Friday, November 10, 2006

A 'Teaser' at School

I have a post for tomorrow already, right here in my head, and the inspiration, right here on my butt. ;)

So I can post a little startle or teaser or whatever you would call a funny and yet normal event that gets scanned through a spanko mind.

We have a smart professor for this class - that I cannot name, sorry - and he is somehow an authoritary figure. Not that he is big and wide and all that, but the way he speaks and he explains things. With his accent, he reminds me of the British teacher.

I've landed again in the first desk, next to Jack and two other friends. In the last one, two girls that usually come to classes, but they were 'new faces' to the teacher. They were chit chatting and disturbing a class of 10-15 people, when the professor stops apruptly. It was hard for me to hide the grin on my face when I heard his lecture. It was hard for me to actually not stare at Jack during all this time.

The lecture, that went on for like 2 minutes, reminded me of spanking vids. He called the girls 'irresponsable', and asked them to continue their conversation outside if they hadn't finished yet. "I am teaching a Masters program here and you... you are acting like sixth graders! Do not ever interrupt me again! Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir!"

"I don't want to hear any more chatting, chanting, or giggling in my class! I am paid to teach you and I am going to teach you even to behave... and good manners! You are not to come to my class again and interrupt me! I hope I made myself clear!"

Two shy voices from the back of the class:
"Yes, Sir."

Now, if you were there, wouldn't you have started picturing already a spanking scene? ;)

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lessa{D} said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, grin... now since when did tiggr and spice end up in your class... lol...

I can see it happening... uhmmmmm, ok... now move over.. I want some more space...


Theresa said...

When I grew up they spanked in schools. Often wonder if that was instrumental in shaping me! Not creating me because I felt this way PreK!


Spice said...

Lol that woulda made me either turn bright red or burst out laughing - not good either way. I can just imagine the teacher catching me out and asking me what was I thinking........

"ummm.... nothing?"


Paul said...

Mmmmmmmm Kay, a lecturer after my own heart, bring back the Birch, that'll teach them to talk in class. WEG!!!!
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Lessa - hehe It does sound like them, doesn't it? ;)

Theresa - You have to post once on this subject! Do you realize how juicy this is for a post??? HUGZ!

Spice - When I caught myself grinning like a mad cat I freaked out for a second that, just like you said, he would turn to me and ask me what I was grinning about. Thank Goodness it didn't happen, but I surely will be very careful with this teacher! ;) hehe

Paul - Ummm... lol Don't bring it back just yet, cuz one never knows when I end up with my butt tanned. hehe ;) I wouldn't be able to focus with a birch around...