Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Didn't Deserve the Spanking! and a Poll

What happens when SpankBoss quotes one of your spanking adventure on his site? Well, first, you get all hyper and extra happy. Next, you develop the obsession of staring at your site counter - and not only. Third, you are so into it now that your bedtime comes and passes. You become a bratty irritable zombie, cuddled up on the couch, laptop on your lap, eyes devouring the hits.

You see, when Jack went to bed, around 12pm, I said, without anyone asking me, that I would be there 'in ten minutes'. "Come whenever you want," he said. That was too harsh to my ears. "You should have said 'good girl', not something that shows you don't care," I offered him my wise piece of advice. He didn't answer.

Smart brats shut up. Smart brats don't promise things they cannot see to. Or do no want to see to. But I ain't a smart brat. I'm just the worst brat the world has seen. Ten minutes happened way too soon. Twenty minutes... half an hour, one, two. And then I finally climbed into my warm bed, next to him. He mumbled something which made me think he was dreaming so I didn't pay attention.

In the morning my cat woke me up at twelve. It seemed that the words I missed last night were more important than I initially thought. They reffered to me getting a good spanking today. I wouldn't have believed him anyway, but just for the record, I had missed such a 'good-night' wish from Jack.

Saturday today, right? So a house that hasn't been cleaned properly for more than two weeks needs some 'scrubbing'. Which Jack reluctantly did, with his precious brat absorbed once more in her blogging adventures. I was finally convinced that I could vacuum a bit if not something else.

So you say, how did the spanking happen? My smarty comments reminded him that I have another overdue spanking. I say they are not 'overdue', they are just 'due'. I mean, if it hadn't been for the smart remark, I would have gotten away with it... again.

Forget about the belt. This time I managed not to get it. Can you feel the nostalgia in my tone? hehe He picked the hairbrush - just because it's handy - and made sure I was not going to make promises I cannot keep. It takes about 20 swats to make you wonder if you can keep a promise and a few good more - until your butt is medium-rare - to be sure about it. And an hour later you wonder if you really meant it or not. Puzzling issue.

In any case, I was very prompt to point out that not keeping a promise is something that doesn't have me directly involved, but, in this case, SpankBoss. In other words, it's his fault. Poor him. Jack didn't believe me. I did believe myself though, half way through the spanking.

But you, dear bloggers, know that it's never my fault. Instead, it's Tigger's. Mostly. I did get her a good whacking once or twice... or maybe more than that. And while I was supposed to hear, according to Dante, her cries all the way from US to South Africa, which let me tell you, it IS some distance, she never had to hear anything from me. I only hope, for the sake of her butt, that Tigger has managed to develop telepathic powers in the meantime because I have a feeling that more spankings are coming her way. hehe

That's all about my spanking.

Now let's move to yesterday's delurk day. Let me state it broad and wide that it was Bonnie's and Eva's idea - a very good one as well, and that the following blogs took part in the 'event'.

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I hope they got people to delurk, because, while I am very happy that some other bloggers with great sites have commented on my topic, I am also sad that I didn't get one pure lurker soul to say a word. I must be scarier than I thought! Yeah, a bit of a bitter taste, but, like I said, I am happy some fellow bloggers replied. :)

Now, Jack's question for today's poll...

The Spanking Pill

You have two pills, one blue and one red. You can use only one. Which one would that be?
The blue pill - it 'cures' your spanking interest forever (and your partner's too).
The red pill - it turns someone else into a spanko.
 Current Results

Remember you don't need a blog to vote. :) Also, the results will be published on Tuesday and the last voting day is Monday.


Spice said...

Was that a trick question???? The red, OBVIOUSLY!!!

I love you!

Tiggr said...

The red, yeah, DUH! I wouldn't trade what I've gotten from spanking (or gained from it) for anything in the world.

I would have picked blue (and am guessing that's what Dante might pick) were there some guarantee (iron-clad guarantee, no less) that assures me that I/we could be as close as we are now, as content, as connected, without spanking ever coming into play. In that case, it would be blue. But that's impossible, not only highly unlikely, but impossible.

Everyone knows that there are no guarantees in life so yes, I'd take the long, hard and often painful if not enlightening road all over again!

Oh, and you MUST bepsychic about that spanking thing for Tiggr... er, um, I mean, ME!

And am I sorry that you got yourself whacked? Heck no, you deserved it... blaming poor SpankBoss and everyone but yourself... I think you would blame the kitchen sink if you could... but that's why I lvoe your litty sassy bratty self!

Love ya,

Kayley said...

Spice - I bet that any spanko in his right mind - sounds funny, eh? Spankos in the right mind... yeah - would pick red! They better! ;) Luv ya!

Tiiiiiggsss... My special little brat... *grabs a pillow and starts whacking Tiggs* You're happy about me being whacked eh? Here... have some! lol

But yeah... you are right... I would blame the kitchen sink if I could. Actually, a few years ago I was extremely good at claiming that the pink elephant that comes through the window did the bad thing, not me. Jack didn't believe me. One day I found a card with a pink elephant on it and sent it to him. It read: "It does exist! I told ya!" hehe

And I agree about you and Dante. Jack would pick the same pill probably, but that might garanty him sexual boredom. Bet he doesn't want that! hehe ;)

Luv ya! :)

Eva said...

Are you kidding me? If I took the blue one, and lost interest in spanking then I'd lose interest in my sex life. Then I'd have nothing to blog about and would lose interest in that. And then I'd lose interest is all of you ... my spanking/blogging buddies. Are you kidding me? And then the other pill would create a new playmate for all of us.... how cool is that when someone new joins our ranks? It's the red pill for me, babe and if anyone votes blue, someone needs to spank 'em and give 'em a red pill!!
Great post!!! Congrats on the whole spankboss thing!!! How cool is that!

Hugs~ Eva

Ree said...

Are you sure you didn't deserve that spanking? I always say that too and that is the question Rowan (my boyfriend and spanking partner) asks me afterwards.

Interesting poll question. I picked red of course. :)


padme said...

I picked red of course. :)

Paul said...

Hope that you enjoyed the spanking brat, what pill do you think I chose???
Warm hugs,

Lily said...

Me too, red as well. Spanking has just improved our life no end and I wouldn't give that up for anything.

Take care,



Snow White said...

I didn't get around to your blog yesterday on DeLurking Day, but I'm here now. I started on A.S.S., then made the move to S.S.S., and then to A.S.S.M.! So I've been around. I believe I remember reading some of your stories, and they were good, too! Anyway, I've found you, and I'm marking you. Great blog!


Master Fitz said...

Definitely the Red Pill. Share the love :)

Kayley said...

Eva - hehe Yeah! Take the red one, girl! Let us multiply like rabbits! hehe ;) *laughing at the blue pill comment* I'm with you on that one! :) Hugz!

Ree! Hiya! Yes, I know your blog! I've been to it and liked it and that's why I added it to my links! :) Thanks for voting. :)

Padme - Thanks for picking the correct pill, Padme! ;) Hugz!

Paul - I *know* what you chose! ;) Hugz!

Snow - I know your name from ASSM. I also moved there at some point, until I disappeared. :) Nice to see you here, Snow! Do you know anything about Spark or the Guv'nor? Do they have blogs? Hugz!

Master Fitz - I'm happy you put it this way! ;) Yeah, share it baby! hehe Hugz!

lessa{D} said...

Oh my god... I belong with 95%... waaaaahaaaaaaaa, should have taken the other vote... I love minorities... *grin*

but kay... mmmmm, can you send some vibves my way next time... desperately need a


Tiggr said...

Hey Kay,

Your shyer folks are coming out after all, just like I knew they would. Maybe you did scare them off, you saucy little wench! Just kidding!

They just wanted to hear you beg! I love that, too, but would rather see ya begging, on your knees, he, he, he.

So cool that you and Snow found each other again! I found ehr for the first time thanks to Friday's ventures... cool site!

Love you, babe. I'm with Eva, spank the heck out of all the blue voters and make them swallow the red pill... then RUN!


lessa{D} said...

grinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.... well, pank the hell out of them... no no no... they must urge for more...

Theresa said...

Are you kidding me. Who took a blue pill? Why? I want a whole bottle of red plls!


Kayley said...

Don't worry guyz about the blue pill. I just tricked them. Both pills will make another person a spanko! hehe ;)

How odd would it be if your parents were around when you took the red one? YIKES! EEWW!! I *am* sick today! lol

Bet you can't tell from my posts, but don't you think I ramble a little extra today? hehe


Caryagal said...

Red absolutely! I think we should be able to decide who turns into a spanko!!! I'd pick my hubby! He spanks to make me happy and feel good, but he isn't the spanko I am! By the way I guess I'm delurking! i just didn't get any time on the actual day!! I love your blog!!!


Kayley said...

Carye, I know exactly what you mean. I told Jack that if I had such a pill, I would put it in his morning coffee first thing in the morning. Why suffer alone when you can have a party? lol

Thanks for delurking! ;)