Friday, November 10, 2006

A Spanking Before School

It started with my mood to get spanked. The best way to get a spanking when your significant other might not be in the mood?

Put on a short schoolgirl-like skirt - I have a green one - a sexy top, black lingerie with push up bra, leave half of the boobs out, and black long nice boots.

I was over his knee in ten minutes, getting the mother of all spankings, or so it felt at the moment. He spanked me for being a 'bad girl'. Generally speaking. hehe He simply torched my bum with his hand.

I am not protesting much lately, and I am training my feet not to leave the floor. It doesn't work 100%, but it's better. My man didn't hold back one second: he was determined to give me a red bum. He built the fire in my bum quite fast, with strong and fast slaps. When I started kicking, he grabbed my hand and held it.

"Ok, stand up, go get the hairbrush..."
I didn't move.

"Please not the hairbrush... Besides, your hand hurts more," I lied.

"Okay," he said, and laid in my butt even worse.

Ten spanks later I started complaining about my seat spot and asked for the hairbrush. A time out sounded too good.

"Go bring it!"

He had to, because I couldn't find it. Then I was back over his lap. He started by spanking me again over my skirt, then on the bare. I had instantly changed my mind about the hairbrush business.

"It hurts more than the hand!" - I was already whining.

My butt was feeling extremely hot. Numb from the spanks, almost. It was time for Jack to switch back to his hand. He slapped my legs, something he hadn't done before. He tried to catch any possible white spot left on my butt. Now and then he was pausing, checking the marks, starting again.

"This is the hardest I got so far!" - I cried, my hands on the floor.

Then he motioned me to stand up. He was already really hard so we moved to blow jobs and one healthy fuck on the couch. It was great sex. And touching myself does help during sex. hehe

And the neighbors? Let them here!

Now, the results for the poll. "When watching a clip, reading a story, getting a spanking, which verb is the hottest?"

For a better view, click on the image. :) Thanks for voting guys!


Tiggr said...

Kayley got whacked, Kayley got whacked....

*dancing around bouncing and singing loudly*

Yippee... and Jack got blown, goody for him, and Kayley got fucked, too...

But best of all:

Kayley got whacked!!!!!

*more dancing and singing*

My turn tonight maybe, just maybe... if the stars align properly... cross fingers and toes for me please!

Hey, loved your description of your outfit, too... I'd have wanted to spank you ever so long and losw and sensoulsy before finally blistering your bratty little bottom!

Hugs and love, loads of love!

Paul said...

Nice hot post Kay, now where have I heard that ending before.
Does it concentrate you mind for your class.
It did for Mel.
Watm hugs,

Lily said...

Sounds like a good time was had by you both.

Take care,



adam said...

Holy smokes, BRAT!!

Call the Fire Department! Your ass is on FIRE!

Just love to see you being naughty, I guess. This one, had to end in Pleasure for the both of you.

Cheers! and happy TGIF!!!!


PS: I'm getting ready to "wind it up"[ie: that long-awaited Halloween story! Yipes, I'm Bad!]

lessa{D} said...

*sends earplugs to kayley's neighbours*

grinnnnnnnn, so you got the mother off all spankings... mmmmmm, good for you... me wednesday and now you... is as it should be... *winks*

but wowwwwwwwwww.. I just had a bath.. now I need a cold shower.... bad bad girl... grin

love and kisses

Kayley said...

Tiggs... hehe I'm sorry the stars didn't align properly last night. But don't worry... I know you guys are gonna be fine. And in a week at most, you're gonna be typing messages again while sitting on a very sore butt! ;) Luv ya! :)

Paul - Oh, it did concentrate my mind on the class, trust me! You know the perfect way to study, actually? While getting spanked! hehe ;) Hugz! Luv ya!

Lily - Thank you! :) It was a great time but it's over... :( Maybe I'll get more soon. hehe Hugz!

Adam - You made me laugh! hehe No, don't send the fire brigade! ;) I like my bum on fire. HOT fire even! ;) Hugz!

Lessa - Watch it girl! YOu don't want to take too many baths today... your skin might start looking funny and wrinkled! ;) hehe Luv ya!