Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Spanking World

Now that would be funny.

I wondered today if spanking would still be fun if it weren't taboo for some people. What would happen if the whole world would like spanking the way they like common sex?

I tend to believe that there would be thousands of blogs on the subject, and most of them would not be updated daily. Honestly, I don't believe that spanking would be fun in such a world.

But what if there was a spanking country, or a planet, where spankos lived? Would you be the first one to move in the neighborhood? Imagine going to the Mall in SpankoLand and getting to see two wives spanking their husbands in the parking lot, one guy grabbing his brat by the ear to drag her home for a good whacking, everyone trying out spatulas and various implements on other people's asses... After one happy month here I think I would run home and get into a spanking disintoxication sanatorium. hehe

Where's the fun if it's not kinky anymore? Where is the fun when you can't wink at your partner when a startle happens? There would be no startles here, no teasers, nothing to make us imagine spanking and giggle about it. What you see is what you get is sometimes a killer policy.

How much spanking can our mind take before going crazy?

Anyway, I would love visiting SpankoLand now and then.


Paul said...

Brat, it would be lovely for a break or a vacation, but all the time no thanks. There would be rules and red tape, bureaucracy would get its sticky fingers on it, maybe even tax it, a nightmare.
Warm hugs,

Tiggr said...

I'd hate it all the time... even for an extended vacation it would dull rather quickly... it's the kink and darkness of it all that makes it ever so alluring...

Love you!

Theresa said...

Ditto what they said all the time would get boring. Now some of the time would be great!


Kayley said...

I'm happy we all agree on this! ;)