Thursday, November 09, 2006

"I Want to See Your Face when I'm Spanking You!"

First things first... The pictures for the HNT, the last Bratpack HNT. For me it's not even HNT, so, like the girls say, I'm just using my pretty socks and feet to give it a good kick in the ass. The other HNT ass-kickers are Tigger, Lessa, and Spice. It's a group picture this time.

Second picture:

Now, back to our post...

Yesterday I was interested in being lonely in a corner. Today I remember another spanking that made me quite unconfortable.

After weeks of spanking-chatting, many hours of bratting, and even more of being annoying, Jack couldn't take it anymore. "But this time I want to see your face when I spank you," he said.

What's with this interest of seeing my face? Showing my face is the last thing I want when I get spanked. It's like staring in the mirror and you know someone is peaking. I don't want him to see my expression of pain and surprise, but he loves that. He makes me look at him during sex, when we push our games to almost full D/s. He wants me to look into his eyes and beg: "No more, please."

So this time he wanted to see my face expression while spanking me. I protested. That was certainly not what I wanted. I wanted the classic stuff, the otk position that I can break. I didn't want to face myself and my fears and my embarassement. It was humiliating. Of course that Jack doesn't care about that.

It's not my place to decide what I get and when I get it. It's his. "Did I ask you if you wanted or not? Who says spanking is about wanting?" And that shuts my mouth usually.

I panicked. The moment he grabbed my ankles and lifted them high, above my head, I was gone from this world. I tried to hide my face in my knees, but it didn't work. So I grabbed the bedsheet in my fists and decided not to show any emotion while he was spanking me. Useless to say that this is not the way things work. Having a blank face during a spanking is as likely to happen as correct diction with a dick in your mouth. I couldn't be poker faced not even for the first swat. I closed my eyes, blocking his image away, and my own, like in a mirror. But he asked me, punctuating his request with harder slaps, to open them.

Pain had no importance compared to my shameful situation. If only the ground had opened to swallow me and my face and my butt, all in one.

His look was amused, again. Teasing. Dominant. "Look what I'm doing to you. I'm spanking you like a naughty baby!" That made me protest even more. "How does it feel to be spanked like this?" I have no idea what the answer was, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was a bare mumble.

And do you know the question which you don't want to hear when you're getting your ass tanned in such a position? "Tell me why you are getting spanked like a naughty girl?"


First, don't look into my eyes when you are calling me a 'naughty girl'. That makes me hot and it embarasses the crap out of me. Second, I don't think you really care why I get spanked: the question is more to knock me out, not to establish a connection between the bad behavior and my spanking.

This is the question that throws me into headspace, and makes sure I move into submissive-mode - fast!

So a spanking ceases to be a just a spanking when such an awkward position occurs.

*shuddering* God, please don't let Jack read this post, or else, I am in big fat trouble!


Paul said...

Don't be embarrassed dear Kay, I don't know anyone who would admit to liking this position, it is perhaps the most submissive of all spanking positions especially when made to hold it yourself. Actually perfect for an attitude adjustment spanking. Carry on bratting dear Kay and I'm sure that Jack will be repeating this experience.
BTW, like the socks.
Warm hugs,

Fitz said...

I've got a serious case of the Dom chuckles now!

Great post...and lovely socks :)

Theresa said...

I'm with you on this one Kay. I love the post and double love the pic. Where ever do you find them!
I want an outfit like her's!


Lily said...

We have only done the diaper position a few times,always for punishment and I hate it. It gives too much easy access to my sit spots and I really don't want him looking at me, as you say its very embarrassing. So far he has not asked me why I am being spanked during the actual spanking but I really don't think I would like that either, its bad enough when he asks me before it happens or afterwards.

Take care,



Tiggr said...

Dom chuckles... Fitz, you crack me up... nearly as much as picturing my best buddy in that awful, dreadful position.

Poor Kay, poor, poor Kay... hey, Jack, you out there somewhere? Give her a good whacking in the corner for starters and then throw her legs over her head and make her keep her eyes locked on your while you wear her out but good.

Sorry Kay, you know I love you... but I'm in quite a mood at the moment and knowing you're getting whacked might just make me feel a teensy bit better!

Hugs and love and pillows,

Kayley said...

Paul! I was on my way to school when I read your message and although I felt the instant urge to answer, I couldn't! :( But now I'm back... fro outer space... with not so much a juicy story, but a 'teaser'. hehe And I agree with you about the position, again, and that I still am not sure that I want Jack to see the post. Not for now... *rubs bottom knowingly* Yeah... ;) Big warm hugs! :) Thank you! It's such a delight finding your comments on my posts! thank you!

Fitz! I knew it! *hides face* Why are you so evil? *big pout and embarassed look* So what if I got spanked like this? Everyone gets spanked like this one time or another... brat or no brat! lol ;) HUGZ! :)

Theresa - I know! I drool over these pics girl! Actually... just last night I was drooling over some damn sexy uniforms and lingerie I found online... Xmas is near! ;) You should also make a list of 'thing to buy'. ;) HUGZ!

Lily - Yeah, those questions can really give you a headache! hey, girl, I have an idea! Maybe if we ask them first why we are getting spanked they won't ask us anymore! Do you think it would work?? ;) HUGZ!

Kayley said...

Tiggs, brat, Jack made your day, if me getting spanked was your biggest wish today! ;) You and Fitz can go hold hands now and take a stroll in the park! You are two ol' meanies! hehe

Anyway, I will post tomorrow about my spanking. Oh... I suddenly feel in the mood to hear some tiggrish cries all the way from US... Oh, Dante... Dante???... Where is your Dom when I need him? *weg* ;)

Luv ya, ya mean old brat ya! ;)

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