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What's up?

I haven't posted for a week. When you're lacking ideas it's better you keep quiet. I doubt that anybody wants to hear about my real life adventures, all unrelated to spanking. Therefore I will be easy on your tonight and stop right here.

My state of mind is: dim light, Stephen King books, possibly some horror movies, and a secluded place to isolate my mind and allow my mind to create fantasy plots. No cigarettes and no alcohol. If I were any more religious, I would probably identify this need with the one for prayer or meditation. But my meditation is writing in my head.

I probably miss writing; not spanking stories, but writing writing...


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Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.9

Folks, hello again...

I haven't been too active - except for posting stories -lately because real life is calling with some urgent matters. :) Juju has already given you Part 8. I will give you Part 9. Juju will wrap it up afterwards. :)

This is a a story that Juju and I wrote together. To read the previous chapters, please see the right sidebar or click below:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

Copyright: Jujubees and KayleyBlue, 2008

A Serious Discussion

“You could have waited till tonight, at least,” Alex mumbled. “Weren’t you saying that if I am too sore I might not feel anything?”
“I have a feeling that you might feel it not only tonight, but the next couple of weeks too. So don’t worry about that; I’ll take care of it. Upstairs, please.”

Alex looked again at Alexis and whispered a “good luck”. A grimace showed on his face when he tried to smile. He wanted to say more, but he hoped his look was enough to give her courage. Sighing, he stood up from the couch, arranged his t-shirt - delaying it in the same time – and, giving his Dad a long look, he starting climbing the stairs. Jack followed him without a word.
As he reached the upper floor, Alex glanced one last time at Alexis. And once he lost contact with her, his emotions seemed to punch him in the stomach, cutting his breath. He had no one to play cool for this time. This time he was alone. Jack followed Alex inside the boy’s room, then closed the door behind.

“Yesterday you were spanked for forging my signature. I am still not quite sure you understand the gravity of what you did.”
Alex nodded. “I do.”
“You do?” – Jack asked surprised.
“Well, now I do. I’m sorry about it. I wasn’t thinking… really…”
“But if you had been thinking you would still have done it.”
Alex didn’t answer. They both knew the answer to that question.
“What am I gonna do with you, Alex?” Jack sighed. He really was puzzled and frustrated. Bending rules was normal. Maybe carelessness was also normal. But some things were more dangerous than others…

“How can I trust you with anything, Alex?”
“You can trust me with many things, Dad… But not with everything.” He tried to smile. “I can’t help it.”
“You can’t help it because you refuse to think.”
“True,” Alex admitted. “And I do feel guilty about it but then you spank me and I’m grounded and well… I get over it.”

Jack watched him for a minute, how he had sunk his hands into his pockets again; and how playful his eyes were, as if this was all but a game. Jack decided to play along, in his own way.

“Alright. I’m not gonna spank you,” he said eventually. “Even though you skipped school, stole my car, lied to me – in my face. You can live with the guilt.”

The remark caused Alex to stare. No, this wasn’t right. Oh, no… His eyes stopped their random movement. His face went blank, in panic.

“It’s only a game for you, Alex, isn’t it?”- Jack went at him.
“No… How can it be a game, Dad? Are you serious?”
“I am. But you are not. For you it’s only a fucking game of playing hide-and-seek. Trying to get away with as much as you can so you can brag about it. And the fact that you get caught it’s only a minor setback for you, isn’t it? “

Alex blushed furiously. He was caught red-handed, without even knowing up till now that all these smart plans and schemes and shit were just meant for this.
“So let’s see how not spanking you will fit in your plans, hm?”

There was no answer. Tears began forming in the boy’s eyes. It wasn’t fair. Being caught like this was more humiliating… I mean… His plans… He screwed up. He could have gotten his Dad in jail. He could have ended up himself in juvenile detention. He was so fucking guilty. How come he never felt this guilty before? And then, where did the speech he made to Alexis come from, if he – Nothing made sense anymore.

“Dad, I’m not playing…” – He said. “I’m really sorry. I do feel guilty. It has nothing to do with games, I swear.” He swallowed hard, then, eyes down, he began unbuckling his belt.
Jack didn’t ask for more explanations. He slid slowly the belt out of the loops, watching a very repentant Alex lower his jeans. The kid hesitated for a few moments, as if unsure that this was what he really wanted. He surely didn’t ask for a spanking! Oh, no…

“Boxers too. We’re not playing games anymore, Ales. A deal is a deal. You did what you did, you understood the gravity of it, now it’s time to face the consequences. You were aware of them but you chose very smartly to ignore them. Don’t look at me like that! It was your decision. So I’m afraid the boxers come down too.”

Alex stalled again, still unsure. “Daaaad…”
“Now, Alex. Now.”

His hands began slightly shaking as his mind dived into a different reality. Once again he was wrong. Once again Jack had brought him to the point of admitting defeat. He lowered his boxers and laid face down on the bed, face hidden in his crossed arms. That was it. Once again, he was doomed. He felt like crying even before the spanking had started. His mind was a blurry mess. He was uncertain of how or what he felt. Things came back to him quite fast though, the moment the belt touched his already sensitive backside. He wanted to stand up and say: “Ok, that’s it, I have changed my mind”; but he couldn’t. He was too proud for that. And he was guilty.
Jack didn’t say a word for a long time - just let the belt do the talking. That was until the moment Alex lost control of himself and started twisting. Jack stopped and gave him time to gather himself. They both became aware of Alexis’ cries coming from downstairs.

“This is not a game, Alex,” Jack finally said. “I am quite sure that right now you think the same thing. I just wish you would make the right choices before we reached this point.”

“I’m sorry,” Alex said, but it was the kind of apology coming from the intense desire to put an end to the pain. And Jack recognized it for what it was. There was still resistance left inside of his son. He could read it in his tone.

“Hands in front of you… Spread them Alex.” The kid obeyed.
Let’s take the familiarity and comfort away from him, and see what happens, Jack thought.
“I’m sorry,” Alex whispered again. Another tentative to stop what was still coming. But Jack started spanking again, and this time, unable to bury his mouth into his arms and muffle his screams, Alex cried in pain. He lost track of how many “I’m sorry”’s he had yelled and mumbled until Jack stopped to ask: “Sorry for what?”
“Sorry for breaking the car and lying…”

This was not the answer Jack had expected. He shook his head, sighed, and went on turning his son’s butt into a dark shade of red. The reactions that came were strong. And the excuses went on. So did the apologies. Then the kid stopped apologizing and his cries turned into sobs. He cried so hard he didn’t know what had hit him. Pain was not it. It was the frustration of another lost game and the realization of it.

Jack put the belt aside and sat down next to Alex, patting his back.
“Why am I crying?” – he heard Alex say. “I’m seventeen and I’m crying…” Which made him cry even more. “I’m such an idiot… “
“You might be foolish, but idiocy is not in your genes. Trust me.”
Alex shook his head.
“I am so fucked up, Dad. I really am. You don’t know anything about me. I played. You were right. It was all a game and it was exciting and stuff. And I really like Alexis, you know? I could have gotten you in jail! I could have fucked up her life forever!”
“Yes, you could have but you didn’t.” Jack reached to his perspired forehead and wiped it with his hand, pushing his hair out of his eyes. “Now you know better. And I hope next time you’ll think twice before doing something like this.”

