Thursday, March 29, 2007


OK. I am posting. Honestly, it's not because I am in the mood, but because I got into my email and checked my site and saw people worrying. I was expecting it.... or dreading it, let's say. It was like a responsability I did not want to assume anymore and I tried to avoid it. Truth is, the more you prolong the agony, the worse it gets.

Yes, I would be wondering what happened to some of you if you went all of a sudden off, like I did. But I am so used to people 'disappearing' online that it just became my second nature. Ten years of chatting and online connections got me here.

Anyway, enough of this. I am sorry for not getting back on with a message earlier. Of course I have my excuses that I do not want to talk about - no, my hubby and I are fine. My parents are not and the story continues and my mood, topped with other real life pressing issues carried away completely my spanking mood or any other good mood, for that matter. And because of all this, my nerves are pretty shaky at the moment. Enough on it, though, because I truly don't want to get into details. It's too disturbing. And it's private life too.

So... I am not dead. I don't plan on dying soon, but, just like Dante did, I am taking a break still. I can't say when I will post again. Maybe in a week, maybe in a month, maybe tomorrow. I will post when I will have something to say.

But thank you to Tigger and Cain and all the nice people who have been coming over. And sorry for making you worry, but, to be honest, as selfish as it might sound, your worry worried me less than my worries and my family worries. I'm sorry.

I am still escaping reality by building private projects. Escaping reality has become a great hobby for me lately.

So, thanks again people and I'm sorry. I will be back some time.