfit or something else. hehe Never mind, thing is, no post on schoolgirls, guys, sorry. Maybe I can give you a picture to have fun with.

Pic found here. Dunno who the owner is. But that is a spankable bottom! hehe

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday's Poll

I came up with a poll for our spankos. One is meant for Bottoms, one is meant for Tops. Why separate? Because I have a feeling that the bottoms prefer to see something else when watching a spanking vid or looking at a spanking picture than the bottoms. So let's see if you're guess is also right, shall we?

No, you don't have to have a blog to vote. That's the best part.

The voting will be closed on 10/28/2006 23:59PST. I will display the resuls on 10/29/2006, which falls on a Monday. So plenty of time to vote...

Bottoms vote here:

For Bottoms:

When watching a spanking vid or looking at a spanking picture, you are more interested in seeing:

The spanker's face, lecturing
The spankee's face, crying
The spankee's bottom getting whacked

And here we have the same poll for Tops:

For Tops:

When watching a spanking vid or looking at a spanking picture, you are more interested in seeing:

The spanker's face, lecturing
The spankee's face, crying
The spankee's bottom getting whacked

Now I know that you wanted to vote for all three, but you have to make up your mind. hehe

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Monday, October 23, 2006

A Breakthrough - Even a Meme if You Like

Ok, people, hold your horses! Before starting this post, I wanna say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to two of my dearest friends: Dante and Tiggs! You two were made for each other - like duh! ;) And Dante, keep whacking that bratty butt! She deserves it! Many happy returns you two!! :) You are always there when I need you... thank you! :)
So people, go take a stroll to their pages and wish them a Happy Anniversary! ;)

About the rest of my post...
Last night Jack and I had a long talk. And remember what I said about spanking being all around us? I was right once again, when, again, by luck, Jack switched to AXN. They had a movie on. Two naked chicks were rubbing themselves against this young guy, and an older guy was walking around and talking.

"He will spank them," Jack said.
"No, he won't. They are just gonna have sex. Look!"
"He *will* spank them."
"How do you know? Have you seen the movie or something?" I was playing with my computer and watching TV in the same time.
"No, but it's obvious."
Since when my spanko-to-be and still a bit vanilla husband can tell the signs and I can't?

The old guy in the movie went something like: "You need to play by my rules. They like and need to be punished. They are naughty."
Yes, that caught my attention.
The girls stood up, kneeled. The old guy took off his belt and under the transfixed look of the young guy, he flicked the belt hard across their asses. They moaned, smiled: "We are naughty. Spank us more." So the old guy gave the belt to the young one who seemed to be quite enjoying himself. He spanked the shit out of them. "Harder," said the old guy. It was fun. It was like watching a larva developing into a butterfly. hehe Anyway, I will spear you of the rest, because it turned my stomach upside down. I viewed the scene as playful and fun until it came to cutting throats.

Now let's get back to my discussion with Jack yesterday. My game was easy: we each come up with ten reasons why we are obsessed with what we are. In my case, spanking. Ten reasons or ten questions from the other side.

His first question was if there is any difference for me between hand, hairbrush, or belt. Which one and why? I paused. "The belt," I said. "Why? Does it hurt more?" "No, that's the thing. It's not that it hurts more. Sometimes it even hurts less, but it's psychological." "Were you spanked as a child with the belt?" "No." "Could it be that you were spanked and you don't remember because you were too small?" I thought about it. There was always a possibility, but "no". I would remember. "It's probably because I knew other kids were getting the belt and because I was threatened with it when I was small. It's something related to... anticipation maybe. The prohibited something. I don't know."

Second question was if the amount of spanking and the pain makes a difference for me. "When I spank you more, you become more submissive. So is it related to pain?" I thought about it again. Yes, it was somehow related to pain, but I thought it had more to do with the headspace. It's about 'time' also. "If you were to spank me hard a few times, so I knew that you were always serious about spankings, then I would be in my submissive headspace before the spanking started. Then the pain would be less relevant, simply because the headspace brought me into submission, and the pain, even if not too strong, reinforces that."

"But you know that I can take full control whenever I want and make you submissive," he said.
"Yes," I said, "but I don't always take you seriously, and that's the issue. For me you are still a vanilla, and you don't always mean it when you say you would spank me. So I play with you. I can't *give* you control. You have to take it from me."

The discussion reached the control issue and the spanking. He said that if he were in a real life situation and he would be a teacher spanking his student, that would certainly get him hard. So, he is a spanko, but he sees spanking his wife as 'fake'. "It's not real for me. I know I have control. I know that you wouldn't do something stupid like cheat on me or fuck around, you know..."

"You have control because I allow you to have control," I said. "Funny enough, I don't think you have any control over me. I do what I want when I want, and it's not *you* making me do stuff. I do it because I want to. So, sorry to inform you, but you only imagine that you have control. If you want control, just take it."

"I can tie you down to the bed. You *know* I can take it when I want."

"Yes, I know that. Thank Goodness for that. But this is why I fight you when you want to spank me. I give you the chance to prove that you can take control."

He said then something about being bothered to spank me when I fight him. "When I say it's time to take your spanking, I don't wanna have to fight you for that. I want you to take it."

(Yesterday I got another spanking. It was a big one. Only hand again, but big one. He started by spanking my covered bum, then on my panties, then on the bare. I kicked like mad because there was no foreplay in those strokes. So I heard him getting all mad. He went for the "I'll give you five" policy. "Hands in front of you. I don't want them coming back. Feet on the floor. I don't want them moving at all." My hands stayed where they were, but my leg kept jumping off the floor, and he had to repeat the strokes countless times. I don't have self control it seems. It's just that the leg was jerking up and I had no control over it... Finally I trapped my own leg down with the other leg, desperately trying to stop it from moving. It worked. hehe Thinking my spanking was finished, I tried to stand up. Turns out he wasn't finished. "You said last five ones!" - I mumbled. "No, I said you were gonna get five. I didn't say they were the last ones." Blah blah blah yada yada yada... the spanking went on and on.)

So given this experience, I asked him if he was reading spanking stuff without me knowing it, or watching stuff, or how come he was coming with so many new things each time? Turns out he's just a natural. lol Good to know that, eh?

"Any difference for you if you get spanked while wearing long boots or jeans?"
"Mmmm... yeah. It's what you said before, about being fake or real. It's in the context. I prefer real stuff to role-playing. So, whatever outfit you find me at the time will do."

