Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Spanking When Too Tired

I entered blogmode with no idea what I was gonna write about today. The older I get, the more ideas I lose. The more I experiment, the less things I have to say... