Thursday, November 23, 2006

Identify Your Top

I must thank Jack for the idea of this post. My man has good imagination... I also want to find that pond with inspiration that he has found.

So, lemme ask you this: if you were blindfolded and also deprieved of auditory senses, could you tell, from a spanking, if the Top spanking you is yours or not?

I thought about it for a while, and I am quite sure that no one could trick me. Even if Jack was to teach his spanking methods to someone else, I could recognize his hand print on my butt anytime, any way, anyhow.

I know how big his hand is, I know how his fingers feel, I know the pace, I can feel his breathe. He is not predictable, but a certain pattern emerges here and there. I know how he tenses and I know how he would react in any situation. So if I wasn't sure about him, I would probably cover my butt with my hand, and then... revelation!

Obviously, he wouldn't be allowed to trick me. And I know for sure that this would be the first thing on his mind. hehe

But, without being a dare, I declare loudly and proudly that his Topping schemes are no secret for me!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Spanking World

Now that would be funny.

I wondered today if spanking would still be fun if it weren't taboo for some people. What would happen if the whole world would like spanking the way they like common sex?

I tend to believe that there would be thousands of blogs on the subject, and most of them would not be updated daily. Honestly, I don't believe that spanking would be fun in such a world.

But what if there was a spanking country, or a planet, where spankos lived? Would you be the first one to move in the neighborhood? Imagine going to the Mall in SpankoLand and getting to see two wives spanking their husbands in the parking lot, one guy grabbing his brat by the ear to drag her home for a good whacking, everyone trying out spatulas and various implements on other people's asses... After one happy month here I think I would run home and get into a spanking disintoxication sanatorium. hehe

Where's the fun if it's not kinky anymore? Where is the fun when you can't wink at your partner when a startle happens? There would be no startles here, no teasers, nothing to make us imagine spanking and giggle about it. What you see is what you get is sometimes a killer policy.

How much spanking can our mind take before going crazy?

Anyway, I would love visiting SpankoLand now and then.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spanking in Dreams

So has it ever happened to you not to be able to fall asleep because your mind was too full of spanking?

The bad this is - you need to sleep because you have to wake up early and you feel your brain is likely to explode due to too many hot assed thoughts. The good part - you might end up having a blast of a hot dream on spanking.

Usually spanking dreams are just better than the fantasies your calculated mind builds. For once, they are more real.

I had plenty, but the one that stands out involved Jack and Jules, my best friend from US. It was, as usual, set during my University years and it involved me skipping school. The dream was about Jack spanking me and her. The thing is that I didn't feel embarassed or too hot. It was not an erotic dream, but a soothing one.

At the moment my life is chaotic. I need to do thousands of things and I keep running out of time... The classes are too much, then dissertation and projects, and jobs. I feel extremely tired and I don't feel like a spanking would solve anything. I am tired enough not to be able to enjoy a spanking. It's similar to guys getting horny but being unable to have a good erection. This state of mind lasts in between a week or two, depending on external factors. I'm praying I would get some inspiration from somewhere...

The swich in the tree... Well, I couldn't get it. I don't want belts anymore or hairbrushes or hand spankings. I am in the mood for something thin and swishy! One night, on my way to the Mall, I will pass by some willow tree and get a 'gift' for myself and Jack. I need that. :)

To wrap it up, in case you had any extra spicy or cute or interesting dreams that could make my day or the others' day, please share. :)

Oh, and just to let you know, Jack proposed to start shopping for some 'stamps' tonight to mail my butt somewhere, but I said "no". hehe

Monday, November 20, 2006

A Mix of All Them X-Hot Things

I don't know about you, but I am more turned on by hentai and anime, than by normal pictures. It's hard to explain why, but I like looking at nice bondage pics, and a few monsters and some tentacles here and there are quite entertaining. Actually, you will find me masturbating on one of these issues sooner than on a happy picture of three or four people having sex.

The sample pics come from the Hentai Dungeon.

It's impossible to explain what's so hot about the tentacle business. I am sure than just a few of you might have similar interests...

In any case, my first interest in such issues started when I was 15 and I had bought, without realizing, instead of manga magazines, hentai shit. I remember vividly a page with a girl getting raped by a clown, who was pushing a vibrating ball inside her vagina. She was crying, and the monster, who looked a lot like It, was making lots of smart bossy comments. That was the closest fantasy that came to tentacles and monsters. Now I just love seeing those ugly creatures raping those beautiful chicks. I wouldn't like it if I saw the scene in a movie, but hentai... wow!

In the same way, I am turned on by weird D/s anime, but it wouldn't cross my mind to use any of the situations in real life. And this is the ultimate border between hot fantasy and reality.

Maybe it has to do with knowing there is no chance to escape the experience, with also knowing that it is a monster rape and not something nice. Well, in any case, if you haven't tried checking out this facet of horror and sex, I higly recommend it. hehe

Another picture that I had found in that magazine and that had an impact on my interests, was of a girl being raped at night by an invisible shadow. It was fun seeing her battle someone she couldn't see, but only felt. *evil chuckle* And the last one, an invasion of ants, controlled by some evil woman; the insects had a nice journey up the girl's vagina.