Alex nodded, trying to calm himself down.
“This is so not cool,” Alex said slowly.
“Yeah. You’re right.” – Jack laughed. “But it’s between you and me. No one has to know what we talked about in here. You can still be cool with your stinging butt and red eyes when you go downstairs for lunch.”

Alex nodded.
“Good. Pull up your jeans then and go wash your face. Start acting your age and stop being a spoilt brat. I’m still blaming your Grandmother, Rose, for this - in case your mother asks.”
Alex managed to laugh a little. He pushed up his butt and dragged his boxers over his soar butt. Jack picked up his belt. “I’ll see you downstairs in ten minutes.”

Alex nodded. But he still needed time to gather his thoughts. He lay there for a while, jeans still at his ankles; He was in pain, but relieved. His mind started wondering towards Alexis. Maybe she needed comforting. And up he was again, buttoning his jeans, and rushing for the bathroom to wash his face.

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Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.7

This is a a story that Juju and I wrote together. To read the previous chapters, please see the right sidebar or click below:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Part 7 contains two mini-chapters. I wrote the second one for fun. I just had this funny picture in my mind and I had to exploit it.

Copyright: Jujubees and KayleyBlue, 2008

The One in the Bathroom

The water in the shower was running, as Alex scrubbed himself furiously. His backside was still hurting, but he had chosen to ignore the pain. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to totally forget about tonight or remember it; you don’t get spanked everyday together with a girl. And certainly not at this age. The hot water ran down over his face.

“Alex?” – Alexis’s voice came from the other side of the bathroom door. “Hey, can I come in, please?”

When she opened the door, he wiped his face with his hands and popped his head out from behind the gliding door.

“You shouldn’t be doing this, pretty face,” he said. “What would they say if they found us both in here?”
“That frosted glass is not even transparent, so chill… Besides,” she sighed, “they are busy catching up on old times.”

He could feel her detached tone. Somehow she was monosyllabic in the way she was forming sentences.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you?”
She shrugged absent-mindedly. “Do you happen to have a spare toothbrush?”
“We usually do. See in that cabinet. Not that one… the one on the left. Yeah. There.”
“Thanks.” She ran the hot water.

Without complaining on the sudden rush of cold water from his shower, he concluded: “Ok, it seems I cannot take a shower, so hand me the towel please…”
She did. She brushed her teeth paying him no attention. Alex stepped out with only the towel wrapped around his waist, hair wet and ruffled. He waited patiently for her to rinse her mouth.

“So, pretty face, what’s wrong?” – He said turning her around to face him.
“I just got spanked in front of your Dad and everyone else, remember?”
“’Everyone else’ being me, yes?” He was smiling. “So?”
Alexis watched him speechless. “So?” – She repeated incredulously.
“So what if you got spanked in front of everyone? I also did.”
“But you’re a guy! Guys don’t give a shit about those kinds of things.”
“Says the expert in male behavior?”
“You don’t understand” – she shook her head.
“Oh, I certainly do. You’re fussing too much over it. I know you don’t want me to say that… but that’s the truth. If you are concerned about me seeing something – I didn’t see shit, since you were behind that couch. You think your Dad would have taken the risk of two others guys seeing stuff? Besides, butts… well, butts are all the same…”
“Stop amusing yourself. It’s not funny.”
“It’s not a tragedy either. Relax! And you know they were right. We both knew.”

She sat on the toilet seat.
“Listen,” he said lowering himself on his knees, to her level, “if you want my advice – don’t piss him off more when you see he is ticked off. Be smarter than that.”
“So spoke the expert who’s been throwing cutlery all over the table and poking at the front seat?”
“So spoke the expert who saw after a while that there was no way out… yes.”
She paused. She didn’t look at him.

“It’s humiliating… Even though I’m getting used to it.” – she was almost smiling.
“Why? You’re looking at the picture in the wrong way – there are parents who spank and parents who don’t. I’m not speaking of tonight because tonight was an exception. But your Dad doesn’t know how else to handle you and you’re really not leaving him with any other possibility either. Ok, I do the same many times… but you are really pushing it, instead of going with it. Going with it makes it easier for you. You know this won’t be the last time when you get spanked.”

She was really smiling by now.
“Ok, smart guy, show me your butt,” she suddenly prompted him.
The request had taken him by surprise. “What?”
“Show me your butt. I wanna see how it looks. I could only see your face from where I was and now I wanna see your butt.”
“You know, I always thought a girl might want to see my front before she sees my butt…”
“Obviously, you were wrong.”
“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine?”
“What are you, ten?”
He raised his arms.
“Ok, fine, but you go first,” she said.
He did.
She did too.
“Well, it’s not *that* bad.” – he remarked.

“Ok. Enough. That’s it. Get your red ass out of my bathroom and let me finish what I was doing!” He patted her bottom jokingly.
“Were you gonna jerk off in the shower?” She laughed.
“Out!” – he said, pushing her playfully into the corridor. “And stay there.”
He heard her giggle.

The One with the Concerned Grandmother

After breakfast the next morning, Jack finally managed a phone call home.

“Yes, hon, we are fine,” Jack walked inside the house, carefully holding the mobile phone with his dirty hands. He had been busy helping Drew fix the car. He wiped his hands on a towel he found in the kitchen. “I was just fixing the car with a friend. I’m sorry I forgot to call you last night. Is you mother feeling better? … Yes, Alex is also fine.” He looked at Alex who was playing with Alexis’ hair and reading to her from a magazine. “Of course I did! ... Tell your mother that I’ve heard that! She is exaggerating, as always. … I heard that too. ... Now tell her to mind her own business. … Yeah, I’m thrilled that she wants to speak to me. ... No, I wasn’t being sarcastic...” He saw Alex raising his eyes from the magazine, watching him carefully, as if waiting for something. Long live the savior!

“Hello, Rose. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. ... He is ok and no, spanking is not child abuse. You are reading the wrong magazines. … Those idiots don’t know what they are talking about. … He is fine, for God’s sake! … You most certainly won’t. Hold on a second, please…” He looked at Alex who returned fast to reading his magazine.
“Alex, have you told your grandmother that you wanted a motorcycle for your birthday?”
“I might have mentioned something,” Alex said innocently.
Jack rolled his eyes.

“Rose, Alex is not getting any motorcycle for his birthday. … Because it is dangerous. … No, Rose, you’re not sending him any money and most certainly you are not buying him that. Small or big. … Over my dead body. Maybe you should read more about teenagers dying in wreckless motorcycle accidents. I think it beats the score of those dying from spankings. … Ok. Now can I talk to my wife again, please?” He sighed and extended the phone to Alex.
“She wants to talk to you first. You are most definitely not getting a motorcycle for your birthday so get it out of your head!”

Alex sighed and took the phone.
“Yeah, hi, Gramma… I’m ok. … He kinda did, yeah...” He was happy to get his father in trouble so he grinned at him while talking with his grandmother. “Of course I am too old to be spanked! But try telling him that… He actually spanked me –”

“Alex!” – Jack roared from next to him and snatched the phone away.
“That’s enough Rose! You’re putting things into his head. He’s my child and I educate him the way I see fit. Now I want to talk to my wife please. Thank you!”