"Bondage. When is it too much for you? When does it make you feel unconfortable? Hands being cuffed, legs tied up, when I cover your mouth with my hand..."
"Bondage is not my kink exactly when it passes these limits."
"Ok. What about those gagging balls instead of my hand?"
"Not my thing."

It also turns out he knew I was into spanking long before I had told him. It seems that once I said something about my cousin spanking me with the belt. That was all. He was shocked and asked me if I liked it. I didn't answer, but changed the subject. He knew it on the spot, he said. That was three weeks after we had started dating. He said that all the pats to my bottom after that were related to that. He said he was nervous first because he didn't know how to handle it. We had the 'control' attribute in common. "But it turned out right I think. I am not nervous anymore. I think I do a pretty good job, eh?" hehe It also turns out that he knew I was the submissive kind in bed. He figured it out on the phone. Hmmm... what a smart guy I have. lol

"Guess what," I said. "If you weren't the dominant kind I would't be with you right now."
Same works for him. He left his ex saying that he had experienced something completely new and different with me, psychologically and sexually.

Oh, the discussion went on and on. He asked if I think that spankingchat.com is visited by people who are into spanking only or spanking and sex? I said that, given my exprience, I would say that the spanko world is devided into two. I prefer punishment spankings and serious spankings, and sex might come or not with them. It can be an option, but for some of us, the spanking is already using so much of our endorphins that we might not consider sex anymore. Spanking is enough, generally speaking. He understood that it is mostly a state of mind for me.

Anyway, this morning I was spanked again. He did it trying to drag a confession out of me. He knew I wanted to share but I was too ashamed to tell him. So he spanked me until, with my face red and hidden under the pillow, I admitted what I did. It was hard. I didn't want him to know. I didn't want him to think bad of me... But after last night, things have changed around here. I know a few more secrets about him. Things he didn't want to share with me, thinking at his turn that I might think them sick. I didn't. I find them normal and I am happy he opened himself. So, to finish the confessions list, I shared one more thing with him. Something that I was never comfy with. When I showed him a vid on Punishedbrats a few days ago - a very funny one - he asked me: "What, is that her Dad?" "It doesn't matter who he is," I said, "it's all about the spanking." I lied. Last night I rectified: "It does matter sometimes who he is, because one of the only things that doesn't look fake in a vid is when it's a Father/daughter stuff." And since for me spanking is a different issue from sex, I have no problem with this fantasy. I don't feel guilty anymore. His questions really helped me understand some stuff yesterday. Yes, for me, spanking and sex do not go hand in hand. When spanked by him they do, but I don't like clips where the girl is naked and sex follows after a spanking.

I dunno what Tiggs's type is, so I cannot direct you, as an example, to her stories, but I can tottaly give examples of Haron's and Mija's stories. That's the kind of spanking that I love.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Spankings... Wherever You Look

This is my impression. It's like the new fashion or something.

I put this in relation to US's policy of spanking and the on-going debate: "to spank or not to spank".

Jack was flipping through th channels less than an hour ago and he stopped on a sitcom on HBO: The War at Home, ep.8. Ten seconds later, I hear the word spanking, I look up, and here's a spanking scene. All the episode was on spanking, more of a satire, of course, since it's a sitcom. I giggled non stop. At some point the father talks to his friend at work about "what is wrong with giving two - three swats to your kid's behind" and the friend says something like he loves his kids and has never wanted or tried to spank them... but... "I have spanked my wife once. She wanted it." hehe

At this point both Jack and I were chuckling.

"See," I said, "I'm a perfectly normal person. There are plenty like me out there."
"Yeah, she got one spanking," he said.
"It's not like she wouldn't have liked more."

Then, while eating our lunch, "Huff" was about to start. "Huff also has a spanking scene somewhere," I said. "I've seen the commercial..."

Eating... watching TV... He looked at me: "Why do you like spanking?" He was amused. Also interested. He wasn't wondering. He was asking.

Dante's post came to my mind then. It was funny. I am myself prepairing a post on spanking and married couples, so the question came at the right time. Is he psychic or something?

"Well... it's that it calms me down. It makes me happy. After a spanking I feel calm and focused and all my problems seem to vanish. I need it when I'm nervous or when too excited. "

I paused, ate a bit more, then added:
"It's also that I see you more of a man when you spank me. A real man. It's about control. It makes me respect you more."

He showed me a pleasing smile and laughed.

I feel good about us today. Positive.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Friday Evening

Let's see... Yesterday, Viasat Explorer had a very interesting episode on BDSM. So I got the chance to watch 45 mins of bondage and female domination. Pretty interesting. Nothing turned me on but one thing actually turned me off - that was the needle part. Except for that, it was fun to watch. Maybe certain things would have worked better for me if it had been a Dom, not a Domme... but then again, I don't think so. I'm not a rubber fan. I'm sure though that some Dommes and subs out there got a kick out of watching this show. hehe

What *did* turn me on and made me giggle yesterday came actually from a very vanilla series. hehe Some of you might be familiar with "Little Britain" from BBC Prime - yes, my all time fav channel. This was episode 6, and one of the characters, a teacher, married his student, or pupil if you like. It's extremely funny. It's a lot of control involved. Jack and I planned on playing that. I'll let ya know when it happens. I was also trying to find this scene for you on youtube.com but they don't have it.

Then... well... We went out to buy some whiskey and some booze. We are again out of cash and had to go to the mall to use the credit card. I got myself some Bacardi with lime. I love Bacardi with almost anything. hehe Got back... Well, I've been acting like a brat a lot lately - no, not online, but in real life.Too many smart comments and nagging. I usually ask him questions that definitely bring a 'no' answer, so I can nag and say "yes" and stomp my foot. Last night I did again something stupid. After bothering him all the way home, sulking, nagging, giggling, and kicing a car's tire just to see if the alarm goes on, and pressing randomly the elevator's buttons just to be a pain in the ass, he decided that I needed my bottom warmed.

Now, what was on my mind when I wore a thong this morning? He slapped me a few times on my pants, then realized that is not good enough, so he dragged me to the bed, placed me in front of him, and ignoring my protests, pulled down my pants and underwear. Now we come to the well-known moment when you're face down on his knees, head hanging down, feet kicking and bending. After a few slaps that sent me crying, because they seemed too stingy at the moment, he announced five more, centered on both of my cheeks. Unfortunately he developed an interest for the seat spot. Yeah... It makes me howl. So at two, my legs were so high up bent that my feet covered my bum. He had to bring my hands together, grab them in his, bring them upper in the air so I wouldn't move, trap my legs under his. My butt went very high up, positioned for the low part of my butt to be slapped. He was laughing and I was laughing at my sounds. I think it was a continuous "no no no no no..." Who knows how many times I said it. hehe He delivered the last three swats and thought I could live with that. I couldn't, 'cause the moment I started crawling back to my feet, I mumbled something like "donkey" to him and "leave me alone", which brought me down on his lap again, for a very long and hard session. He said it was time for me to confess my crime. "I didn't do it. I was good. Seriously, I didn't do anything and I have no idea what you're talking about." He spanked some more, asking me to confess. "What bad thing? I dunno which one you are talking about... And it wasn't my fault anyway... whatever it was..." I'm not stupid, you see? hehe What if I had confessed something he was not aware of and got myself into more trouble? So let *him* do the talking, was my policy. In the end I couldn't take it anymore and I admitted that "I did too many bad things... I dunno which one you are talking about!" Which made him laugh, obviously, and spank me more.

When I ran out of breath and was ready to accept my spanking without fighting anymore, he let go. He asked if I was wet. "Lemme show you," I said, grabbed his hand, and dragged his finger through my pussy lips. I was a pond, alright. hehe

So he made me lie down again, fingered me, fucked me. He asked me to take my top off and put my hands behind my head. I had my first orgasm. Then he grabbed my hair, pulled me up, and asked me to masturbate and watch him fucking me. Yeah, that's always hot. And I got so hot and everything that I had a huge orgasm. I squirted. Hell yeah! It's the fourth time for me and he biggest. I had to change the bed sheets. All I know is that I was in a pond of juices. lol That I was wet all around and he said he's never seen me this wet before. I have been very wet before, but this was extreme. lol

Now guys I gotta go shopping and stuff with Jack. See ya later. :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

Morning Spanking

Wake up, sleepy heads! hehe

I went to bed incredibly late last night. I was very tired, but even so, I didn't want to shorten the day by going to bed early. We had a class yesterday, and before going to school, I've tried at least five or six different outfits. Jack asked me, when I put on his shirt, if I was trying to look kool. Duh! In the end, I went back to my Levi's Tshirt and a jacket, and the cherry on the cake was another jacket. It wasn't what I had in mind, but I need new clothes. Jack forbidded me to buy any until I get a job. :( Such a sad world! I need to spend at least like 200-300 bucks on clothes! The fashion changed for God's sake! All my shoes have pointed tips - not extremely, but a bit pointy... Some of my pants are still following last year's trend... I really need new clothes. *sigh* How is a girl to go out wearing last year's shoes?

Anyway, enough about clothing. This morning I got a mini spanking, just cuz. I was wearing only panties in bed and probably a nekkid cheek works wonders upon men. lol It wasn't a very big deal, but I did reach the panicky point where I thought I was in big trouble. It hurted more because it was unexpected, and the slaps were pretty stingy and covering both cheeks simultaneously. Yeah, I pictured a paddle at that moment. hehe Anyway, it's fun to wake up with a pinkish warm butt. :) Makes you want more...

No bratty stuff going on today. I don't have time cuz Jack also needs the computer. I'll be back later though, as usual.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

HNT #2

Happy HNT people! Sorry I didn't have time to come out with something more original, but maybe next time... :)

And also sorry I didn't have time to blong bounce lately. I'll catch up, as usual. :)

As you can see, tha party party split. hehe We're going back home to our Tops. We kind of missed them. :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Having Fun in Sydney!

Dear Pessengers...

we have just landed on Sydney International Airport. Local time is 5pm. For your safety, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the the seat belt sign has been switched off. When you leave the aircraft please do not forget to take all your belongings with you. And When you open the overhead bins, please use caution as some heavy objects may have shifted during the flight. On behalf of the captain and the crew, we'd like to thank you for choosing .... Airlines and we hope to meet you again on another .... flight. Have a nice evening.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Bratpack is Off

First things first: go and take the poll at Tiggs's place. I asssure you: you will have fun. hehe Well, not all of you maybe, but just the brats! ;) Most probably Dante will let out an evil chuckle. *grin*

I've run there, taken the poll. Car is ready for a drive to the airport. I think I packed everything I needed. *looks at Tiggs* Are you crazy? We're not taking any Doms with us but you are taking the bag with the implements? Those virgin butts better not be our butts that you were talking about, girl! I need mine unmarked, at least until I get back home again!

I don't think I'm gonna take this flight too easily, girls... My stomach is still bad from last night. But ok ok, I'll drive us to the damn airport. You better pray no police will be after us, or else, instead of Aussieland we'll reach jail-land. I'm not quite sober yet!

*makes sure Jack is sleeping like a baby, throws her bags in the car, and takes the car out of garage, scratching the paint a little on the side* These garages are always too fucking small! Should I leave a note to Jack? Naaah, let him figure it out and panick a bit. And I'm quite sure Dante will panick first so all the Blogland neighborhood will know. hehe

Big oak tree, here I come... hehe *drives slowly out on the main road and presses the paddle down once on the main road* *stopping at the big oak tree* *takes cell phone out, dials Tiggs' number* Girl, are you ready? I'm here already. Is Spice coming with us to the airport or are we meeting her there? What's the deal? Come already, I'm here. I don't wanna be late!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Post Hell Knows on What Topic

Yes. This happens because I ramble a lot. I have no idea at this point on what my comment will be. So bear with me, alright?

First, let's look at this picture that got me hot all of a sudden:

It comes from Spanking Satellite, and it's attached to the sample of a story. And it sounds like a good story for me. Check out this passage:

She waited for him to lower her skirt and set her back on her feet. When it
did not happen, she looked back over her shoulder at him. Her relief soon turned
to new terror, as she saw that he was pulling off his leather belt.

“No!” she cried. “Oh, no, please don’t hit me again! I am already so sore,
I will not be able to sit down for a week!”

“For two weeks, I should think,” he replied with a brutal laugh.

