Friday, November 17, 2006

Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform and Other Matters

One on today's agenda: Japanese Schoolgirl Uniforms!

I have three that I like more, for different reasons. I would never buy a mockery of a uniform, that is meant to appear in Playboy magazine and not in a serious role play in my house. hehe So I am giving you my choices. I have found these uniforms at Cosmates. You can always click on image to enlarge.

I am in awe especially with the top and with the navy socks. So when I picked the options I kept in mind the unique features of the skirt or the shirt, the tie, etc. I also know that I want a plain plaid skirt, navy also, because it looks more` like HS. And it woulnd't be Japanese is the tie weren't a tie but a ribbon... I'm telling you, I watch too much Japanese stuff and my mind is deranged. hehe An I want the shirt to be white, but to look like the one on the right.

Seriously now, these uniforms feel stricter and more modern in the same time than the normal schoolgirl outfits. But that is in the eye of the beholder. *grin*

About this second choice - I am not crazy about it, but I like the skirt. I don't like the ribbon much ot the socks, but I do want a pair of funny socks like that, being the underwear woman that I am. hehe

The last choice... I saved the pic more because I think I can put something very similar together without ordering anything.

They have others as well, but the colors are too bright... Or they are not cotton but polyester. So my fav one so far, even though I'd rather have a white shirt with a funny collar and ribbon, is the first one. It's different, it's sober... I like it. :) Let's see if I can get it. hehe

Second issue is about a willow tree right outside of my window, 2nd floor. I cannot reach the damn branch to get a rod!! It's tempting me day and night, especially since I spotted the perfect rod: straight, swishy, flexible. Well, maybe I can get it tonight somehow... I hope I won't fall out of the window. hehe

(written later)
I also did corner time today. Five minutes. Just thought I would let you know, cuz I was gonna post about it this evening. And if I were in a good mood now I would write about it, but I am not. I have reasons, not moods. Don't feel sorry for me or anything because I don't want to hear encouragements. Strange, eh? And don't ask me what happened either. Just comment on the first two issues if you want, please.

Tigger knows already that when I have a damn issue I don't share for some odd reason which is hard to explain. But that's me. :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Abel said...

This really made me smile, remembering a couple of trips to school uniform departments in Japanese department schools last year. I'm not sure what the assistants must have thought about their strange Western customer! And I'm certainly glad that Customs didn't inspect my luggage en route home ("Could Sir explain why he has enough items in his bag to clothe an entire class of Japanese schoolgirls?").

Tiggr said...

He, he, he, you know already what I think... go for the first one but keep looking for a white shirt like that... I know they make them... for sailors!!!! ROFLMAO!

And don't fall out the damn window... make Jack crawl out there for the damn switch...

And you had damn sure better not pull that not talking crap with me missy! I'll swim over and tan your butt but good! *grins and bounces*

Wow... I said "damn" three times in one post... I could have fucking sworn Dante said something tonight about swearing but I'm not sure what... I wasn't listening, LOL.

Love you, sis!

Theresa said...

I like the outfits, they're cute. But don't you find it odd a Japanese school girl out fit looks a lot like a US Navy outfit. Hmmmmm!

I can't help you out with the tree and the switch. I am afraid of heights, and the whole idea of you hanging out the window....I just don't even want to think about it.


Paul said...

Brats in uniforms always look good, that's because they are going to get what they deserve.
Going to have to have a word with Jack about this attitude of yours.
Hope that Jack gets hold of that switch.
Warm hugs Kay,

Tiggr said...

OK, love,

Forget my original idea about the switch... make him climb out the window for it and then whack him with it when he gets back in!!!

Maybe that will set things right and make you feel better, too! *grins*

I LOVE YOU... wanna call me? I'm here!

lessa{D} said...

OK kay... no dangerous things and falling out of the window please... we love you and do want you to be carefull...

I am going for ther 1st uniform as well.. but I think they are pretty expensive... grinnnnnnnnn

don't know whats going on.. but am sending you big hugs and a long kissssssss

love, lessa

Kayley said...

Abel, Haron is such a lucky woman! You should post once some pics of the uniforms on your blog, like you did with the implements!! I really really wanna see them!! Pretty please Abel! :)

Paul - my attitude? What's wrong with my attitude? hehe We couldn't get that switch, but I have anice idea. ;) Hugs!

Theresa - I dont care if they are navy or not as long as I know they are Japanese! lmao I want them so badly Theresa!!!! waaahhh!!

Lessa - They are a bit expensive, but what can I do if I cant find them here?? :( If only I could be a tailor!!! :( Luv ya!

Kayley said...

Tigger - girl, I have to tell you about this holiday we have!! I might not need that swich anymore cuz I might be able to buy one from the street in like 3 weeks! kool eh?? But let's see first! ;) Curious? You should be! hehe


little braT with sharp teeth said...

I love the third one. it is very cute. :) do you know where i can buy them? I wanna one of them too. thank you

Kayley said...

Heya braT! :)

At this place you can find plenty. And you can pay in lots of ways too. :) Lucky you if you live in the US.

Anyway, went to your blog...(:) so you are into Japanese stuff, eh? Do you like Jrock? :D

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