I don't remember much of the other scenes, but I remember the bath of juices and the expressions of the girls' faces. That was enough!

That's it from me today. Nothing on spanking... It was just about control, which goes hand in hand with some nice pain. And you can't call my fantasies weird, guys, because, by reading my blog, you also pretty much prove that you're not quite normal yourselves! *very evil chuckle*

See ya around! :)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jack is Back

Upon popular demand, I am back this week to share more of the thoughts that occupy my overly grown brain. Anyway, where were we last week? Oh yes, I promised some exciting topics, such as stamp collecting.

But given that this is a blog on spanking, I will try to combine these exciting topics with the concept of spanking. Here's one thing you can also easily try at home if you are a stamp collector. Find those stamps that are not worth much, pull the brat on your knee and pull down her panties... then, place the stamp face down on your palm and give the other side a lick... next, move your hand on spanking position and whack the brat... now, you have a stamp stuck on the brat's butt... neat huh?

A phrase you can use while you do this is "I'm gonna mail your ass out of town!"... or "I'm gonna spank you all the way to China (replace China with the place the stamp is from)... or think of any other witty phrases you can think of. If you want, you can even sign your name on the brat's ass and claim it as a package.

Or... instead of making your brat count simply "1...2...3...4..." each time you whack her, make her count the value of the stamps in cents. Like "22 cents... 44 cents... 66 cents..." and make her start from the top each time she messes up the calculation. Or just spank her silly till she guesses what's on the stamp.

Or stamp spanking can also be a hand-eye coordination game for the master. You can try not to get two stamps over each other and see how many stamps you stick on the butt. Who says the brat should get all the fun? If you have a kinky relationship with two masters and one brat, this can also be a very entertaining two player game. If you're even kinkier, your ass can be the life of the party in a party game with lots of people.

Well, that it from Jack this week. Next week I will finally talk about the vacuum cleaners and fun things you can do with them. I'm sure you'll ll be looking deeply forward to it. Alright, you've been a great audiance, thank you very much.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform and Other Matters

One on today's agenda: Japanese Schoolgirl Uniforms!

I have three that I like more, for different reasons. I would never buy a mockery of a uniform, that is meant to appear in Playboy magazine and not in a serious role play in my house. hehe So I am giving you my choices. I have found these uniforms at Cosmates. You can always click on image to enlarge.

I am in awe especially with the top and with the navy socks. So when I picked the options I kept in mind the unique features of the skirt or the shirt, the tie, etc. I also know that I want a plain plaid skirt, navy also, because it looks more` like HS. And it woulnd't be Japanese is the tie weren't a tie but a ribbon... I'm telling you, I watch too much Japanese stuff and my mind is deranged. hehe An I want the shirt to be white, but to look like the one on the right.

Seriously now, these uniforms feel stricter and more modern in the same time than the normal schoolgirl outfits. But that is in the eye of the beholder. *grin*

About this second choice - I am not crazy about it, but I like the skirt. I don't like the ribbon much ot the socks, but I do want a pair of funny socks like that, being the underwear woman that I am. hehe

The last choice... I saved the pic more because I think I can put something very similar together without ordering anything.

They have others as well, but the colors are too bright... Or they are not cotton but polyester. So my fav one so far, even though I'd rather have a white shirt with a funny collar and ribbon, is the first one. It's different, it's sober... I like it. :) Let's see if I can get it. hehe

Second issue is about a willow tree right outside of my window, 2nd floor. I cannot reach the damn branch to get a rod!! It's tempting me day and night, especially since I spotted the perfect rod: straight, swishy, flexible. Well, maybe I can get it tonight somehow... I hope I won't fall out of the window. hehe

(written later)
I also did corner time today. Five minutes. Just thought I would let you know, cuz I was gonna post about it this evening. And if I were in a good mood now I would write about it, but I am not. I have reasons, not moods. Don't feel sorry for me or anything because I don't want to hear encouragements. Strange, eh? And don't ask me what happened either. Just comment on the first two issues if you want, please.

Tigger knows already that when I have a damn issue I don't share for some odd reason which is hard to explain. But that's me. :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Don't worry, you will get spanked!"

"Don't worry, you will get spanked!"

I heard those words today, as I was waking up from my nap. I wasn't quite sure why Jack was announcing a spanking. Maybe because I had a hard day and he wanted to do something nice for me; maybe because my behavior was threatening to become thunderous.

I was yawning and grunting, in a general state of mental disconfort.

"Ok, you're getting spanked."
"What? I don't want..."
He was already on my bed, kneeling, pulling me over his knees.
"Once again it's not about you wanting. You don't get to make the rules around here. I do. Period. And you get to write about it too!"

PJs, panties down. And a slap that seemed to crush, not land, on my bottom. He reached ten slaps extremely fast. I had problems once more with keeping my hands away from my bottom, simply because it hurted a bit too much.

"How many times do I have to tell you about those hands?" Spanks. Grabbing my hands, bringing them to the front: "Haven't you learnt anything yet?" More spanks. "Put your hands over your head."
My mumbles.
"Put your hands over your head or I'll spank you to tears! I'm not kidding!"

That's a bit scary. Such comments rarely escape Jack's mouth so when they do, better watch out. It was in my best interest to obey.

"I'm gonna make you do corner time. You need it." And carried on with his spanking.

But you can't expect me to behave for long, not with that kind of pain. So Jack had to grab my hands again and place them over my head, while I was sliding from bed, head down.

"You're falling... get up!" My butt, dragged over his knees again, had another rendez-vous with his hand. I kicked so much that he even had to trap my legs. But two minutes later, and another twenty swats into the spanking, I was again head down on the floor.

"You want to be spanked like this?" *very hard slaps* "Up. Get back on the bed!" He adjusted my position again, including my hands on top of my head. I argued, commented, protested...

"Oh, that's it, young lady! That's it! You've earned yourself a really hard spanking! Grumbling, hm?" He took out his belt, grabbed my hands and tied together my sleeves aga'n, and started his job, building a fast fire in my butt. I think I have some marks, because I felt that damn belt overlap a few good times in the same spot. And yet, I still felt bratty. He had to go on with his hand again for another five minutes or so, until I managed to answer his questions without a grumble.

This was followed by blow job and sex and more spanking.

Funny enough, I still have energy.

Jack has already a plan on his next post this weekend. It's gonna be a surprise. hehe

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Spanking Drawing

Last night Jack took over the computer until quite late. I was watching Anime and I suddenly got in the mood to draw.

I am sure you will not find my mood amazing, but I, myself, have thought to be quite surprising. You see, I haven't drawn for pleasure and for months since highschool, like ten years ago. A few years back I got again in the mood to draw but it lasted for like one month, then real life took over again.

It was awful. I am not that good or anything, and I don't have any education whatsoever in painting or drawing, my hand lost the habit, so bear with me.

I like black and white, pencil most. But for Tigger, I have this little teddy to cheer her up! ;) Luv ya sis! :)

You know the drill, click on pics to get a better look. hehe

And since we are spankos, here's a spanking drawing. Told you I was out of ideas, so I drew. hehe

I suppose that is Jack whacking me, even though I am a bit too tall in the drawing. hehe If you cut off my head, you might get my real height. ;)

Enjoy! Catch up with ya later, gotta get ready for school!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Spanking When Too Tired

I entered blogmode with no idea what I was gonna write about today. The older I get, the more ideas I lose. The more I experiment, the less things I have to say... Quite paradoxal, eh? ;)

I'm happy you guys liked Jack's post yesterday - he saved my tired ass. ;) He knows already what his next post is gonna be about and he won't tell me. I like surprises anyway. :)

Two days ago I cut my post in the middle because the cat was driving the whole building nuts. Like I said, that spanking wasn't a very big deal, but I perceived it as something that could bring me close to tears. Why? Because I was tired. If I'm tired all it takes is a couple of hard slaps, and I feel like I've been spanked for days... So if Jack had gone on, I would have cried. Fortunately - and this time I mean the word - he didn't. For me being tired is as bad as being drunk. Weird...

By the way, is it only me or is the world wide web getting full of mostly F/F spanking pics and videos? What happened to the guys? Wherever I look, girls and more girls! Male spankos became an endangered species. Maybe they are scared to come out and play in today's society when women are getting powerful *weg*... or maybe only female spankers are multiplying. Lucky for some, sad for me.

I want a Japanese school uniform. I love everything Japanese, except a few things related to business and women - being an Economics graduate and studying intercultural stuff I learnt some stuff... Japanese art is absolutely fabulous. Japanese girls are awesome. Japanese furniture - my fav bedroom. Japanese food - to die for! But I couldn't live in Japan. Anyway, I love Japanese school uniforms... I gotta find one soon. I think Jack would like that too. hehe

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go look online for one. I'm in the mood. ;)

Hmm... I got an idea for another post on Japanese anime and hentai, on control, raping, monsters, rough sex... It sounds like fun! hehe

Monday, November 13, 2006

Jack on Spanking

Jack here. I guess you brats are surprised to see me here. And your doms are probably equally surprised that I am still alive and not exhausted to death from dealing with the brattiest brat in the world.

So, what can I say about spanking? You brat, you get punished. Next day you brat some more because you want to be spanked again. Am I right? Well my work is done here then... alright alright I'll write some more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do you spank Kayley?

A: First of all, to stop her from annoying me! Yeah sometimes she talks too much and laughs like a lunatic and bothers me. In those cases, whatever I say has no affect. So, I let my hands do the talking. Second of all, it's always nice to remind her who is boss. After some spanking I ask her who's in control, and she says "you". Third of all, for Kayley, it works much faster than foreplay.

Q: What are some good substitutes for spank?

A: Flowers, teddy bears, red wine, romantic candle light dinners, and many other things guys would not rather get involved with. That is why the number of spankos in the world is increasing. People have less and less money and time for such stuff and spanking is a valuable substitute.

Q: Does watching spanking videos turn you on?

A: If the girl is pretty and something happens after she gets spanked, sure why not. But the girl should look like she's getting punished. She shouldn't say "yeah spank me harder"... that just is silly. Nevertheless, I'm sure you've all come across such videos.

Q: What goes hand in hand with spanking?