How many times do I still have to mention that there is nothing sexier and more erotic in this world than a man unblucking and pulling off his belt to spank you? *dreaming* Yeah, I am allowed to dream for I wore Jack out already and he's napping. hehe

What else? Yeah... I am quite nervous about a couple of things that are meant to happen tomorrow - not spankings, for spankings give me a good feeling, not this anxiety. Other stupid things related to work - let's not talk about it, ok? So instead of that I choose to be nervous about Bratpack's latest adventures. No, not latest, but following.

Why am I nervous? Dunno. I just can't wait already to leave and have fun and be a brat and... all in all that is fun. But the best part would be knowing that we have some guys on our tail. That is always the fun part. Escaping. Getting into trouble - nothing easier. But escaping is hard and the harder, the more fun it becomes. I wanna be sweating like a pig and nervous with anticipation and my brain cooking and overcooking solutions to our problems. I wanna be in that tight situation.

Someone told me once, in HS, that I should get rid of this habbit of 'streching the string' too much. My answer was that 'The string, no matter how tensed, will never snap, because I know when to let go." It's all about the fun of pushing it as far as I can. I'll never get over that I think. Too much adrenaline is involved and I got too much used to it. Problem is, I tend to conduct my living based on this theory. When everything goes right, things are boring. So I need to tense them up a bit. Destructive, Tiggs would say. Well, that's me. Shit happens.

So now I'm nervous. Unfortunately, I have to admit secretely, just like Dante did with other stuff, that we do get caught. Where's the fun if not? We go on an impossible mission. hehe I also hope for my own good - if not for others' - that I get my butt blistered so I can calm down. Also, because I just know I deserve it. I'm boiling on the inside. Boiling, trust me. I cannot take myself anymore, that's how energetic I feel. My mind is not tired, just my body. I can't sleep, because my mind wouldn't let me. I experienced this before. I have no idea if it's normal or not, but everyone around me knows that I have too much energy for my own good. And after I use it all, 100%, I can't recover for days.

You know what would help now? That corner time I was hating so much. Maybe I should go back to martial arts. Or soccer. Or running around the neighborhood for a few hours. Or simply hitting the wall with my legs for training, hard enough to cause very deep bruises. Yeah, that's what I understood of martial arts when I was 15. hehe

At 17 I punched a guy so hard that my knucles and my hand swelled for a few days. lol What happened to the guy? God knows. He didn't die, that's for sure. Funny enough, I don't remember why I punched him. But I know I was proud of myself in a weird way.

Oh crap! Enough rambling. Let me go waist my energy in other ways. I should go play darts or something... If I don't calm down, I'll annoy the shit out of Jack. And NO, I still don't wanna do bunjee jumping!!

I feel bratty. To the max. Pumped up. I wanna be like one of those rebel kids in movies, drinking beer and driving drunk. And getting caught. lol Hey, anybody watched Twin Peaks, the series? I used to be in love with Bobby Briggs, just cuz he was the rebel kind. hehe The kind of person you would like to slap to make him/her shut the f*ck up.

Alright... some movie is gonna start and Jack is waking up... gotta go.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Spanking and Tiggs's Meme

Sorry first for not having time to blog bounce... But I'm sure you understand why. hehe *weg* Anyway, once we're over the moment, I'll be back catching up on your blogs, guys.

Anyway, yesterday we've been busy for a few hours, and while we were busy and experimenting new stuff, my head - realized way too late - was a few inches from the heater and now I can rest asured that our activities and my cries were brought to the knowledge of the whole building. You gotta love the heaters! yeah! hehe

Today, while we were more careful, and we moved the playground from the couch to the bed, my neighbors might have heard this time not my cries of pleasure but my cries of pain and my protests, going in perfect rhythm with the pace of that damn evil hairbrush on my butt. The sin? Well, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to guess since I've been able to gather quite a few lately.

I'll help ya: it was the first in the long row - the price of the brush. Yes, I got spanked with the brush for spending too much money on it. Very inventive, eh? Painful for sure. It went something like: "Bet you didn't buy this brush to brush... Oh... How much was it?!" *stupid me, I forgot to take the label off and I left it wrapped nicely!* "No, no, it wasn't that much!" I think by now he was closing the blinds. "It was... it was 70% off." He didn't believe me. "70% off?! Uhuh..." "I swear! It was like 4 bucks only!" "You really think I'm stupid to believe that?" "No, no, but it's the truth! It was only four bucks!" Well, first, my mind wasn't able to make 70% of the price on the label, and aproximating it at 4 was very low. It was like more than 80% off. "If you wanted the brush, I'll give you the brush!" "I don't want it anymore. I swear I don't. I wanted it before I bought it only!"

Then I got spanked with it. And since my legs were kicking and my hands were way too busy covering my ass, he tied my longue sleeves together and that solved the problem. Trust me, when you have your hands at your back and you tie the sleeves, there is no way out. hehe That brush is evil. I tried to tell him that it hurts and I honestly don't want any of that on my butt. "Oh, you've already tried it?" "No, no! Only on my hand!" My ass! I smacked my butt two times with it and it was enough. And someone else smacking it against your ass is even worse. Bet you know that already.

He was amused to see the color changing slowly, after each smack. This time he took his time. I took mine to protest and cry. Yeah, I'm not bruised I think, but it's two hours later and my butt is quite sensitive to touch. And warmish. So one sin down, lots more to go.

I think he's catching up with them... slowly slowly.

Another round of wild sex for us and now we really are exhausted. Our night was long, we woke up early... You know how it is.

So Tiggs, I'm catching up girl. Hope that makes you feel better. ;) I dunno what's next in line... which is a bit scary. I don't know when he will find out or/and decide upon the rest, but be sure he's back into the game. My striker is back. lol And the brat is under control, again... from a few points of view. Dunno how good that is...

Also, from Tiggs! I got this meme. I did it this morning, before getting spanked, and when I had energy.

Hey, Tiggs!! I wanna have the Bratpack logo from you girl! It's way kool!

Is your sink always full of dirty dishes? Not when Jack is around!

Is your car in the driveway because it won’t fit in the garage? Might as well be!

Are you late a lot? Nope. Sorry.

Are your credit cards out of control? I've asked Jack. He says: "If it wasn't for me, they would be! It's not out of control 'cause I pay for it and blah blah" - Jack goes on explaining... lol *not gonna write all the shit down, tyvm*

Do you love animals? Yeah! I agree with Tiggs, animals are way cooler than people.

Are you afraid of some of the stuff in your fridge? Yes... especially of the salmon which has been there for a week now.

Do you like surprises? Yeah... but only the good ones! And the spanky ones... hehe

Is your laundry backed-up? Yeah... About two bags. And I washed three before Jack came.

Are you creative? Pretty much...

Are you overweight? Yeah, by whose standars? Good point Tiggs. By mine, even if I were a walking plank I would still be overweight. I know cuz I've been there.

Do you scrounge for receipts on April 14? HUH?

Do you like pretty things? Yes I do!! Buy me all the pretty things there are in the shops!!

Do you love life in spite of the mess you are in? Yes I do.

Do you like to please? Jack says yes, I say NO WAY! lol

Do you use the “but” word? It seems I do. lol *Not gonna put here the dialogue between me and Jack. It's complicated.*

Do you like celebrations? He says I love them. I say I don't. Well, some of them are kool.

Are you still paying for the gym you don’t go to? No, we're still paying the equipment I haven't used in a gym. lol

Do you love children? More or less...

Is it hard for you to say, “NO?” NO. Any time.

Are you spontaneous? I would be probably, if I got the chance, says Jack. He says he keeps me under control and that is why I am not that spontaneous anymore. hahaha Very funny! He should check my previous posts and comments. ;)

Do you “over-goal?” YES!

Are you always looking for your keys? I say no, he says I am. GRRR!! Hell!! I am not looking for keys! *stomps foot*

Are you afraid of your mailbox? No. It's just a box!! Can you spank with it? NO!

Are you often over-drawn? Yeah yeah Tiggs... draw on the walls!!

Are you a procrastinator? Whaaaaaaaaaa'? Me? I'm just a baby! DUH! lol

Do you have too much stuff? NO!! NEVER!! I don't have too much - the closets are too small! *Jack mumbling some "yes"'s in the background*

Do you like decorations? OH YEAH!!! House, tree, everything!!

Are you a perfectionist? More or less... It depends on what there is to be perfected. *weg*

Do you love to play? I'm in I'm in!! But I have to win, ok? If not, I might as well punch you in the head! hehe

Do you know WHAT to do, but don’t do it? I know WHAT to do alright... it's just that there are better things to do then the WHAT. :)

TTYL guys!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bratpack Under Attack!

(aka "War" Declared on Dante's Blog) And Jack is to be kept away from a few blogs and my own posts for a goooooooood healthy while! *weg* Just watch the brat in action!

Yes, thank you for asking, I had a very long night, anticipating Jack's coming today. I went to my email, answered the stuff on my blog, and opened simultaneously Dante's and Tiggs's blogs. They go well with coffee and ciggies. ;)

It seems that Tiggs didn't come home with me last night to have some bratty fun... How did I figure that? By reading Dante's post... Yes, of course! Apart from the beautiful review of my blog - thanks, Dante, you rule! - he is suggesting that we, the Bratpack as he calls us (Tigger and I) need a sound thrashing. That's exactly what he says, and I swear I don't imply things. And he even has a plan, which takes the Doms - Jack and Dante - a step ahead of us. But, my dear Doms, rest assured Tigger and I will catch up and when we pass by you we will stick our tongues merrily in your direction! *weg* And that's not in my mind, that *will* happen!

Hell, I wish I could say more, but, unfortunately, Dante left me in the dark with the comments for now. I am not really able to think clearly at the moment, and the fact that Jack comes today surely doesn't help.

Hey... any brats around there reading this? Put your hand up and support our cause. We are one of you, you know? We *would* stick with you if the situation were different, wouldn't we, Tiggs? ^5!

Have I also told you that Dante called me a "BDC"? You want to know what that stands for? Go see his post! hehe But I should get that written on a Tshirt and wear it around!

Hey, Tiggs, wanna get a T-shirt that says Bratpack on it, like Dante shows in his pick?? That would be kool! ;)

Sorry folks, need to rush and get pretty for Jack. My stomach is full of butterflies... and now, with Dante's post, the butterfly population in my stomach has one more reason to increase!

I *will* be back later! Don't you worry about that! I ain't disappearing anywhere! I will fight the Doms square and fair! And Tiggs and I will win!

Go go Bratpack!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

HNT - And Here We Go

Yeah yeah I know... Everyone is doing it. Well, it's fun, what can I say.

I have four shots so I have to decide upon only one.

Well, you can take a peek through the blinds at me spanking the teddy with the brand new hairbrush. I just wanted to see if it hurts or not, and given that the teddy took it quite well - didn't flinch, didn't cry -, I think it's no big deal and I have nothing to worry about when Jack comes. lol

HNT people! ;) hehe

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Oddest Spanking

It can relate to location and/or implements used. Did you already get it or is it still on your to-do list? Or is it so 'over the top' that it will most likely remain a fantasy?

The funniest I got: in the country, top of the hill, forest behind, a whole valley and a dusty road in front. My Dad and uncle - a couple of feet away, hid by the trees. I was peacefully picking up flowers - I think - possibly being a brat from a few points of view. Jack spanked my bare butt a few times. I wasn't stupid to cry but I hope to this day that no one heard the slaps. Or the 'more' part in between the slaps. All I know was that I've never felt so funny before. The danger of being seen was ....mmm... delicious! I was both excited and scared to death. If I would do it again? Yeah, baby! lol (thanks Jack for having the inspiration when I didn't)

Fantasy or to-do list includes: 1. A few swats on my jeans in the middle of a shop/mall/parking lot/whatever. I just want everyone to know I'm his. (brat going to rest and submissive coming out to play hehe) 2. Getting the rod in the forest. That *is* hot! C'mon! Anybody not interested in this fantasy, raise your hand!

Fantasy: I shouldn't say this. But this was my idea so I'll do the honors: being swatted on my jeans a few times in front of someone we know - like friends, let's say. And trust me, this can remain on the fantasy list because, unless extremely drunk, I doubt it would happen! EVER! lol *hides face under the pillow: Oh shit I dint say this did I?*

If I fantasize about these spankings? No. Pretty weird, eh? But I could get a kick from writing a story like this. And I might as well start writing.


Kay - missing Jack waaaaaaay too much already... Bit more left till he comes. Bit bit more...

Do You Want to Know What's Coming?

