Monday, November 20, 2006

A Mix of All Them X-Hot Things

I don't know about you, but I am more turned on by hentai and anime, than by normal pictures. It's hard to explain why, but I like looking at nice bondage pics, and a few monsters and some tentacles here and there are quite entertaining. Actually, you will find me masturbating on one of these issues sooner than on a happy picture of three or four people having sex.

The sample pics come from the Hentai Dungeon.

It's impossible to explain what's so hot about the tentacle business. I am sure than just a few of you might have similar interests...

In any case, my first interest in such issues started when I was 15 and I had bought, without realizing, instead of manga magazines, hentai shit. I remember vividly a page with a girl getting raped by a clown, who was pushing a vibrating ball inside her vagina. She was crying, and the monster, who looked a lot like It, was making lots of smart bossy comments. That was the closest fantasy that came to tentacles and monsters. Now I just love seeing those ugly creatures raping those beautiful chicks. I wouldn't like it if I saw the scene in a movie, but hentai... wow!

In the same way, I am turned on by weird D/s anime, but it wouldn't cross my mind to use any of the situations in real life. And this is the ultimate border between hot fantasy and reality.

Maybe it has to do with knowing there is no chance to escape the experience, with also knowing that it is a monster rape and not something nice. Well, in any case, if you haven't tried checking out this facet of horror and sex, I higly recommend it. hehe

Another picture that I had found in that magazine and that had an impact on my interests, was of a girl being raped at night by an invisible shadow. It was fun seeing her battle someone she couldn't see, but only felt. *evil chuckle* And the last one, an invasion of ants, controlled by some evil woman; the insects had a nice journey up the girl's vagina.

I don't remember much of the other scenes, but I remember the bath of juices and the expressions of the girls' faces. That was enough!

That's it from me today. Nothing on spanking... It was just about control, which goes hand in hand with some nice pain. And you can't call my fantasies weird, guys, because, by reading my blog, you also pretty much prove that you're not quite normal yourselves! *very evil chuckle*

See ya around! :)


Tiggr said...

To each his or her own, right sis? I don't get off on the tentacles and monster rapes and the ants just sound gross to me, but I LOVE hentai tigerladies and such... and nothing on earth captures the true essence of a brat better than anime...

hugs and love and kisses!

Paul said...

Well Kay, if anyone knows about brats it's Tiggr, I do know about brats also, but only from the bottom up. WEG.
We are all a little weird in this corner of the blog land.
Warm hugs,

Spice said...

Okay I love Hentai - but I've never been able to get into the whole tentacle thing. Too gross!

Have you watched Chobits? It's the cutest thing EVER, Chii is adorable and Hideki is so sweet when he's trying to be good and chivalrous! If you haven't seen it you HAVE to watch it, you'd love it!


Tiggr said...

Hey Kay? You there? No word for a while... did you put on your boots and go for a walk?

Did you or Jack ever get that switch out of the tree?

I've been avoiding a whacking for two days now... had brought him the toy (he let me pick one!) and just dropped my pantas and crawled ove rhis lap when the kid came home... YIPPEEE! Saved by the little guy...

But I need it now even if I don't want it... am getting grumpy and resentful and bitter and way too unproductive for my own damn good... come commiserate with me, would ya?

Tonight may be the reckoning though cause the kid is supposed to go out...

Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Wow..I think that's HOT!!!!

Kayley said...

I didn't expect anyone to really like this stuff but I felt like sharing, because I do like it and I also understand why. And Tiggs, you are not supposed to think of slimey tentacles, but of how many holes you can feel with all those tentacles. lol

Anonymous - glad you are with me! :) I do think that it is HOT too! hehe

Spice - I think I know what you're talking about girl... I got a few clips and I also liked it. Weird eh? I never thought I would! hehe