Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's in a Hand?

Probably not much, some would say, and then I would need to argue again.

When I was 15, my 17 year old friend told me something that back then I didn't value. Among the typical discussion about kisses and stuff, she said that whenever she meets a guy, she looks at his hands. She wanted his hands to be pretty. She didn't say in which way and I didn't care.

Until I met Jack. I saw pictures of him before I actually met him, but after I was already somewhat in love with him. And I do remember seeing his hands and getting over excited. Hell, what those fingers and hands can do to me, inside and outside. Very promissing looking for a spanking... That was my first thought.

I still think that way. I like a boney strong hand, longer fingers. Funny I should say that, right? hehe But I'm in love with his hands. :)

Of course there is no difference between hands when it comes to a spanking - a proper job is done with any kind of hand. But it's all in the mind. However, some hands can look more ominous than others, just like an implement, which even if it doesn't hurt more than others, can look meaner.

The first picture belongs to Furiozo57. The pics he has are wonderful.

Thursday, eh? Then it's Tuesday's Poll Results Time.

The question was "You hold a Halloween party and you invite some of your collegues from work or relatives. After drinking too many beers, one of them says he/she is into spanking.What do you say?"

33% said "Guess what! I'm also a spanko. This is so great!", 27% would "Become all enthusiastic about it and ask for details, without saying that they also like spanking", and the rest, as in 20% and 20%, voted for "You smile knowingly but don't say a word" and "Not much. Maybe you pretend not to hear and you change the discussion fast".

Thank you for voting, guys! If you want a clearer view of the results, click on the picture and get a better look at it. :)


Theresa said...

Hands have always been the first thing I noticed on a man. I never even made the connection "why" until a few years ago!

My sweetheart has the greatest hands! Handsome and strong hands.
You go me going this morning!


Spice said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm sexy hands.... I totally agree, some hands were just made to please!


Paul said...

Nice post Kay, can I interest you in a pair of classic hands, well used and very skilled. WEG
Warm hugs,

padme said...

I agree with what you said about hands, kayley. I love Master Anakin's hands and it was one of the very first things I noticed when we met. Our son has inherited very big hands too. :)

Tiggr said...

Ah yes, strong, broad hands with large, predominant fingers... There's nothing better.

You're hardly alone on this one, Kay... it was the third thing I noticed about Dante on our first date... first his eyes (duh!), then the um, er, lump, er, I mean bulge, er, in his tight jeans, then his hands as she pushed mine away from his crotch! *evil grin*

Hugs babe!

lessa{D} said...

mmmmmmmm, oh yes... a real Man must have strong hands... and uhmmm, not female nails.. but I sure love nails that give me goosebumps all over... yummieeeeeeeeeeee

grin.,... the quizz is not what I expected... lol...

love, lessa

Lily said...

I see a lot of hands in work and there are some that just shout spanker but the best pair of hands are the ones attached to your HOH/DOM etc. The ones that hand out the spankings and other fun things.

Take care,



Kayley said...

I'm really happy that everyone agrees on the hand issue... Do you think it's only us, spankos, who think that way?

Hugz to each and every one of you! :) Luv ya!