Alex started laughing as soon as Jack got out of the house, fuming, to help Drew with the truck.
Alexis giggled also. “You are so evil!”
“Yeah, I know,” he said kissing her forehead.

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Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.6

Here comes Chapter 6 from our talented Juju. ;) I'm sure most of you want to know what happened to Alexis. *weg* So, in case you haven't visited yet, it's time to go and say hello to "Alexis Gets A Turn".

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Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.5

This is a a story that Juju and I wrote together. To read the previous chapters, please see the right sidebar or click below:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

This is one of those parts where we wrote a lot together. It is also understandable why. ;)

Copyright: Jujubees and KayleyBlue, 2008

The One Where the Trip Comes to an End

Drew was disappointed in Alexis, but very glad she was at least safe. He stood outside for a minute and looked at Jack. “So what do you think, Doc? Where do we start with these two: dinner, a stern lecture?”
“I think we need to get the whole story out of them. Alex is in big trouble and he knows it.”

“Oh, so is my daughter. That look on her face is her ‘I’m fucked’ look. She knows she might not be sitting for a week.” Drew said.

Jack looked at him curiously. “You mean you plan to spank her?”
“Well, Jack, I’ve only been at this father thing for a short time, but when it comes to Alexis she responds to one thing and one thing only: my belt. I told you she’s a juvenile delinquent. She knew that would be her fate the second she started planning this shit.” Drew laughed a little.

“But I don’t mind watching her squirm for awhile, waiting. She knows it’s coming, but with the grief these two have put us through, a little more suffering on their part can’t be all that bad.”
“Maybe we should make dinner first and let them squirm some more?” - Jack asked.
“I like the way you think.” Drew smiled. “Besides, if I don’t take time to cool off some I’m liable to really hurt Alexis, more than I intended.”


Alex was flipping absently through the channels, Alexis resting her back against him, when Jack and Drew came inside the house. Drew shook his head in astonishment – the two kids seemed so peaceful. That instant he knew that Alexis had a crush on the boy. He gave Jack a long look, to which Jack simply shrugged.

Drew hung his leather jacket at the entrance, as Jack placed the food on the kitchen counter.
“Alright, you two,” Jack said. That seemed to grab both kids’ attention, as they turned to look at him with scared faces. “It’s time for dinner. Set the table. Then, Alex, you might want you give that stare you are giving me right now to the corner over there.”

“Whaaaat? – Alex protested. “You’ve never made me stand in the corner before.” He turned scarlet. “I’m not five anymore.”
Jack stopped unpacking the food.
“Set the table, Alex. I’m not in the mood for chatting.”

Alex stomped to the kitchen, fuming, followed by a very apprehensive Alexis – the kind that Drew hadn’t seen before. She didn’t dare comment on anything anymore. Drew was a ticking bomb, and she had no wish to make it explode in front of her boyfriend.

Alexis was quite good-tempered at this point (or tried to be), somehow relieved that nothing was coming her way. Alex had managed to get all the attention for now. He was slamming the glasses and basically throwing the cutlery all around the table. Alexis put a hand on his as she passed by, trying to calm him down, but as the time was passing, he was becoming more vexed and more frustrated.

“There. Happy?” – Alex retorted to his Dad, when he had finished.
“Alex, stop it… You’re gonna get in trouble,” Alexis whispered to him, sitting herself at the table.
Drew and Jack exchanged looks for an instant, before Jack turned to Alex: “So what are you waiting for then? Put your nose into that corner, please.”
Alex crossed his arms over his chest, silently.
Jack grabbed the wooden spoon, purposely heading towards Alex.
“Ok, I’m going, I’m going… Geez!” – He stomped, but moved quite fast out of his father’s path. This was embarrassing. He sighed and put his nose in the corner. What a fucked up evening!

“Alexis, you too,” Drew said, checking on the chicken in the oven.
“Dad, you gotta be kidding…”
“Do I look like I’m kidding?” – He was mad, she knew it.
Alexis stood up. I mean if Alex was in the corner, she could also be. I mean, it was bad, but having her boyfriend in the same situation made the situation look less uncomfortable.
Now and then one of them would sigh, as loudly as they dared to, making it clear that they were not enjoying it. “Can I come out now?” – Alexis asked suddenly.

“No,” Drew said. “You will stand there until dinner is ready.”

“And isn’t it ready yet, for fuck’s sake?” – Alex mumbled. Jack was behind him in an instant. The sound of the belt being unbuckled weakened his knees. He thought he would fall. Alexis turned her head around from the corner, in shock. It wasn’t the surprise to find out that Alex might get spanked that shocked her; it was the prospect that if Alex got spanked, she most probably would too.

“Do you want to face that corner with your jeans around your ankles, Alex Pierce?” – Jack asked tapping the belt against his leg.
“No, Sir” – the boy answered, eyes fixing an invisible spot on the corner, not daring to shift his look around. He swallowed the knot in his throat.
“But you act as if you want. And you are very convincing.” – Jack went on behind him.
“I’m sorry,” Alex babbled, losing his grip on the control he thought he was having.
“Turn around and look at me.” Alex did, eyes cast down. “Look at me, I said.” Alex tried to. Jack was shocked to discover the moistened eyes. He wasn’t expecting that. But he didn’t make a comment on it.
“Do I need to have a chat with you before dinner or do you think you can behave?” – He questioned. “Alex?”
“No need to have a chat,” Alex answered, blushing even more.
Jack pointed with the belt towards the chair.
“Sit down, please.”
Alex did, but he was looking down, trying to avoid the shame by avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Drew scooped the rice into a bowl.
“Alexis, get the chicken from the oven, please” – He said, aware of his daughter’s glare at Alex.
She moved as if she was hypnotized. Normally she would have started to argue but now she was freaked out; her rebel self hid deep inside. Normally she would have also wanted to get it over with as soon as possible and would have pushed Drew to spank her, but this time she was doing everything possible to delay it. She still hoped she had a chance.

The chicken smelled great, but she had lost her appetite. She placed it on the plate and sat herself next to Alex. Under the table, she slipped her hand over his, trying to comfort him. Until now all she cared about was herself; now, there was also her boyfriend in the picture.

They couldn’t eat. They took a few bites, to avoid their fathers’ nagging them. Drew and Jack cleaned the table, placed the rest of the food in the fridge and the dirty dishes in the dish washer. Then Jack rested his back against the wall, watching them. Drew retrieved a paper out of his pocket, placing it in front of his daughter, on the table. Alexis panicked. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. She caught Alex’s distressed look. Now I’m in trouble, he seemed to say.
“So, what’s your explanation for this medical note?” – Drew questioned her. It felt as if she was back in detention again.
“Um,” she said, looking back at Alex again. “I…”
There was no explanation really. Everything she had to say was going to get her into deeper shit.

Jack intervened. “Alex, what did you ask me a few days ago at home? Weren’t you asking me about diseases and I told you Cholecistitis? Please correct me if I am wrong…”

Alex twisted his fingers nervously.

Jack brushed his hair with his fingers. He needed to calm down.
“Ok. Let me ask you this then,” he said picking up the note and pushing it under his son’s nose, “have you stolen this from me and forged my signature and handwriting?”
“It was a mistake. It won’t happen again,” Alex risked a look up at his father.
“And have you used it yourself in class and then also dragged Alexis into this scheme?”