A: For me personally, schoooll girl uniform or pijamas sound good. It works much better than some girl pulling down her jeans or wearing high heel boots or something. For some reason, the teacher-student image is very nice. I guess it has to do with control and the fact that it's taboo.

Alright that's it from me. If you liked my writing and would like to hear from me regularly, pressure Kayley into making me a weekly regular or something like that. If you didn't like me or what I wrote, I'll be here every week anyway but this time I'll write about stamp collecting, cleaning spider webs, my favorite elevator music, the best vacuum cleaner brands, and other exciting topics.

The Spank Makes My Day

I wasn't going to post today. I am still very tired and it's been three days, at least, since I haven't been able to sleep because of my cat.

Because I am tired, my mood is not great either. When you are tired you fail to see the good things. And when you are unemployed and you love Christmas, you wonder if you can repeat the crazy spending you did last year for everyone. Last year I bought great presents. What if this year I can't? All the Christmas fun is gone...

Anyway, Jack realized that I was in a lousy mood... Look, it's almost 1am and the cat is crying trying to wake up the whole building. I might not be able to finish my post... *sigh*

Let's cut to the chase since it's obvious that I won't have time to embelish things. I got spanked again... A medium spank, by hand, because I needed it. That's what Jack said...

And I swear that if I don't go now... bye bye guys!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Chat about Corner Time

I couldn't sleep all night because of my cat, so I am agonizing today. If I close my eyes, my head might just fall on the keyboard for a long sweet nap.

I know I got a spanking only two days ago, on Thursday, but yesterday evening I had another chat with Jack. I was ready for more. For a lot more and worse. I needed it. It didn't happen, but the weekend has barely started.

"When are you gonna put me in the corner?" - I asked, while he was watching "Survivor" on AXN.
He looked at me, and it took him a few seconds to connect back to this world.
"Why don't you go stand in the corner now?" - he suggested with a smile.
Of course it crossed my mind to obey. But it wasn't right.
"Not now. Now I wouldn't do it."
"But you've been in the corner before..."
"Yes, but it was very long ago."

He lit a cigarette, went back to his series. A few seconds later he turned to me again:
"Corner time never works for you. You always seem to use it for more mischief, not to repent."
"You're not doing a proper job, it means. Corner time would really help you help me..." Explaining it was hard. "It can take me to subspace pretty fast. I can behave if I *need* to."

The thing is... my previous corner times had me naked standing in the corner. And I also had a red butt. But not red enough to stop me from bratting. Only once I think I was a bit too scared to misbehave. And another time, I painted the wall. That got me another belting and more corner time.

I'm just thinking that putting me in the corner might drain some of the extra energy out of me. The ideal move is: spank me, put me in the corner, go on doing your stuff while keeping an eye on me, spank me again, and one more corner time. And if that doesn't work on any brat, then I might as well dress up as Santa Clause and sell pickles in Jamaica.

That's for today's post. Now, I wanna ask you to do something for me, or for you, if you feel like it. This week or next weekend I'm gonna write one of those '100 things about me', inspired by Eva's post a few good days ago. If you have any questions that you want an answer to, please let me know. Either comment here or send me an email. Anonymous or not. Your choice. I will not answer normally or seriously stupid questions though. When is a question stupid? When you wonder if to ask it or not. hehe ;)

If no questions come, I will just go on rambling about myself for 100 lines and bore you to death. hehe So you're either gonna be proactive, or passive regarding my future post. If you've been here for some time, you knowI don't beg. Tigger suggested on that 'delurk' day that lurkers like being begged. I say begging might seem pushy. I give you a free choice. Either you want to ask or not. :) If you're not in the mood, fine by me. ;) I have no intention in grabbing you by the ear, bending you over the arm of the couch, and tanning your bum with Jack's belt for saying 'no'. Not just yet, let's say. hehe

So, have a nice Saturday guys. :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

A Spanking Before School

It started with my mood to get spanked. The best way to get a spanking when your significant other might not be in the mood?

Put on a short schoolgirl-like skirt - I have a green one - a sexy top, black lingerie with push up bra, leave half of the boobs out, and black long nice boots.

I was over his knee in ten minutes, getting the mother of all spankings, or so it felt at the moment. He spanked me for being a 'bad girl'. Generally speaking. hehe He simply torched my bum with his hand.

I am not protesting much lately, and I am training my feet not to leave the floor. It doesn't work 100%, but it's better. My man didn't hold back one second: he was determined to give me a red bum. He built the fire in my bum quite fast, with strong and fast slaps. When I started kicking, he grabbed my hand and held it.

"Ok, stand up, go get the hairbrush..."
I didn't move.

"Please not the hairbrush... Besides, your hand hurts more," I lied.

"Okay," he said, and laid in my butt even worse.

Ten spanks later I started complaining about my seat spot and asked for the hairbrush. A time out sounded too good.

"Go bring it!"

He had to, because I couldn't find it. Then I was back over his lap. He started by spanking me again over my skirt, then on the bare. I had instantly changed my mind about the hairbrush business.

"It hurts more than the hand!" - I was already whining.