"You have ten more to go," he announces, holding you firmly in position and pinning your hands in the small of your back. "I want you to count them!"
"But I don't need any spanks anymore... I've already learnt my lesson!"
"Now we reinforce it so you won't forget too soon."

Does that sound familiar? Bet it does. So what's with the announcing business: you have ten more with the paddle, one full minute with the brush, another six with the cane to make it twelve? Better to know or better not to know?

Of course, we are pretty much debating it from the brat's point of view, the receiving end.

Personally, I don't like numbers. Of course it would depend on the situation and the game, but generally speaking, numbers limit my anticipation. Five more? Ok. It's bad enough but I can get through them. When you count "four" you know you're already there, you know the punishment is over. It's predictable. And if too predictable, it sometimes ruins the fun.

I'd rather have phrases such as: "I want you to go to your room/to the corner and think about the spanking you will get." Or "Stop? I've barely started", while you have already counted at least twenty.

I like tricky stuff. He pats your bottom, lets you up, you are oh-so-proud-of-yourself for tricking him into spanking you less, then he smiles sweetly at you: "Go fetch my belt." KO.

Okay, maybe I was wrong about the one-minute issue; maybe getting one more minute of a spanking is not that bad, given that you don't know how many smacks he will deliver per minute. Of course, you do know they will all be hard. - Aren't they always? - But the whole point is, why do you like them announced before? Maybe this announcing business has something to do with hard spankings and with 'counting' them as a kink. With forgetting the numbes, forgetting a "Sir', breaking position, and any other situation that can bring you more spanks than anticipated. In any case, when those numbers hit me, that's what I do: I always play. I manage to trick myself into playing, because, you see, I am a brat and taking "six" won't do. I take irrational spankings, not delivered quatities of them. Does it make sense? I don't know, but obviously, I understand what I am saying. lol

Anyway, that's the story of "how many". Want to share some thoughts? I'd be glad to hear them. I like different points of view. The spanking life would be boring in only one shade of red.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

So I'm drunk so what

I dont care about that. It's just my arm... my damn right arm that hurts from too much darts... I cant even type with the right anymore. Funny. Hasnt happened before. I didn't win but who cares. We've played for five hours - our teacher couldn't come... Had beer - plenty - and ciggies unfortunately but I cant go out without drinking. And a horrible headache.

*watching Sin City on HBO* coool...

I don't think I am in any position to write right now. My right arm really really hurts... and I hate bull's eye. And I'm soo hungry... There were three idiots there who played with us. Yuck. They tried to hit on us, married mf! Sandra kicked their asses. It felt good. Next time it's me and Jack there. Eat that, you creeps! Hit on me when Jack is around! ha!

Gotta go... can't type with the right hand... peace!

Bouncy... And Dunno Why...

Bouncy day. Again half bad. But I've just talked to my Mom and then I *had* to call Jack and he made me feel good again. Why? How? Don't know. It's his voice. I love his voice. It can do anything. Maybe because before I saw his face in real life, I heard his voice over the phone for hours and hours. With the right tone he can make me laugh or cry or giggle or medidate, he can turn me on in an instant or off.

*listening to Depeche Mode* Their old albums were good...

So, today I didn't manage to talk to anybody as I was supposed to. I called and called the guy and no one answered. Somehow this also made me feel better, by moving the problem to the back of my mind.

I'm gonna meet my friends in a bit - we'e going to class. I've heard I missed quite a show yesterday. *giggling still* There are foreigners in our class and they are funny. Anyway, Jack and I have a very tiny weird group of guys we hang around with. There's something wrong with all of us, honestly. hehe The girl has a tendency to go for older guys, the other guy is mysterious and all we know is that he's a famous bachelor around here. lol Yeah, we make fun of him. Also... something that intrigues me and needs investigation is that once I was talking to him and we reached the D/s story. I don't think I mentioned I liked spanking - I surely didn't - but I know he let an exclamation like: "Nice." Something like "I would also be interested in domination." Yeah, I think we were talking about sex shops and hand cuffs and deeper stuff.

If I don't go play darts today with my girl friend, I might as well go in a sex shop with this guy - Jack is scared of sex shops for some reason so don't tell him I said that. lol I'm not scared but I just don't like going in there alone, you know... I used to visit these places frequently when Jules was around... Damn chick! She *had* to move abroad!

Anyway... I've also heard that the blond foreign chick who can't speak English properly lost some weight. *evil grin* Jeff, the guy from our group, said that she would be ok now for a quickie as long as she doesn't open her mouth. lol That was so evil but we did laugh. Why I hate her? Well, first because she *is* stupid - yeah, it sounds like HS, doesn't it - and then because she is not aware of how stupid she is. The professor asked once what we do: "In my country, I teach English," she said. I don't have words to describe the laughter that followed. God help the poor kids who learn English from her! Then some other time we fought over the exam date and I'm not the snappy kind normally, but that day I could have really left her without hair on her head! Anyway, it's a delight to hear her talk, so I dearly hope she will be in class today. *evil chuckle* And the funniest thing is Sandra - that's the girl - who always makes funny faces when the girl talks. An amused expression, big eyes lit with interest, and a roar of laughter hiding in her throat. We are evil but we love it. She deserves it! I swear she does!

I dunno what time I will be back... Maybe I have some blog bouncing time now... But if I go play darts I'll be drunk when I get home - can't go out and not drink, sorry. I might even post soemthing while being drunk, cuz I'm the talkative kind anyway. After not having beer for a long time I think two bottles should do the trick. Maybe three, to make sure. But then I need to get home...

Kay, people, chat with ya later!!

Big hugs and thanks to people who've encouraged me: Tigger *love ya, girl!*, Adam *I wanna see that story, Mister!*, Master Fitz *always having something nice to say! :)*, Eva *thanks God she reminded me of spankings - yes, they would help, even if I said they wouldn't*. I don't tend to answer comments to a sad post of mine, just in case I get sad again, so instead, I'm gonna hug the crap out of you guys!! :) Thanks a bunch!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday... Yuck!

I have nothing good to say, I have no intention in joining Theresa on her climbing the air traffic controller tower, but today was a bad day.