“Are you aware that for this I can get in jail and have my medical license removed?”
No word came out of either of the two.

“Alex!” – Jack boomed, and the boy looked up in panic.
“I’m sorry…”
“That wasn’t my question. Are you aware that you can get expelled for using and selling fakes like this and be sent to a juvenile correction center?”

Alex sighed.

“Of course you were. I can’t imagine you being almost seventeen and not knowing that. So what went through your head when you did this?”
“Many are doing it.”
“That’s hardly an excuse, as you well know it.”
“Alexis, that goes for you too,” Drew said. “Now you are not only hurting yourself and your future. You are becoming a full-time delinquent, having no consideration for others. For this prank you’ve pulled, as you’ve heard, he could have ended up in jail. Has that crossed your mind before you used that medical release?”

Her eyes started filling with tears of frustration. She shook her head ‘no’. It really hasn’t. She had been all too focused on herself and how to skip school and avoid Drew to care about others.
“You skipped school again. You lied to me again. You went on a trip without letting me know, you rode in a stolen car. I could even venture to say that you did other things, but I have no proof of it.” “Yet” – he added.

“I just wanted a break, Dad,” she cried.
At least she is communicating, not stubbornly closing inside, like she used to, Drew thought.
“And is this the way to achieve it?” – Drew asked.
“I’m happy we finally agree on something.”
“But you don’t understand,” she shouted. “You’re always checking on me! I have no freedom! I can’t live like this! I am tired of school!” She stomped her foot.
“If you don’t calm down and lower your tone, you will get back into that corner over there, until you are ready to speak to me without yelling.” – Drew pointed out. “What did you do the moment I stopped checking on you, Alexis?”

She refused to answer, shaking her head.

“Well, then let me help you remember: you disappeared again. So give me one good reason why I should trust you at all. With anything.”
She didn’t answer. She pouted. The tears were silently rolling down her cheeks.
“I hate you,” she tried again to hide inside her world.
“I love you too, sweetheart. And for sharing that with me, please go face that corner. I warned you once already.”
“This is not fair!” – She cried.
“You know damn well it is. Now move it. When you have calmed down, let me know. I have all weekend, you know…” She moved with small steps back into the corner.

Alex and Jack were watching. It was a ping-pong game. One at a time being charged at, and the ball being passed from Jack to Drew.

“Back to you, Alex,” – Jack said, opening a closet and searching for something. “It seems to me that the belt is not working well enough for you anymore.” He stood up with a slipper in his hand; he tapped the rubber sole a few times against his hand. It wouldn’t bruise; just sting a lot – exactly what he needed, given that he had no plans to have Alex get away with one simple spanking. “In two months you will be seventeen. A few months ago I spanked you for blatant disobedience and getting suspended for three days from school.” Alexis’ ears opened wide. Ok. Now being compulsively careful made sense. She knew Alex was just playing cool about his punishments. He was just bragging. She had known it all along. “Prior to that, I spanked you for drinking and drugs.” Wow, his list was as long as hers, Alexis thought. “And even before that, you got another spanking for dragging two girls into the woods with you and getting them lost.”

“We weren’t lost!” – Alex mumbled again.

“Alex!” – Jack warned him, raising his voice. “I remember you saying that you don’t repeat the mistakes you get spanked for. But this time you did. I think it’s been too long since you last got your ass tanned, mister. You corrupted her” – he pointed to Alexis, in the corner – “got her also in trouble, and stole my car! And skipped school again. And to top it all off, you forged my signature. Haven’t I spanked you in junior high for that once? I thought I made it clear back then. Or has it been too long ago and the impression didn’t last?”

“Daaaad… Pleeeaaseee…” – Alex said, becoming aware of Jack’s intention with the slipper. He could hardly control his calm by now. This was not routine. He could have handled routing. But he couldn’t handle this.

“Dad? “Alexis’s small voice interrupted from the corner. “Can I come out now?”
“If I hear you yell one more time, your nose will be right back there in that corner.” Drew was skeptical. “Go sit in that armchair over there. I’ll talk to you in a second.” He got himself a glass of water so he could think. He wondered what went through Alexis’ head right now. He could recognize her rebel attitude, but her attitude right now had changed.
Alexis cuddled her knees up to her chest as she took her seat.

“You,” she heard Jack say to Alex, “bend over the back of the sofa.”
Alex freaked out.
“Dad, no. You can’t do this to me…”

Jack knew that arguing with his son was getting him nowhere, so out of experience, he yanked him up from the chair and dragged him to the sofa. “You aren’t arguing with me today, mister. Jeans down.” The boy’s face was as hot as if he had been sun tanning in the Sahara sun the whole day. “Unbuckle your belt,” Jack explained to him patiently, “and pull down those jeans. Or should I do it for you?” That got Alex’s fingers moving. He caught for a short instance Alexis’ stare of disbelief. He carefully lowered his jeans. Jack placed a hand over the back of his neck and pushed him down, over the back of the sofa. “Boxers too.” – he added, waiting patiently beside him.

“No. Dad no.”


He complied, lowering his chin into his chest, for no one to see his expression. When he looked up, Alexis’ eyes locked his. She was sitting right across from him, extremely uncomfortable about the whole thing. Drew was observing the scene from the doorway, in between the open kitchen and the living room, resting his shoulder against the wall. He couldn’t help but think of the time he and Jack had been spanked together for stealing apples from a neighbor’s garden. They had been in junior high then and that hard lesson had worked for them. They stayed out of trouble for a long time. That experience helped Drew realize that spanking can work. It had worked for him and Jack, so it could work for Alex and Alexis too. The same memory was going through Jack’s mind. As for Alexis, she watched the scene mesmerized. She had wondered how a guy would take a spanking. Now she was about to find out.

Jack lifted the tail of Alex’s shirt to his waist.

The sound of the slipper slapping the flesh was deafening in the deep silence of the room. Alex had turned himself on mute. He was determined not to let a sound out. At least that much he could do for his poor self image. He found himself looking for comfort into her eyes, instead of gazing into a fixed point on the couch.

“You should know better than to steal and use medical notes and forge my signature, Alex…” – Jack said, bringing the slipper down again. Again and again, the sound echoing from the walls into the whole house. Alex’s nails dug deep in the fabric of the sofa. The pain was different and he wasn’t accustomed to it. He took deep breaths, forcing himself not to jump up or put his hand back. The slaps were slow paced, but hard.

“Was it worth forging my signature now, Alex?”
Alex gulped in between the swats and his voice was choked: “No, Sir.”

He closed his eyes as the pain increased. He put his head down, buried it in his arm. Jack went on, increasing the pace, covering every inch of his son’s butt, from thighs to upper legs. Alex began jumping up now and then, unable to control himself. “Oww,” he whispered and the same moment his hand went back. Jack grabbed it and went on. Alex found himself unable to keep still. He started moving frantically, pressing his mouth onto his arm to keep himself quiet, biting his own flesh. He was breathing hard, sobbing, and silent tears were running down his cheeks.

“Are you going to forge my signature again? Lie to my face like you did this week?”
“No, Sir.”
“I have asked you if you were going to skip school again and you had the nerve to look into my eyes and tell me not to worry. Isn’t that what you did?”
“Yes, Sir,” his muffled voice came.