My butt was feeling extremely hot. Numb from the spanks, almost. It was time for Jack to switch back to his hand. He slapped my legs, something he hadn't done before. He tried to catch any possible white spot left on my butt. Now and then he was pausing, checking the marks, starting again.

"This is the hardest I got so far!" - I cried, my hands on the floor.

Then he motioned me to stand up. He was already really hard so we moved to blow jobs and one healthy fuck on the couch. It was great sex. And touching myself does help during sex. hehe

And the neighbors? Let them here!

Now, the results for the poll. "When watching a clip, reading a story, getting a spanking, which verb is the hottest?"

For a better view, click on the image. :) Thanks for voting guys!

A 'Teaser' at School

I have a post for tomorrow already, right here in my head, and the inspiration, right here on my butt. ;)

So I can post a little startle or teaser or whatever you would call a funny and yet normal event that gets scanned through a spanko mind.

We have a smart professor for this class - that I cannot name, sorry - and he is somehow an authoritary figure. Not that he is big and wide and all that, but the way he speaks and he explains things. With his accent, he reminds me of the British teacher.

I've landed again in the first desk, next to Jack and two other friends. In the last one, two girls that usually come to classes, but they were 'new faces' to the teacher. They were chit chatting and disturbing a class of 10-15 people, when the professor stops apruptly. It was hard for me to hide the grin on my face when I heard his lecture. It was hard for me to actually not stare at Jack during all this time.

The lecture, that went on for like 2 minutes, reminded me of spanking vids. He called the girls 'irresponsable', and asked them to continue their conversation outside if they hadn't finished yet. "I am teaching a Masters program here and you... you are acting like sixth graders! Do not ever interrupt me again! Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir!"

"I don't want to hear any more chatting, chanting, or giggling in my class! I am paid to teach you and I am going to teach you even to behave... and good manners! You are not to come to my class again and interrupt me! I hope I made myself clear!"

Two shy voices from the back of the class:
"Yes, Sir."

Now, if you were there, wouldn't you have started picturing already a spanking scene? ;)

Image found here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

"I Want to See Your Face when I'm Spanking You!"

First things first... The pictures for the HNT, the last Bratpack HNT. For me it's not even HNT, so, like the girls say, I'm just using my pretty socks and feet to give it a good kick in the ass. The other HNT ass-kickers are Tigger, Lessa, and Spice. It's a group picture this time.

Second picture:

Now, back to our post...

Yesterday I was interested in being lonely in a corner. Today I remember another spanking that made me quite unconfortable.

After weeks of spanking-chatting, many hours of bratting, and even more of being annoying, Jack couldn't take it anymore. "But this time I want to see your face when I spank you," he said.

What's with this interest of seeing my face? Showing my face is the last thing I want when I get spanked. It's like staring in the mirror and you know someone is peaking. I don't want him to see my expression of pain and surprise, but he loves that. He makes me look at him during sex, when we push our games to almost full D/s. He wants me to look into his eyes and beg: "No more, please."

So this time he wanted to see my face expression while spanking me. I protested. That was certainly not what I wanted. I wanted the classic stuff, the otk position that I can break. I didn't want to face myself and my fears and my embarassement. It was humiliating. Of course that Jack doesn't care about that.

It's not my place to decide what I get and when I get it. It's his. "Did I ask you if you wanted or not? Who says spanking is about wanting?" And that shuts my mouth usually.

I panicked. The moment he grabbed my ankles and lifted them high, above my head, I was gone from this world. I tried to hide my face in my knees, but it didn't work. So I grabbed the bedsheet in my fists and decided not to show any emotion while he was spanking me. Useless to say that this is not the way things work. Having a blank face during a spanking is as likely to happen as correct diction with a dick in your mouth. I couldn't be poker faced not even for the first swat. I closed my eyes, blocking his image away, and my own, like in a mirror. But he asked me, punctuating his request with harder slaps, to open them.

Pain had no importance compared to my shameful situation. If only the ground had opened to swallow me and my face and my butt, all in one.

His look was amused, again. Teasing. Dominant. "Look what I'm doing to you. I'm spanking you like a naughty baby!" That made me protest even more. "How does it feel to be spanked like this?" I have no idea what the answer was, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bare mumble.

And do you know the question which you don't want to hear when you're getting your ass tanned in such a position? "Tell me why you are getting spanked like a naughty girl?"


First, don't look into my eyes when you are calling me a 'naughty girl'. That makes me hot and it embarasses the crap out of me. Second, I don't think you really care why I get spanked: the question is more to knock me out, not to establish a connection between the bad behavior and my spanking.

This is the question that throws me into headspace, and makes sure I move into submissive-mode - fast!

So a spanking ceases to be a just a spanking when such an awkward position occurs.

*shuddering* God, please don't let Jack read this post, or else, I am in big fat trouble!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Punishment Spanking Position

Today I'm going to post about spanking positions. No, don't run away, I ain't gonna talk about how many there are and I ain't gonna get into decriptions either. However, if you want such a post, drop me a line, and I'll see what I can do.

Today, my spanko fellows, I will get again in the submissive mind and inspect my own feelings on positions during a spanking.

