Monday, November 06, 2006

"Kiss the hairbrush!"

In case you were wondering, I am still very sick and my stomach feels very tight, but I need to post something even so.

First, thank you to all those who took time to tell me (or ask me hehe) to get well soon. Thanks a lot, guys! :) I will get well... crap one sec...

Yeah... it will be a short post it seems. Lying down does feel better.

I remembered an older topic related to kissing an implement and, even though I don't remember my comment back then, I do want to talk about it again.

I remember that once or twice, a few years ago, I had to kiss the hairbrush. I don't remember if Jack or I came up with it, but it surely was a result of all those spanking stories. The situation made me feel excited and weird, because it underlined the feeling of submission. Of course it took a few good swats to convince me to kiss it, not to spit on it, but it turned out for the best. It takes a certain state of mind for some of us to comply with such a request. And those states of mind usually happen after half of the spanking took place - even better for me.

But I wonder if kissing the thing that is going to tan your bum is more related to Master/slave stuff or to normal domestic discipline? As if I really care about the answer! I was just musing, if you were wondering.

Anyway, it seems to me that the 'kissing the implement' momentum has passed. I don't find it anymore in the new spanking stories. But a few good years ago it was there. And it was pretty hot.

I hope Jack sees this post and remembers that it can be done. I want to try it again. Exactly because I know I will refuse to do it. And also because I like kissing hairbrushes, but I like even more kissing his hands and palms. He has the best ones ever!

So, what's your view on kissing the implement? Has it happened already? Will it happen? Ever been on your fantasy list? Drop me a line when you're in the mood. I'm curious to know.


Anonymous said...

I think that would be HOT if he made you kiss it before a spanking. I never thought of that before but I like it..I've thought about being on my knees and kissing his feet..or his boots ;)

Kayley said...

lol Yeah, maybe I should innocently leave this post open for him when he feels better. I'm sure he'll get the idea. ;)

Are you serious about kissing his feet and boots? Cuz when I'm on his knees, head down, I need to swallow hard my instinct of biting them! ;) lol j/k The fever got me! hehe

Actually, I can be quite a mad cat sometimes... so... maybe I wasn't kidding about the biting part. lol

Thanks for your input, Anonymous! :)


Theresa said...

Kayley I have a kiss the implement story, just haven't got around to posting it yet. When I do, I will dedicate it to you!


Eva said...

Kiss the implement? Geeze, um.... not today. I can't picture myself doing that. And don't tell Adam for crying out loud. The man doesn't need any more new ideas. LOL


lessa{D} said...

mmmmmmmmm, not all the implements are kissable... and he's sure not always asked or ordered me to do so...

but I had to kiss his hand, the cane and the flogger in the past... but I had no problems with that... felt like it was soooooooo right...

love this story...

kiss on all the red hot parts...

Paul said...

We never actually thought of that, I suppose it could be quite hot, but then Mel was hot without any extras.
Hope that you both are feeling much better.
Warm hugs,

Kayley said...

Theresa - I can't wait to see it! And thanks for the dedication! ;) BIG HUGZ! :)

Eva - lol Then keep your man far from my post! Hmmm... I could picture you doing that though! And it would really make me giggle! hehe hugz!

Lessa - Yay!! An implement kisser! Kool! Yeah, you are right! Sometimes it feels very right! ;) Luv yaaa!

Paul - Thanks! Yes, that kissing stuff can be extra sometimes. :) Hugz!

Tiggr said...

Hiya brat!

Oh, yeah, been there, done that... and this bratty little wench loved every tummy-tingling minute of the submissive spirit it gave me.

I've never "had" to kiss his hands... yum... but only the worst implements, usually before hard punishments... the cane, the tawse, yeah, mostly the cane.

But I did once have that favortie leather paddle with the tooth marks embedded deeply... you could see my whole upper haw impression. But that's a story for another day... and it wasn't Dante.

Love you... get better, OK?

Kayley said...

Tooth marks, Tiggs? lol The kiss of a vampire? That's a good one. I don't think Dante wants that kind of kiss on his hands! ;)

Luv ya! I am better! :)

Anonymous said...

You know how sick brats should be treated?

Your fever should be measured using a well-lubricated rectal thermometer. You know, like for little children.

If you have a stomach ache, then maybe an enema is in order. Nothing like one quart or two of lukewarm water to flush out the lower stomach.

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