Jack stopped for a few moments watching Alex’s reaction. The kid did not move, simply went on sobbing silently into his arm.
“I remember distinctly talking to you two years ago about not using fake medical notes for skipping school, because I knew we would come to this. Have we or haven’t we had that discussion, Alex?”
“We did.”
“And you promised back then never to do it, didn’t you?”
“Yes, Dad.”

Jack put an arm around Alex’s waist and starting spanking in earnest, fast and hard. Alex jumped, screeched, puffed, but did not cry out. He pounded his leg into the sofa, arched his back in pain, and when it was too much to take, he went limp, sobbing like a kid, tears falling down from his chin on his arms and on the fabric of the furniture.

“When I’m done here, Alex, forging signatures and using fake medical notes will become the worst memory of your life, trust me.” - Jack went on, making sure the butt was equally red and trying not to leave bruises on the skin. Prolonged pain was worse than the short intense one - he knew it for a fact. As for the bruises, he will take care of them tomorrow, so Alex would remember every single day of this week and the next one what he wasn’t supposed to do. He finished with a few particularly sharp slaps, on Alex’s thighs and upper legs, which made Alex gasp for air, ignore the witnesses and bring his tear-stained face up. He screamed this time, hand trying to reach back but being caught and brought to the small of his back.

Alexis covered her face, completely freaked out.

Jack stopped, leaving his sobbing son over the back of the couch to calm down.

“Stand up and pull up your pants,” he said eventually. He replaced the slipper on the table.
Alex reached down carefully for his boxers. He tried to hide his face from everyone, constantly wiping his eyes and his nose.

Alexis wished the earth could swallow her. She was shaking.

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Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.4

This is a a story that Juju and I wrote together. To read the previous chapters, please see the right sidebar or click below:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3



Copyright: Jujubees and KayleyBlue, 2008

The One When the Car Stops Working

“Fuck!” – He said, hitting the wheel of the car repeatedly. “Fuck fuck fuck!” He turned the key again into ignition but the starter was not working.

“Shit…” – Alexis joined in, watching blankly the road. Her mind was already twisting and she had that familiar feeling of panic going up her spine. “You can’t start it anymore?”

“No. I don’t fucking get it! Two minutes ago it was perfectly fine. I only stopped to buy these shitty crackers so I don’t stink of booze and now the crappy thing won’t start…”

“Do you think it’s something to do with the engine? Or maybe an electrical circuit broke?...”

“How the fuck should I know? Look. The lights are working… How can this be happening? Why? It was ok a moment ago.”

He sighed, lied back in the seat, eyes closed.
“What the fuck am I gonna do? Damn fucking car!” He hit the wheel one more time.

Alexis kept silent. This couldn’t be happening to her. Everything was finely planned. Everything went ok, until this. As if she was doomed not to be able to have fun and have her father always find her.

“And there is no fucking car passing by either,” she sighed, trying to control her temper. “What about the guy with the gas station? Can’t he help?”

“I’ll go ask,” Alex said unbuckling his belt and getting slowly out of the car.

She remained inside, feeling quite helpless. If the circuit was cut or faulted in any way, there was no way they could get out of there without help.

Alex came back and slammed the door. “He doesn’t know shit about cars, it appears…”
“Then what?”
“I don’t know. If I call the company to tow us, the car is on my Dad’s name and he’ll find out anyway. And we’ll be late anyway… and the car is missing. I’m in such big shit.”
“Me too.”

He turned to look at her, while taking out his cell phone.
“Are you serious? You’re a girl. I think you’re worrying for nothing. Look, I’ll try to talk to my friend, maybe he can take his Dad’s car and come drag us out of this shit…”
He began searching for the number. His hands were trembling slightly but he was trying to control them, at least in front of her. This could not be happening. Not a second time in front of his girlfriend.

The phone started ringing and Alex almost dropped it.
“Who is it?” – She wanted to know, bending over his lap to look at the screen. “Fuck…” She went back to her seat, grabbing it tight with both hands, as if she was in a plane ready to crash. “Are you gonna answer,” she whispered.
“I don’t know…”
The phone kept ringing.
“What am I gonna say?”
“A lie. But please don’t get me in trouble,” she begged.

His shaky finger pressed the green key. “Hello?”
“Where are you?”
His mind cleared in an instant, as the surviving instinct kicked in. His friend, Alexis, was biting her nails, unaware of what she was actually doing. Alex looked at her, as if asking for moral support, but she wasn’t there. Her mind was as gone as his.
“Dad?... I’m gonna be a bit late tonight… I’m really sorry but…”
“Where are you?” The voice was that of someone who knew. And again, Alex could only picture his Dad arriving home early – for God knows what reason – and not finding the car.
“Around the city… I had to go check on a friend. Sorry.”
“Alex, don’t make me repeat this again, for your own sake. Where – are – you?”

Alex took a deep breath. He didn’t know what to say. She watched him turn white. And his voice trembled when he answered.
“I took the car out a bit.”
“I am aware of that. And so is Alexis’s father. So you tell me right now where you are, mister.”

“I can’t start the car anymore, Dad…” – Alex mumbled. “I’m so sorry. I swear it’s the last time it happens.”
“I’m next to the gas station next to our cottage.”
“Excuse me?” There was a pause and he could hear the heavy breathing of his father, trying to calm himself down. “Why isn’t the car starting?” – He asked patiently, after what seemed an eternity.
Alex rubbed his forehead. “Dunno. Everything died.”
“Is Alexis with you?”

Alex nodded, turning back to look at his friend with a strange and guilty look. Nooo- she kept shaking her head.
“Yes, she is, Dad.”
“Put her through. Her father wants a word with her. And you, mister, don’t move an inch from where you are. We are coming to get you. You heard me? Stay inside and lock your doors.”
“Am I… in trouble?” – He whispered.
“Yes. Put Alexis on the phone please.”

The One When They Talk

It was getting dark outside.
“I can’t just sit here and wait,” Alex said.
“I would appreciate if you did, however,” Alexis said. “I’m in enough trouble already.”
“Sure you are,” he said, but as much as he wanted he couldn’t hide the sarcastic tone. “You know what? We’re gonna be just fine. We just need a very good excuse.”

Alexis sighed. She wanted to run. But this time, this time she simply couldn’t. He would find her again, and again, and again. There was no fucking way out. She just wanted it to be over.

“Did your Dad say anything about how he found out?” – She asked, trying to ease the bad feeling she had inside. She hoped – and how she hoped! – that Drew hadn’t found the doctor’s note.

For fifteen minutes none of them spoke. They both made plans on how to avoid the spanking. And what worried them even more was the prospect of the other one finding out that spanking was still happening in their house. They wanted to complain to each other, but their pride didn’t let them. They both played as cool as they could.

“I’ll probably get grounded for a month,” Alex said, finally. Mostly because he needed to get it off his chest – at least partially.
“Me too. He’ll be watching me like a hawk again, for God knows how long. Right when I was this close to winning his trust back!”
“Fuck! He’ll cut off my Internet.”
“And I won’t be able to go out anymore, not even with Lizzie. And I’ll be locked in the house doing chores and homework.”
“I had a baseball match next week. And I had tickets for the Yankees.”
“We’re screwed.”
“We are.”