Last night, in bed, after watching a few vids, I found myself fantasizing about Jack spanking me while I am standing in the corner. Then I started picking the right corner for such a spanking in my appartment. I couldn't find one. Why would I be spanked in the corner? Only a bad thing could get me there. I do need a reason, because a spanking without a reason doesn't excite me much. It needed to be a terrible sin. I'm still thinking of one. hehe

I realized that such a spanking would really make me unconfortable and it would turn out to be the ultimate punishment. If I can't touch Jack or feel his body next to me during a spanking, I feel lonely, puzzled, lost, scared.

He spanked me only once over the back of the chair and it was hard for me, psychologically speaking. This position in the corner would be even harder. Nothing to touch, nothing to sink your teeth into, or your claws, or your feet. It's just you and the wall. Nothing else touching you. It's scary. And yet, I want to try it.

I'm curious if I am the only one who thinks like this about 'feeling lonely' if spanked in the corner...

Today, it's Wankable Wednesday at Tiggs's blog. She has a nice post on blow jobs as well. ;)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Habits that Get You a Spanking & a Spanking Poll

First, let's see the poll results for "You have two pills, one blue and one red. You can use only one. Which one would that be?". 93% voted for the red pill, the one that would turn someone else into a spanko. 7% voted for the blue pill, that would rid them and their partner of the spanking obsession.

For a better picture of the results, click on the image:

The voters are pretty confident and happy with their spanking lifestyle. Why am I not amazed? Well done on your voting guys!

Now, let's move to the title of this post: habits that got you a spanking.

I don't have many bad habits, but some of the ones that have annoy me even. One is playing with my hair. I started long ago and only typing or cooking can help me. Yes, I got spanked for it, but it doesn't seem to help. hehe Now we live on threats. ;)

Another bad habit: bothering Jack when we were in bed. Touching where I shouldn't because it tickles him, insisting on doing things that he asks me to stop doing. He usually grabs me, flips me on my tummy, and spanks me right then and there.

Another bad habit was the one of sticking out my tongue at him and making a disgusting noise. That got me whacked good in the past. So I stopped doing it for like three years, and restarted because of this blog and because of Tigger, who always turns me into a bigger brat. hehe Now I gave up because I got another spanking for it. As easy as that.

The worst habbit that got me the worst spankings was scaring him when he came out of the bathroom - childish and stupid, but you should see his face! hehe - and turning off the light in the bathroom when he's pissing. It got me in real big trouble but I'm still doing it now and then. I can imagine how annoying it can be, but nothing can stop me. Anyway, I think this is the only habit that got me a good belting. :)

I've just asked Jack now if he can tell me a bad habit that got me a spanking? "Yes, when you become annoying." "That became a habit when you need a spanking! Espcially when you do like this - I can't not even explain the faces and signs he made hehe - and make stupid sounds (that I cannot reproduce)". Well, now I know what annoys him most. :)

That's my announcement on spanking and bad habits. :) Your turn!

Poll Time! No need to have a blog to vote. And if you have any hot suggestions, let me hear them!

Which 'spanking' is hotter?

When watching a clip, reading a story, getting a spanking, which verb is the hottest?

Thanks for voting!

Monday, November 06, 2006

"Kiss the hairbrush!"

In case you were wondering, I am still very sick and my stomach feels very tight, but I need to post something even so.

First, thank you to all those who took time to tell me (or ask me hehe) to get well soon. Thanks a lot, guys! :) I will get well... crap one sec...

Yeah... it will be a short post it seems. Lying down does feel better.

I remembered an older topic related to kissing an implement and, even though I don't remember my comment back then, I do want to talk about it again.

I remember that once or twice, a few years ago, I had to kiss the hairbrush. I don't remember if Jack or I came up with it, but it surely was a result of all those spanking stories. The situation made me feel excited and weird, because it underlined the feeling of submission. Of course it took a few good swats to convince me to kiss it, not to spit on it, but it turned out for the best. It takes a certain state of mind for some of us to comply with such a request. And those states of mind usually happen after half of the spanking took place - even better for me.

But I wonder if kissing the thing that is going to tan your bum is more related to Master/slave stuff or to normal domestic discipline? As if I really care about the answer! I was just musing, if you were wondering.

Anyway, it seems to me that the 'kissing the implement' momentum has passed. I don't find it anymore in the new spanking stories. But a few good years ago it was there. And it was pretty hot.

I hope Jack sees this post and remembers that it can be done. I want to try it again. Exactly because I know I will refuse to do it. And also because I like kissing hairbrushes, but I like even more kissing his hands and palms. He has the best ones ever!

So, what's your view on kissing the implement? Has it happened already? Will it happen? Ever been on your fantasy list? Drop me a line when you're in the mood. I'm curious to know.

Sorry Guys... Sick Here

Sorry for no posts, people. Truth is, both Jack and I are sick. We caught some virus and you don't want to hear about fever, nausea, vomitting and other funny issues, right? hehe
Anyway, even my cat is not feeling well, which worries me even more.

I hate viruses. Seems that even my friend from school is sick... So, boring and painful life around here.

See you around when I'm better!


Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Didn't Deserve the Spanking! and a Poll

What happens when SpankBoss quotes one of your spanking adventure on his site? Well, first, you get all hyper and extra happy. Next, you develop the obsession of staring at your site counter - and not only. Third, you are so into it now that your bedtime comes and passes. You become a bratty irritable zombie, cuddled up on the couch, laptop on your lap, eyes devouring the hits.

You see, when Jack went to bed, around 12pm, I said, without anyone asking me, that I would be there 'in ten minutes'. "Come whenever you want," he said. That was too harsh to my ears. "You should have said 'good girl', not something that shows you don't care," I offered him my wise piece of advice. He didn't answer.

Smart brats shut up. Smart brats don't promise things they cannot see to. Or do no want to see to. But I ain't a smart brat. I'm just the worst brat the world has seen. Ten minutes happened way too soon. Twenty minutes... half an hour, one, two. And then I finally climbed into my warm bed, next to him. He mumbled something which made me think he was dreaming so I didn't pay attention.

In the morning my cat woke me up at twelve. It seemed that the words I missed last night were more important than I initially thought. They reffered to me getting a good spanking today. I wouldn't have believed him anyway, but just for the record, I had missed such a 'good-night' wish from Jack.

Saturday today, right? So a house that hasn't been cleaned properly for more than two weeks needs some 'scrubbing'. Which Jack reluctantly did, with his precious brat absorbed once more in her blogging adventures. I was finally convinced that I could vacuum a bit if not something else.

So you say, how did the spanking happen? My smarty comments reminded him that I have another overdue spanking. I say they are not 'overdue', they are just 'due'. I mean, if it hadn't been for the smart remark, I would have gotten away with it... again.

Forget about the belt. This time I managed not to get it. Can you feel the nostalgia in my tone? hehe He picked the hairbrush - just because it's handy - and made sure I was not going to make promises I cannot keep. It takes about 20 swats to make you wonder if you can keep a promise and a few good more - until your butt is medium-rare - to be sure about it. And an hour later you wonder if you really meant it or not. Puzzling issue.

In any case, I was very prompt to point out that not keeping a promise is something that doesn't have me directly involved, but, in this case, SpankBoss. In other words, it's his fault. Poor him. Jack didn't believe me. I did believe myself though, half way through the spanking.

But you, dear bloggers, know that it's never my fault. Instead, it's Tigger's. Mostly. I did get her a good whacking once or twice... or maybe more than that. And while I was supposed to hear, according to Dante, her cries all the way from US to South Africa, which let me tell you, it IS some distance, she never had to hear anything from me. I only hope, for the sake of her butt, that Tigger has managed to develop telepathic powers in the meantime because I have a feeling that more spankings are coming her way. hehe

That's all about my spanking.

Now let's move to yesterday's delurk day. Let me state it broad and wide that it was Bonnie's and Eva's idea - a very good one as well, and that the following blogs took part in the 'event'.

CuddlyBum at Random Thoughts from a Random Girl
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Flinchflower at Facing Fear
Tracy at AngelBrat's Blog

I hope they got people to delurk, because, while I am very happy that some other bloggers with great sites have commented on my topic, I am also sad that I didn't get one pure lurker soul to say a word. I must be scarier than I thought! Yeah, a bit of a bitter taste, but, like I said, I am happy some fellow bloggers replied. :)

Now, Jack's question for today's poll...

The Spanking Pill

You have two pills, one blue and one red. You can use only one. Which one would that be?
The blue pill - it 'cures' your spanking interest forever (and your partner's too).
The red pill - it turns someone else into a spanko.
 Current Results

Remember you don't need a blog to vote. :) Also, the results will be published on Tuesday and the last voting day is Monday.

Friday, November 03, 2006

International Comments are Welcome!

Let me start by telling you how much I appreciate you guys for being there, even if you don't comment.

Honestly, I wouldn't have thought more than 10 people read my blog every day if it wasn't for the counter. Even so, I still don't believe too many read regularly: maybe those hits are lucky shots. :)

First time I started talking to a spanker online was in 2000 I think. Or maybe 1999. Many of you remember maybe Castle Handyman... and Charles. I was reading their stories and I was in love with them, so next thing I know, I write to the guy and praise his work. It was something natural to do and didn't expect anything to happen. What did happen, Charles and I started chatting quite often on ICQ. He became a good friend. I couldn't believe that a guy like Charles, with such a successful site, would talk to me, just someone from the virtual world... :)

My second delurk happened on SSS. I remember I emailed Pab first, telling him that my stories were not that good, that I was scared to post on SSS, and I even sent him a story to make sure it was good enough for SSS. My delurk got lots of answers. That was my second shock. SSS was so kool for me, and up to this day I am happy I opened my mouth in that group.

