Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Interesting Keywords #2

It's true, I don't have much time to talk about things happening in my life now - however sex and spankings still happen, so I am back with more funny keywords.

bonnies spanking quizzes - Hello? No, sorry, wrong number. But here is Bonnie's number...

And here you can find 'the beginner's guide to spanking':

first thing into becoming a spankee - Getting a spanking.

where to go get a spank - Someone's lap is preferable. Or try advertising yourself online!

hairbrush spanking needed
- 5'3, 150lbs, blond hair, blue eyes. Always available. (Happy you took my advice.)

i'll spank you - An answer always comes! When you least expect it you are saved by the prince with the hairbrush in his hand.

how to position a spankee - Oh, dear, is he also a newbie?

i'm going to give you ten swats with the hairbrush and i want you to ask for them
I say it's a good start for you two. A bit cliche, but it might work.

please....not the belt! - You should have bargained before the spanking.

i got spanked with a belt - A natural sequence to the plead before.

got spanked two times in one day it hurt - That's what happens when you are too greedy: hairbrush and belt. That should teach you a lesson!

corner time after he spanks me - Well done, you successfully completed the spankee's trial demo!

spank kayley - Well, I guess someone didn't like my advice on spanking.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Basic Marketing Spanking Mix

Let me tell you how the Basic Marketing Mix can help the teacher improve the students' conduct.

The first phase is getting information on how things happened and how the ink got on your seat. Examine all the information you have gathered.

Step two is segmenting the class of students: the ones who could have done it and the one who certainly didn't. If you want to punish the right student, now it's the time to decide who she is.

In step three you target the guilty student and bring her to your desk.

Then you position her over the desk and also position the cane on her butt.

Then you apply the basic spanking marketing mix: the product (the spanking), the price (to be paid for what she did), the distribution (delivering the punishment), and the promotion (advertising the idea that misbehaving is a punishabvle offense).

So, in case you need to remember the Marketing Mix, think of spanking!
>>> Pictures from Hentai Lesbians

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Interesting Keywords

Bonnie has lots of lists like this, and reading them cracks me up each time. It's both the things these visitors are looking for and Bonnie's extremely funny comments.

Anyway, like any blogger, now and then I check my 'keywords' and I wonder "what were they thinking?". Sometimes the things these guys are looking for are quite obvious and the obvious makes them even funnier.

Here are a couple of examples from a list I have been gathering lately:

~ brats get spanked - I couldn't agree more.

~ nc spank between bottom cheeks - I suggest a rod, applied vertically for full effect.

~ waaahhh hairbrush spanking - Please adjust your "wah's" when getting spanked. The correct sound seems to comprise no less and no more than 3 a's and 3 h's.

~ cought in aunties panties stories - That's an interesting position. I didn't think it crossed anybody's mind so far... but if stories were written on it, oh well...

~ get a spanking brat - Get Tigger... How else would you define a 'spanking brat'?

~ nothing under my skirt - I hope you're not typing this while sitting on a pillow and being horny...

~ how to control myself from being such a brat - Here is someone who needs a spanking.

~ spankable outfits - The point is to take the outfit off and spank on the bare. But if you lack the person, you can spank the clothes I guess.

~ spanking bratty brats - Not *any* brat, you see... La creme de la creme only!

~ per minute spank me submissive - A good spanker would say that 50 spanks per minute is quite something. The spankee might not agree.

~ looking inside a vagina - Use your other head to peek inside, if you really have to. It might be more satisfying... and needed, from what I gather.

~ kayley nude - Oh, no, you don't!

~ sweet wide butt spanking - This guy knows what he wants!

~ spanked for being a brat - Sounds reasonable.

The Beautiful Reflection of Your Bottom

I thought it was Pablo's fascinating real life story, "Surfing", that brought this idea back to me.

How hard is it to enjoy your body? You do admire it in the mirror, each time you take a shower or change your clothes. You check your boobs, your tummy, your arms, your butt. You check yourself... everything - as in one of the "Sex and the City" episodes, you even check your 'sushi'! You check your bottom after a good spank. But you rarely - if ever - check any of these when your guy is around. You don't mind dressing up for him and you don't mind when he sees you naked. Then why do you mind if he spanks you in front of a mirror?