It started ok, even though for some reason I lacked a lot of energy. It proceeded though into being an awful Monday: after getting a negative phone call about this job in the weekend, I started preparing again my CVs and cover letters. Something like three different ones. I managed to get one written. Thanks God I didn't write the other two for it would have been for nothing. (By talking to someone in the evening I realized that)

So one down, two to go. Then I washed the damn dishes - because in our new stupid appartment we don't have a dish washer anymore and Jack is not home to help with the messy stuff - and realized that I am completely and utterly out of money. Except for the credit card. So if I had wanned to shop, I should have gone to the Mall. Not interested today. Then I also realized that being out of cash meant that I couldn't get the guy to repair my boiler. I had scored again. I had cleaned the damn house for nothing. Good.

Then I went back to blogging and emails, and then my friend sent me an email with another job opening. No, it's not something that I am interested in and it is something that I would hate doing - too much routine - but I got ready to prepare another cover letter. No, excuse me, two cover letters, in two damn different languages, cuz it's a foreign firm. Actually, if I am at it, why not also translate my English CV for this damn firm? Which I did. Tomorrow I'm gonna send the application.

All in all, everything went more or less ok until now. Late in the evening I get this call again from the person that called me in the weekend, and guess what! The job is still on, and maybe I should call this guy tomorrow and get some stuff done. No, maybe they cannot employ me, but let's see again - Ive been seeing this for the past month! One week was 'yes', one was 'no'. Not to mention that the deal has changed from full-time job, to part-time till the end of the year and then full-time, to a full year of part-time. When I say part-time, I say really low paid, but big possibilities starting next year. When I say part time, I say not enough money to pay the rent and no chance in getting more from another part-time or full-time. It's a part-time that looks a lot like a full-time but with an unmatching salary.

Now the thing I wanna say tomorrow to the guy is "no". But this person that had called, without any reason, has been fighting to get me into this University for a month. She's gotten over rules to do so. She achieved the part-time, but the initial statement for me was "full-time" - obvious money reasons. So how the hell am I gonna tell her tomorrow that I can't possibly take the job, not because I wouldn't love doing it - because, hell, it would be a bless! - but because I cannot live with that money?? Shouldn't I be damn frustrated?

The payment is... maybe a fourth or a firth of how much I was getting in my last job. And what I was getting before was good, pretty good, but I could have taken more if I had a similar position in a different bank. So I left that job because it wasn't payed good enough, and now I am to take a job which doesn't allow me to survive? Very clear cut situation for me; definite "no". But how is she gonna take the no?? She is still going to be my coordinator this year! Double bind situation. Hate it.

So that's why I say: Mondays suck! And Tuesday will suck too.

I should be sleeping now but I can't. I feel extremely frustrated. I doubt that a spanking of any kind would solve the problem. I might as well join Theresa on her control tower.

I want it to be weekend already and Jack with me. I also wanna smash something in his head just because he's the closest one to me and smashing something on his head would make me feel better. Does it make any sense? I doubt it.

I want tomorrow to be over. I want all this week to be over. Now I have to invent an excuse for the 'no'. Actually, not invent, but 'elaborate' one. Maybe make *them* not want me.

Have a good day guys. See you when the skies clear for me.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Meme on my Blog Too...

Everyone's posting memes so I'll also do it. Since I got it from Master Fitz who got it from Padme, credits go there.

1) My ex is: Busy with his new gf I s'pose, somewhere in NY...
2) I am listening to: and watching in between something about clothes shopping freaks. I am one. Hey!! Marks&Spencer has sales!!! Oh my God oh my God!!
3) Maybe I should: Sit up or stretch since my shoulder is killing me in this position.
4) I love: Jack
5) My best friend: Jack and Jules, and I'm adding Tigger to my online best friends.
6) I don't understand: why some people don't like spankings... It's beyond me.
7) I lose: interest, quite fast.
8) People say: not many interesting things.
9) The meaning of my screen name is: surprise surprise... just another nick name with nice names inside.
10) Love is: red hearts
11) Somewhere, someone is: getting a spanking for being a brat and I wish I was there too.
12) I will always: love animals.
13) Forever seems: like a word that should have been split in two, just for the sake of it.
14) I never want to: be poor.
15) My cell phone is: a Motorola that has already problems with the speaker. Guys, be smart and never change from Nokia!
16) When I wake in the morning: I wash and brush my teeth, play with the cat and make sure she has food, then rush to the computer to the blogs. And drink a lot of water!
17) I get annoyed when: people are too slow.
18) Parties are: things that happen and that I rarely attend. Unless it's my party!
19) My dog is: No dog in my house, but 4 at my Gramma's.
20) Kisses are the worst when: they come from people whose faces and characters you dislike.
21) Today I did: shopping. And spent twice as much as I wanted.
22) Tonight I will: It is tonight. And I'm hungry... and I might check Punished Brats to see if they updated their vids...
23) Tomorrow I will be: crap! I have classes tomorrow. Already planning to skip.
24) I really want: To finish this damn quiz already!

One more:

1. Are you wearing shoes? No.
2. Whats the third letter in your name? What's it to you?
4. What color is your backpack? navy and black.
5. Are you sick? One for yes and one for no.
6. Do you go to school? Yes... yuck!
7. Is the bathroom door open? Yeah
8. Are you on a laptop? Uhuh...
9. Are you watching MTV? No way!
10. Are you smiling? Not anymore. I was when I read Master Fitz's comments though.
11. Do you have on eyeliner? Sure!
12. Is it early? Nope. It's not.
13. Are you blonde? hehe Yeah... Pretty much.
14. Do you have a myspace? No and not interesting.
15. Are you in high school? Whaaaa'? When role-playing maybe...
16. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? I am married, for God's sake! Grow up!
17. What is your favorite name? What kind of a dumb 15-yo question is this?
19. What color is your bathing suit? Blue
20. Does your school start in August? Oh no, thanks God!
21. Did you go on vacation last month? Sure did! Been on a constant vacation for almost three months now. lol
22. Have you ever been on a cruise? You mean spend the night on a ship? No.
23. Do you have a sister? No.
24. Are you upstairs? No. Should I be?
25. Do you have a friend named Alex? I know Alex Birch. Does that count? hehe
27. Does your name end with a Y? No, my nickname ends with a 'y'. Do I get a prize for it?
28. What was the last thing you said to a mate? Bye!
29. is your ear pierced? Both are.
30. Do you own a digital camera? Yeah...
31. Do you live in Florida? No, I live on the moon. Have you ever been to the moon? What's this? Some kind of personal ad?
32. Do you like Florida? From Google Earth it looks ok to me...
33. Ever had sushi? Sure.
34. Are you listening to rock at the moment? NO! Told you I was watching shoppinh stuff! Do you think I live in a mad house, with everything playing and chanting around me?
35. What color is your chair? I'm sitting on my bed!
36. Where'd you get your trousers? Sportwear mixed brands blah blah... Don't rememeber the brand and not interested in taking my pants off unless a spanking is coming.
37. Do you type with your feet? No, but I can clap with them! And I also can cover my butt with them when I get a spanking. Can you do that? ha!
38. Have you dyed your hair red? No. Cuz it turned out orange almost... now it's blondish again.
39. Are you tired? I don't think so. But I could sleep.
41. Are you an idiot? You first!
44. Are you "Fake" at times? You mean when you wanna kick your boss in the balls but keep smiling? Or when you want to chew the seller's head but you don't?
45. Is Alcohol Bad for the Soul? Why did you put that in capitals? Have you had some already?
46. Are you bored? Getting there ... getting there... Just be patient!
47. What time is it? oh... it's already 10pm! wow!
49. Chocolate or peanut butter? Chocolate then. But I love peanut butter too. It depends on the day.
50. How many kids would you like? Two, but I don't have time now. Even one would do.
51. Possible girl names : I'm not pregnant yet.
52. Possible Boy names: What's your obsession with names?
52. What is your computer? A Toshiba.
53. CDs or Cassette? CDs or MP3s.
54. Ever been through or to Detroit? Nope.
55. Seen all of the American Pies: Nope.
56. Been to the movie theatre the past month? Yeah.
59. Been to a concert in the past months? Nope
60. What color is your toothbrush? White with ... forgot. Some light color I change every month.
61. Was this quiz really random? Random?
62. Do you think abortion is good or bad? If I were to have a "law", I would say yes to abortion. But nothing is clear cut, eh?
63. Are you depressed right now? No.
64. do you like harry potter? Sure. Whatever, just thanks God I've finished this.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Words That Trigger It

What is your number one thing you would like him to say prior to a spanking? What raises hair on your arms and nape, what makes your knees buckle, and drains the blood from your veins?

I have one favorite, repeated in various forms, but having the same core:

"You are so gonna get it when we get home!"
"This is gonna be the spanking of your life!"
"You think that last spanking was hard? Just wait until you see what's coming tonight!"

Give me at least ten minutes to worry about it. The more the waiting time, the bigger the anticipation, the stronger the fear, the sorrier the girl before she even gets on your knees. If it applies to all the brats? *shrugs* I don't know. It does work for me though.

In any case, you tell me one of the things above, and I melt on the spot. You whisper it to me in a public place - my butt starts tingling right away. I don't mind hints either. I love them even more. Or a smart remark. A funny one. But not the same thing always. Be inventive. At least change your tone, if nothing else.

So, has anybody told you today that you have a spanking coming your way and you'd better prepare? hehe

C'mon, Jack, I Dare You!

I'm not sure this is a smart idea -

- I shouldn't lie to myself: it's the worst so far, but a brat gotta do what a brat gotta do!

C'mon, Jack... Whacha waiting for, Mister? I dare you to spank me! Ha! You can't, eh? Sure you can't; not when you're miles away, anyway. *laughing* Oh, well, what can we do? This is what happens when you leave the brat home alone. The more time passes, the crazier the brat gets!

What are you saying? That I should wait until you get home? And see what? Duh! I am waiting and I haven't seen one single thing! No, M'am! Peace and quiet around here. Have any of you guys heard anything about spankings going on in my house? Nope? I thought so. So you see, Mister, I am writing this post sitting quite comfortably on my butt, no jingle, no tingle, and lots of smart words are pouring fearlessly out of my mouth. I haven't felt this safe in months! So, let's have some fun with the forbidden things...

Let's see... Are these your boxers? I should think so. Oh, don't I look pretty in them? You know what? I'll keep them for the night. And this t-shirt - oh, I love this t-shirt! You know which one it is? Two hints: Blue Harbour, navy. *grinning like a Cheshire cat* It is your fav, isn't it? Well, I like it too. I'll wear it to bed. Sweet of me to keep your clothes warm, don't you think?

I wish there were more things on the 'not to do' list...

If I am sitting comfy? Yes, I am. Thank you for worrying. Very comfy actually - on the bed, laptop in front of me, one knee bent under me. Why you asking?


*thinking* Well... then... I should enjoy the position for as long as I can, don't you think?

What? Haha! Don't worry about the implements: I'll hide them until you come. Oh, God, you are so funny!

Oh... your belt... Well, I can't get spanked with the belt for this... It's no big deal. Everyone does it. *crossing fingers* Hey, it's Tigger's fault! She got me into posting funny stuff! It wasn't my idea! I swear it wasn't. She taunted me! I thought it would be funny. No... I mean... I mean... -

- no, I don't think I will find it funny when you come but I only 'thought' it was funny... it wasn't funny actually! So I'm not gonna get spanked if I'm sorry already, right?

You are so evil!! I told you I was sorry. Sorry sorry sorry! There! And I won't do it again! I promise! It won't happen again!

To Jack, if he has read the post this far:

I'm in trouble, huh? *poking her tongue* Umm... *sweet smile* I was funny though, wasn't I? OK. Maybe not. But... given that I had said already 'sorry' in my little post, don't you think I shouldn't be spanked?

(*I won't get spanked, I know it! ha!

oops! You're not supposed to read my thoughts so skip that, ok? Just rush to the next line!*)

Okay... but if you plan on spanking me, just promise that first you would consider the fact that my post was funny... Seriously now!

Don't spank me for it, ok? I'm not writing this to get a spanking. I swear I'm not. Don't spank me! I don't deserve it.

You are not gonna spank me, are you?

*trotting away for now* Phew! I think I got away with it! lala!! I can't believe it! If I *am* getting away with this stuff, I'm the best brat in the Universe! *singing merrily* I should be made queen of brats! *dreaming* And I would have a kingdom from where Doms are banned. And we would get into their Dom territory and plunder... and burn... and steal their boxers... and burn the implements! Yay!!

I wanna be the queen of brats...

...and get away with this post!

You see... it's the thrill of doing something bad but so obvious and getting away with it! I think this is the most blatant form of disrespect ever...