My third delurk was on PayPal. Everyone was having a mic and talking, expect for me. I was too shy for that. I think it took me a few good days to gather my guts and say something in my mic. But once I started, there was no stopping me. hehe

Now, why have I written all this crap? hehe Because I want you to muster you courage, if you want, and come out and play. I can figure out some of the reasons why you wouldn't want to do that. One can be that you're not in the mood, you're scared, or something similar. If you're not in the mood, ok, there's no rush, I'm not forcing anybody. If there's something else... that's not good enough for a reason. ;)

Another reason can be that your English, you think, is not good enough to post a comment. Ok, so, do you know French or Italian? Go ahead. I don't mind. I might have a problem and I am sure I have with answering in any of these languages, correctly, but I can understand them without a problem. Even German. So let's make it International, what do you say? ;) You can post both in English and in another language. That would be fun! ;)

Third reason why you wouldn't want to post: you're not from a Western country and you are afraid of the reactions of others. Why I mention this? Because while everyone is very proud of his/her country, some people are scared of what others will say if they accept they are from some normal country, some country which is not US, UK, Germany, and so on. Don't worry about that. I remember when we were on SSS, we loved people from other countries. They are even more special if they come from areas we know little about.

My last reason to help you comment today is: no matter your language, your grammar, yor country, your spanking interest, remember that we are a SPANKO Community. That's what bring us together more than any other thing related to our lives. :)

Now, if you don't know what to say in your comment, I'll give you an idea: write five things about yourself. ;) I'll start and make things easier. You can write about any shit you want. For example:

1. Jack says my feet are funny: hobbit feet.
2. I hate washing my hair, but I have to do it once a week.
3. My house is a mess right now.
4. Last night we were too tired to have sex.
5. My English has a funny accent many times, especially when I speak to Jack. ;)

Your turn! :) Amaze me! ;) Oh, you don't have to state your name if you don't want! Or... guess what! Today can be your lucky day and you can come up with a great nicknme! ;) Oh, I love picking nicknames!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's in a Hand?

Probably not much, some would say, and then I would need to argue again.

When I was 15, my 17 year old friend told me something that back then I didn't value. Among the typical discussion about kisses and stuff, she said that whenever she meets a guy, she looks at his hands. She wanted his hands to be pretty. She didn't say in which way and I didn't care.

Until I met Jack. I saw pictures of him before I actually met him, but after I was already somewhat in love with him. And I do remember seeing his hands and getting over excited. Hell, what those fingers and hands can do to me, inside and outside. Very promissing looking for a spanking... That was my first thought.

I still think that way. I like a boney strong hand, longer fingers. Funny I should say that, right? hehe But I'm in love with his hands. :)

Of course there is no difference between hands when it comes to a spanking - a proper job is done with any kind of hand. But it's all in the mind. However, some hands can look more ominous than others, just like an implement, which even if it doesn't hurt more than others, can look meaner.

The first picture belongs to Furiozo57. The pics he has are wonderful.

Thursday, eh? Then it's Tuesday's Poll Results Time.

The question was "You hold a Halloween party and you invite some of your collegues from work or relatives. After drinking too many beers, one of them says he/she is into spanking.What do you say?"

33% said "Guess what! I'm also a spanko. This is so great!", 27% would "Become all enthusiastic about it and ask for details, without saying that they also like spanking", and the rest, as in 20% and 20%, voted for "You smile knowingly but don't say a word" and "Not much. Maybe you pretend not to hear and you change the discussion fast".

Thank you for voting, guys! If you want a clearer view of the results, click on the picture and get a better look at it. :)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Control vs Spanking Interest

Let's have a chat on this, shall we?

Honestly, my mind was blank today on spanking issues to discuss, mostly because my real life is busy with school and work crap. But then I remembered this control and spanking stuff Jack and I talked about a few weeks ago.

Some of the normal people out there - yes, we call the "Vanillas" because they are funny individuals - are turned on by 'control' when having sex. A friend of mine stated once that her fiance looks a lot sexier and hotter when he pins her hands down and takes over, or when he ties her up. Another friend said that she cannot have a proper orgasm unless he is 'the boss' in bed. Many guys out there have the same domination problem. But when it comes to spanking... blank. Nothing happens. Maybe a few slaps on her/his ass might be arousing, but taking spanking to a whole different level and making it an erotic activity of its own is not an option for them.


For me spanking equals control. Spanking is about domination and submission. Can it be that vanilla minds view spanking as the means to get bruised? Would they like spanking if they tried it?

My answer might shock you, but I definitely think they would. If only they could take a step forward and change their views a bit, broaden their wavelengths to understand the spankos' points of view.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe spanking is ultimately about pain. It is related to masochism, isn't it, and people who like control are not really sadistic or masochistic. But I am quite sure that in the back of their minds the word 'spanking' is lurking. Quite in the same way in which some you guys *wink wink hehe* are lurking around here... Umm, sorry for changing the subject. :)

You wonder why I bother to write about a boring topic such as Vanillas? Maybe because half of us, spankos, are into a vanilla-spanking relationship and are either doing fine, or not doing fine at all.

I am just saying that it is easier to convert a control freak of any kind to spanking than a completely normal person whose interest may lie in other fetishes, like stockings. Ok, I cannot comment on that one, since it's not my thing, but I would guess that stockings have nothing to do with control. Not on their own, anyway. I am just saying that there still is hope out there for some.

Obviously, you can get a spanking without the guy liking it, but wouldn't it be hot if he got excited during a spanking? :) Anyway, peseverance solves the problems. Usually.

I'm also going to add a link to Tigger's Wankable Wednesday. Because it's fun! :)