You know he's looking, watching every move you make, watching your face traits change, and the fall of his hand on your bottom. But many of us have a problem watching ourselves in the mirror when getting spanked.

I wish I could do it. I wish I could follow the scene; but I can't. I risked a peek once, for only a few seconds. I saw him watching me watch and I refused to look again. It embarassed me.

I doubt that I got over it now, but... if only I had a mirror again, as big as the one in our old house, I could give it one more try!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sick and Wriggling Butt

I am not sure if I didn't catch a pneumonia but in any case, the fact that I am sick made me reduce the amount of time spent on my dissertation... thus made me extremely more playful.

In between two Ibuprofens, vitamins C's and Echinaceas, I had time to wriggle my butt at Jack. Maybe the medicine gets me high or maybe I just had to much of this serious situation. Fact is, I shook my butt at him, nudged him with my butt, grabbed his own butt all day long.

My Mom sent me pills for this weird virus we both caught - maybe it's the Uncontrolled Excitement Virus - and the driver got here a bit before 12am. As I came back upstairs, followed by my sexy husband, I once again 'exposed' my butt to him while taking off my shoes. You just stick the bum out, you know, invitingly, and hope. It mostly works; if you don't get a spanking, at least you get a slap.

I got a minor spanking. No panties down. But when you're in heat, it doesn't matter. I suppose he was also hot, since only last night he stomped out of bed, half asleep, walked to me, and started nibbling my ear. I put him off by saying that I had work to do - in movies you see this scene with the guy typing and the girl nibbling ears - and he trotted back to bed without a word. Today I found out he had no idea that he was sleep walking. hehe One day I might as well find myself raped in the shower and he wouldn't remember a thing! So a little spank was good.

But now I need more. I got greedy.

Hmmm... hmmm... Maybe if I go to bed before he gets a chance to fall asleep and annoy him a bit? It might just work. Oh, spanky spanky, here comes my butt!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I know I know...

I know I know - I posted a little while ago and here I am again. Maybe it's just because I like to hear myself talking. Yep, that must be it. Or maybe I need a spanking...

Speaking of which - whow! don't get super-excited because I ain't gonna tell you that I've just got spanked - so speaking of which, I had some very interesting dreams while being away for shopping. (And it was abroad, have I mentioned that? ;) )

I usually have nice, and not very far fetched, spanking dreams by the early hours of the morning, when obviously my desires start taking over. I remember Jack and two friends that I couldn't identify being around. Sue me if I don't remember my crime, but Jack was quite pissed off and he started swatting my butt in front of those guys. In my dream I was nervous, in my reality I was hot for a real spanking. In the end he grabbed me by the arm and started negociating a spanking in the other room.

You know these kind of dreams, don't you? So so real that you wish they happened. Anyway, by the time Jack got to the bottom of things I woke up. Of course, I tried to fall asleep again, tried to continue the dream but it was too late; the magic was gone.

My only confort was that I was getting up to have a cigarette, have my breakfast, and hit the mall.

Now it's 3am here so maybe - just maybe - I can go to bed and have a nice spanking dream. I'm in the mood, you know.

My estimates say, based on previous analysis of similar situations, that by the time I will have to hand in my dissertation I will have had a few good spankings to calm me down. Each time I get over-stressed - like almost now - I get wrapped up in spanking, because it calms me down. It's the obsession that keeps me normal and helps me forget about exams and jobs and God knows what.

Anyway, hearing myself talk again tonight was good.

I'm Alive...

... As for the kicking... Well, I am kicking papers and financial ratios all day long on my desk.

I owe you an explanation about things going on in my life. Well, I have a dissertation to present by March and my exams have already started... I have been away for Xmas and New Year and had a great time, and I have been abroad, shopping in Europe, like a maniac, on my Mom's money. Yeah... I summarized. The shopping was the best part: 10 hours a way, sometimes 12. It raised my appettite for living. ;)

My sexual life is at its peak and spankings happen now and then. I just can't focus on them momentarily...

Anyway, HI to everyone who passed by and a Happy New Year to you all. Hugz to the deserving and kisses to the ones... well, you know who you are. And as Arnie says: I'll be back! Just give me some time to settle down. hehe