Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Spanking Company

Yeah, in your wildest dreams maybe you wanted to work in such a place. Well, I am - more or less. If I let my fantasy play a little bit, I am already there.

Actually, I think my new company has hired only spankoholics, since only a few weeks ago a guy was chasing a girl with two umbrellas around the place, swearing that he would spank the lights out of her when he catches her. General laughter and complete astonishment from our foreign visitors in the company. No, visitors or guests cannot stop the spanking madness where I work.

A few other days ago another guy, one of my collegues, was picking on a girl in a funny way, and then he stood up and started unbuckling his belt in the middle of the courtyard, everyone watching. "My God, I'm gonna tan her butt blue," he said, just like that.

Another day, another one of my friends came over and my nose was very deep in the monitor - working my ass off and complaining of my eyes hurting. He pulled me away from computer and I mumbled. "You need someone to beat you up, it seems. You didn't get whacked enough when you were small, did you?" "No." "See, that's what I mean..."

Another day, the collegue with the umbrellas - still joking about girls - mentions that some girls should be whacked and that he would like that a lot - especially if the client was the girl he ran after that day with the umbrellas.

Yeah... spanking in my company is not a taboo. I heard the word and the teasings so many times that I don't know if it's my imagination now or it's reality that our manager mentioned it as well in one of our company meetings. :)

Spooky... but I should fuel them a bit. I do, actually: I drop the bomb in someone else's favor - the girl being teased, usually - and then I pull back and I watch the show. It's fun.

A Well Deserved Spanking? I Doubt It!

Holy cow and Joseph and Mary, Mother Of God, if Jack is not a bigger spanko than me! I swear he is!

You know what he did? My mood for spanking has (almost) vanished lately but he doesn't want to let go. For God's sake, man, I have other things to do right now. Spanking is not on my mind! Crap! Or, maybe - just maybe - he decides that spanking is not such a bad way to deal with crazy wives.

Anyway, to cut this crap short, a week or two ago - you see how much I cared? - I was very excited, but not aiming to get spanked. I simply nagged him on a playful tone and slapped it -playfully really. How he answered me? By grabbing me, putting me on his knees and spanking the life out of me. Hand and belt. I had had enough by the time he had done most of his job, but when you don't want a spanking, you still go on being pissed and playful when it starts hurting seriously. So then you get more. And when he lets go, you mumble to yourself, go to your couch, grab the pencil you have just dropped and the paper and scrable 'asshole' as big and angry as you can on the paper. It doesn't matter if that paper turns out to be later on the reports you had brought home from work and will share with your collegues next day at work. You are in your universe and have no bloody idea about this until someone at work asks you about your scribbling.

And if the neighbors heard you? Oh no, they are all deaf. We live in an institude for deaf people, yeah... My ASS! The smart guy that he is and does not care about neighbors - since it's not his cries rising and it's not his arse getting whipped - left the kitchen window open. Yeah, the neighbors living upstairs, to the right and to the left had a good laugh or just wondered at my mumbles and the sound of the slaps and the whacks on my bum with his belt.

I'm happy I haven't seen them lately... or tried not to. I can imagine them thinking - so she is the one - poor girl!

Yeah, that's about my angry mood and spanking.

I felt like posting today. :)