Ten more minutes passed.
“Where do you think they are now?” – Alexis asked. It was taking too long. It was like being made to wait in the corner.
Alex shrugged. Then silence fell again, each one of them minding his own thoughts.

“Ok. I’m nervous,” Alex said again. “Let’s kiss.”
“Let’s kiss. It will ease the tension. I would say let’s make out or have a quickie but that would get us in trouble.”
“You are fucking out of your minds.”
“Why? Because I don’t wanna go nuts worrying about what will happen to us?”
“How can you want to kiss or make out now?”
“Hey, don’t blame me! It’s my hormones. Let’s try at least. C’mon.”
“Alex, I am in no fucking mood to fuck right now.”
“Not fuck. Kiss. C’mooon…”
She couldn’t help but smile. Alright, he was as nuts as she was. Maybe even more, but that was because of the hormones, as he had dutifully explained to her.

“It will release the endorphins so it will make us happier…”
“What? You are a doctor now?”
“No, but I read lots of crap while looking for diseases and some things stick to your mind, you know?”
Alexis thought for a second. What was the worst thing that could happen?
“Alright then.”

It was a bit awkward at the beginning, as if they were both testing the waters, seeing what everything’s about. Then again, the damn hormones took over them, and Alex soon found himself reaching for her breasts, and nibbling on her ear.
“Alex, stop it,” she whispered.
“We’re just kissing, relax,” he whispered, his heavy breath whistling in her ear.
“You’re touching my breasts,” she pointed out.
“Sorry.” His hand moved towards her nape, entangling slowly his fingers into her dark silky hair. His lips lingered on her neck.
“They might come any second now,” she whispered.
“We have time.”

Alexis was startled by the sharp light cutting through the darkness and invading the privacy of the car. She pushed him away fast. “Fuck. Stop it.”

The motorcycle stopped in front of their Ford Explorer Sport Trac.

Alexis tried her best to stop the tears forming in her eyes. It was going to be so embarrassing. “It’s my Dad. I am so fucking dead. Oh fuck… I am so fucking dead…”
“Try to calm down. It cannot be that bad…” – he patted her hand, but his own legs had frozen. He unlocked the doors and stepped out of the car, slowly. He had no idea what he was going to say.

Drew propped the motorcycle his, eyes searching for his daughter: he spotted her - she hadn’t run yet, which was quite an achievement.

Alex had remained rooted next to the car’s front door, unable to move. He sunk again his hands in his pockets, eyes cast down, teeth gritted. Jack covered the distance between them in two steps. Oh, God, just let him slap me and finish the rest at home. The slap did not come though; Jack only grabbed his arm, dragged him and pushed him over the hood of the car in one second, then, without Alex having time to realize anything, a rain of swats landed on his ass. And before he had time to protest, the same firm hand grabbed him again bringing him to his feet. “Get your ass in the car. Back seat. Now!” His face was scarlet when he got on. He could imagine what Alexis was thinking about him right now.

Watching Alex get spanked shocked Alexis a little, but she was more worried about her own ass. She knew her dad was pissed off. The little show had brought her back to reality, and the look on Drew’s face made things even worse. No. He cannot do the same to me. Not in front of Alex. Fuck no. She felt the urge to run – she couldn’t resist - but Drew seized her hand the instant her small body twisted to have a go at the marathon home.

“Alex, watch it,” he warned her in a low taking-no-nonsense-here tone.
“Let go of me.” It was the panic talking. “It’s not fair.”
“Do you want me to take your over the hood of the car next?” He raised his eyebrows. Her muscles relaxed. “I can’t hear you,” he said. Fuck you, she wanted to say, but she knew that would not be a smart move.

She shook her head, very aware of Jack’s and Alex’s eyes on her.
“Get in that truck right now, young lady, and sit your ass down right next to your friend, Alex. Don’t let me catch you moving a muscle! You’re in deep trouble. Don’t make me take my belt off right here – because you know I would. Now go on and march your sorry ass to the truck.”

She tried to protect her dignity by shifting on her heels, as proudly as she could, but she wasted no time getting back to the truck and climbing inside next to Alex. He didn’t say a word; didn’t even look up at her. She knew he was probably embarrassed, but her concern was that it would soon be her that was embarrassed.

“Sorry about that,” she said, understanding perfectly well what he was going through.
He only nodded. He had felt like a five year old. He would have preferred a slap. Even the belt. But not that. That had been the most humiliating shit that had ever happened to him.
“Do you think they know about school and… you know?…” – Alexis asked. Knowing someone else was in deep shit, just like her, had made her relax.
“I have no idea.”
They watched Jack and Drew working on the engine.
“My Dad will fix it. He’s damn good at this kinda shit.” – she said, with an odd proud feeling.


“Do you know what you’re doing?” – Jack asked, standing aside and holding the flashlight for Drew to see.
“Can fish swim?”
“Thought so. It’s quite odd how we met again. It was odd how we met in the first place, but this beats them all.” He paused. “Don’t worry, man, they didn’t do it.”
Drew looked up. “How do you know?”
“I know Alex. And you should know your daughter also. They ran after freedom, not to do other stuff.”
“I guess you’re right.” He sighed. “I don’t mind her doing it, I just mind her screwing her life up like I did mine.”
Jack nodded.

“Why did you smack him like that?” – Drew asked. “I have to admit I was surprised.”
“It was a warning. He was preparing to argue already. I didn’t have any intention of doing it, but I saw his attitude the moment I got off this bike – all cool, hands in his pockets, tightened jaws. Honestly, I just wanted to slap him, but then I would have gotten a bunch of protests. But that - that calmed him down instantly. Even face to face with me it would have been embarrassing for him. With your daughter around it was torture.”

There was an uncomfortable silence. Both of them knew all about physical punishment first hand, but they weren’t ready to talk about that again, not just yet.

“Yeah. I saw the look on his face afterwards. He didn’t know what hit him, really. It helped me handle Alexis tonight: she was scared shitless because of that –“ Drew paused. “Woah… wait a second! Look at this… Just as I thought” – He mused. “You have a starter plug problem, man... I think I can temporarily fix it but I don’t think it is safe to drive 80 miles home tonight.”

“Can you fix it just to get us to the cottage?”
“I’ll try… But then tomorrow we have to find someone to deliver a replacement. Have any tools at the cottage? For repairing cars and shit?”
“Bunch of them.”
“That’s good news… Maybe I can fix it when the replacement comes…”
How the fuck could a brand new 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac break like that? He had to seriously work his magic on it. It took him about ten minutes. “Can you start the car, see if it works?” – He asked Jack.

Jack passed him the flashlight. He found deep silence inside the car. Alexis had rolled on her side, knees up, head resting against the window. Alex had sunk back into the seat, so low he could not see his head, busily playing with his hands. He’s gonna blast soon enough, even before we get home, Jack thought, reading his silent language. He was sorry for Alexis and he felt it was all Alex’s fault. And his too, because he had trusted Alex in the first place.

The car started. Drew closed the hood of the car and came round to Jack’s window. “Help me with the motorcycle. Let’s put it in the back of your truck..”
Leaving the car started, he went to help Drew.

“We should steal the car,” Alexis suddenly said.
“Are you nuts? Where would you go?”
“You realize we are both under age and we might end up in detention for a long time? That would be ten times worse.”
She sighed.
“You are such a coward.”
“I’m not a coward. I know when to admit defeat.”
“Same thing.”

Drew’s head poked in from nowhere; he gave Alexis a long look, turned off the engine and took the keys. She raised her hands in the air, in agony, as if saying “now what?”.
“Don’t give me that look, you know perfectly well what!” – He said. “You might be fooling others, young lady, but certainly not me.” He slammed the door.

Alex ceased a smile.
“It’s not funny!” – she admonished him.
“Hell, it certainly is. And I thought I had problems. He doesn’t trust you not even with the keys in the car, two feet away from you.”
Which made her wonder. She didn’t protest this time, but she got an uneasy feeling about it. Drew didn’t trust her with anything anymore and that really hurt. Only now she had realized how it bothered her.

The discussion was interrupted by Drew who got in taking the wheel.
“We talked,” he announced, “and we’re going to the cottage. Jack is going to buy a few things to eat tonight. Tomorrow we’ll do some shopping. You two are not getting that easily off the hook tonight.”
“As if I ever did,” Alexis mumbled in the back.
“If I were you,” Drew said turning around and glaring at her, “I would watch it.”
She bit her tongue in time not to retort with an ‘or what’ – maybe because she didn’t want Alex to hear the answer. It was all about keeping up appearances.

Jack returned with the bags. He passed them to Alex, in the back.
“Have you told them?” – He asked Drew.
“Good. So they know we will be here all weekend, right?” The car started moving slowly, turning out into the road and bringing the two teenagers even closer to the dreaded lecture.
“Daad, tomorrow I have…” – Alex protested.
“You’re grounded. The only thing you will have for the next month is a lot of chores around the house and homework to catch up on. End of discussion.”

Alex sunk back in his seat, sulking. There was no dust or small rocks to kick with his foot, so he started repeatedly kicking the seat in front of him.
Jack gave him a few seconds to calm down then turned to him. “Stop it.” “Alex, don’t give me that look.” “Alex?!”
“Where do I turn?” – Drew asked, as he reached a small dusty road on his right side.
“Sorry. Not this one, the next one.” – Jack pointed out.
As the car turned again on the familiar road, Alexis grabbed her boyfriend’s hand in anticipation.


“We’re sorry,” she mumbled from her place, praying to all Gods that this might help in any way.
Drew didn’t comment.
“Dad? I’m sorry.”
Drew parked the car, ignoring her. “Out. Both of you.” – he said instead. “Alex”, he caught her wrist before she could get out, “I am warning you now: I don’t want to hear any bullshit or lies anymore tonight. And certainly no tantrums. If you know what’s good for you.” She was angry because her apologies had fallen on deaf ears, so she fought to free her hand. “Whatever,” she said, running for the house to catch up with Alex. Somehow she felt safer in his presence.

~End of Part 4~

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Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.2&3

Hello folks!

Juju has just posted the second part of the story on her blog. :) It's called "Friday Morning on the Road".

So I invite you to take a walk over there if you want to know what happens next. ;)


14.01.2008, Mo.

Juju has just posted the third part of the story ("The One with the Call" and "The One with Having Fun"). Enjoy! :)

Story: Alex and Alexis: Smart Schemes p.1

Heya hey hey... We are back - that is, Juju and I.

The story is almost done, but we decided to share with you, chapter by chapter, what we've got so far. I start, then Juju will post the next part.
As you know, this story features two teenagers Alexis (from her series) and Alex (my series).

So... all disclaimers apply...

Copyright: Jujubees and KayleyBlue, 2008

The One with the Paper

The boy frowned, took one last fast puff from his cigarette and put it out by squeezing it against the wall.

“Listen to me,” he said, “there is no way you can get caught. No one has ever checked on sick students. The teachers are too stupid to think of that. It’s a safe bet. So… you want it or not?” He extended the paper to her. The girl took it from him, inspected it for a few seconds.

“You are absolutely sure?”
“Alex, I’ve used it myself, for fuck’s sake! And when I did I didn’t get caught. Josh used it. I can give you countless names if you want.”
“So how come it is still working?”
“Because not everyone knows about it and because you have to play safe. You don’t use it unless you really need to and you don’t overdo it. I can write it for you, just come up with a good disease to keep you away from school safely for a week.”
“I thought that was your job,” she said.

He sighed, considered, brushed his hair with his fingers.
“I’ll do it for you. But you promised to come with me on Friday! I worked it out quite nicely: my Dad’s away till evening, and on Friday he doesn’t drive to work because of the traffic. So we’ll have the car to ourselves. Two hours going, two coming back, we’ll be home by seven-eight in the evening. On the other hand, you will have to lie to your Dad about school. Can you do that?” It was a challenge. Her adrenaline was rushing.

“Are you kidding me? You were still a toddler when I learnt how to do it.” Her eyes flashed.

“Right. Just don’t get me in trouble.”

Ok. That was it. “You think you are smarter just because you are a proud specimen with balls? You don’t know shit about me, trust me!”

“Well,” he said trying to make a slow move on her, “why don’t you share then?”

“Hey, watch yourself! I’ve eaten bigger guys than you.” She grinned. “But hey, maybe if you fill in this one for me” – she said, passing him back the paper – “you might stand a chance… a small one, however.” She was definitely having the time of her life playing this game.

And his eyes twinkled. He loved a good chase. Especially a rare one, like Alex.

“Alrighty then… Give me the pen.”

The One with the Diseases

When Jack came down in the morning to grab his coffee before work, he discovered his late-rising son, Alex, busily reading one of his medical encyclopedias and furiously jotting down something.

“Wow. That’s a first,” Jack patted his son on the back, as he passed by to the kitchen.
“What’s it for?”
“School… kind of…”
“I see. You can ask me, you know…”
“Yeah…” Alex jotted down two more things then closed the book. “It’s ok, I guess.” He stood up from the coffee table and gathered the heavy books on top of each other, at the end of the table.

“So what did you need?” – Jack asked.
Alex innocently poured himself some juice. No need to worry.
“Nothing. Just some diseases. We have been talking about them in school. I wanted to see if they were contagious or not.”

He couldn’t find what he had been looking for but asking his Dad was suicide. Actually…
“Meningitis is infectious, right?”
“Very. And the patient would need a long time to make a full recovery.”
“Ok…” Alex mused. “How about” – he checked his list – “typhoid fever?”
Jack started laughing.
“Thought so,” Alex mumbled. “Don’t you know something less contagious or not contagious at all and which won’t make you spend weeks in hospital?”

Jack sipped his coffee, eying his son.
“That’s an odd question, Alex…”
“Don’t answer then. I can keep reading, you know…”
“Why exactly are you asking me this, anyway? And forgive me for being suspicious.”

Alex picked up the encyclopedia and threw it in his school bag.
“I made a bet with my friends. I don’t wanna lose it.”
“What’s the bet about?”
“I’ll tell you when I get back from school, if I win.” He said it perfectly relaxed, without even blinking, looking into his Dad’s eyes.

“I guess you don’t plan on skipping school, right?”
“No. Don’t worry about that.” Now, that lie made him feel disgusted with himself. “It’s just a stupid bet. Ten bucks. But it’s my honor, really… It should be a painful disease but not gross.”
Jack thought for a few minutes, his eyes twinkling in the same way in which Alex’s eyes were when he was playful.

“Dunno. Try Cholecystitis.”
“Co… what?”
“C-h-o-l-e-… Are you writing it down or not?”
Alex grabbed the pen and his list:
Jack spelled it twice then gave up.
“Just look it up in that book you took.”

“Ok. And… what’s the treatment?”
Jack paused. His eyebrows wrinkled in an unpleasant way.
“Alex, do you need to tell me something?”
“No. Dad, honestly, it’s just for that bet!”
“If it’s for something else you are in deep trouble, mister.”
“It is not.”
“Antibiotics, pain medicine, a low-fat diet, and if it’s very serious – surgery. Good enough?”
“Perfect,” Alex grinned. “Thanks, Dad.”

Fifteen minutes later, encyclopedia on his knees, he was sitting on the entrance stairs of his high school, busily engaged in a conversation on his mobile phone.

“….t-i-t-i-s… You got it?”
“Yeah,” the girl responded. “And what the fuck is it?”
“My Dad said…”
“Your Dad? You actually asked your Dad about it?”
“More or less, yeah…”
His girlfriend, Alexis, started laughing at the other end of the phone. “I underestimated you, Alex Pierce. So… what the heck is it?”
“It’s an inflammation of the gallbladder that causes abdominal pain. You puke, have fever, severe pain, and so on. You can take the paper with you in school today. It’s Thursday. So start acting sick. Try to make yourself feel sick. During your second class pretend you need to go vomit so get out of class. Then look for your head teacher and tell her about your medical note and that you had today off also, from the doctor, but that you wanted to come to school anyway, but that tomorrow you have appointment at the doctor and so on. Most likely she will suggest you go home. Go, but act very sick. And tell her you will bring the medical release on Tuesday or will send it to her through someone.”

“And it will work, you say?”
“I’m a genius, girl, of course it will! Now get your ass in school and don’t be late. And don’t forget: act sick even around your friends. They cannot know.”
The smile on the boy’s face grew. He hung up.

“Fuck, I am good!”
* End of Part 1*
*Part 2 - Jujubees' Journal*

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First Chapter Tonight...

We might give you that, guys...

I haven't talked to Juju yet, but we might be able to give you the first chapter tonight. :)

Writing My Ass Off

This is why I am not posting anything. I worked every night. I even worked on it from work today. Juju, inspite of being sick, is also writing.

We're proud to announce that we have reached past the middle of the story, and most probably we will post the first parts starting this weekend. At the moment we have about 16 pages of Times New Roman, 12 pt. and 1.5 lines spaced. Quite good I would say.

May I remind you that it's an MM/mf(teenagers) story and I don't think there are many others online. And certainly there are no others as good as this one would be. ;) hehehe

Anyway, we are very excited. I can't seem to stop writing. Which works to Juju's disadvantage, since, as I have already mentioned, she was sick. But she's catching up like a maniac right now. And I don't mind one bit, because putting our bits and pieces together is also a lot of fun.

So... stay tuned. :)

Peace! :) And pray that Juju gets well soon. :)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Still Writing

Heya folks...

Not much going on here except for my writing, like I have promissed. I don't have the energy to write more for the blog - I'm saving it for the story - so... that's it.

Oh, I've added a new poll to the blog: "How much spanking fiction do you read"? You can find it on the right sidebar.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Preparing for a New Story

Hello folks and nice to see you in my land again... I'm the queen of impossible brats. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to announce that Juju and I are planning a joint-venture - a story featuring our characters - Alex and Alex. Yeah, it will be fun trying to understand who is who. ;)

Anyway, if you want to catch up with what's been going on in their worlds, try Juju's "Alexis" and my Alex stories (on the right side of the page).

Catch up with you later. Gotta start writing. :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I have to share this with you... There is this guy who has a mild public obsession with spanking. I mean, a butt is there to be swatted, you know? So once I mentioned to him spanking and the reaction was 'oh, ok'. The next day he tells me, while going out to eat: "We need to talk." Me, innocently: "About?" "You know, the thing you told me about yesterday." "Ok," I said, "whenever you want."

Then there was nothing else said. But the next days the chat between us was... awkward. As if... I can't explain how, but it was awkward. Just chatting about work and various things but the discussion about spanking was like hanging somewhere in the air, you know? He avoided the discussion, but he did not avoid splapping some asses soundly - he was doing it before also, only that now they were like 'emphasized', you know? His attitude changed mildly and so did mine (I became protective, displayed my 'kool' look (which is Top'ish not bottom'ish). You know, in our own spanko world we feel the 'messages' when they are sent, and even without discussion, it was as if he sent the signal - 'I am into spanking'. But... that was it. Sooner or later, the discussion will come out again. I know it will. But I am curious what the heck goes through his head. Do you know how frustrating this is? I don't care about him in any way - except as a friend and colleague - but curiosity is killing me. What is he into?

Well, as a spanko, I should think he is into some very mild - maybe - spanking reality. I don't think he investigated it further. He is the Top with no chance of bottoming. But where is the limit for him and how did it happen? Fuck, this really kills me. I *need* to know! A potential spanko needs to be investigated and recruited.

About Spanking Moods Again and the Origins of Spanking

I suppose it's a sort of question to everyone interested...

How were your before you found the spanking community? What was your approach to spanking? How much have you changed - or your interests have changed - since then? Have you evolved in any way? Don't you feel that spanking became a stronger obsession than before?

Eric's previous comment triggered this question. Because I certainly remember that before I knew spanking was sexual for me (about 17 I guess hehe and right at the moment that I started reading spanking stories) I had moods: I wouldn't think or care about spanking for months, so much so that soetimes I thought I was 'cured'. Then for a few weeks I was obsessed with it - sometimes I induced my obsession, trying to get over the stress in my real life - and then I was ok again.

NOW, however, I am into spanking more often than I am not. And the obsession grows stronger - the more I read, the deeper I sink. I feel almost like a psycho at times, looking for ways to chop the next victim. Honestly. I am reading stories and blogs sometimes - or writing - like there is no tomorrow.

And speaking of obsessions and mental diseases - I do not recall in which Freud's book this was written - but I certainly remember reading it in my teenage years - 15-17 was the age when I read everything Freud wrote and that made me a bit cuckoo in the head. hehe Back then I wasn't aware that his theories are a bit 'old-fashioned' and most of them are not even accepted anymore. So when I read his work on SM in which he claims that all of us with this spanking interest will end up going very crazy (not using medical terms because I don't remember them anymore to describe exactly how he put it) I freaked out quite badly. First. Then I stopped caring. Out of defiance, really, not because I knew better.

Anyway, I found this very interesting article. I am still extremely interested in the 'why me' and 'how'. Maybe it is just a very dark part of me that I cannot fully understand - and I am the kind who cares about what I feel and especially "why" I feelt that way. So... reading material for you, folks:

Friday, January 04, 2008

Spanking spanking...

and spanking... dreaming of spanking... I am so focused on it right now that I could type a whole post only by repeating the word 'spanking'...

Anyway, except for a few occasional swats I didn't get much lately. I believe it is coming though - it should be. Spanking... I'll set my mind to dream of a good spanking tonight!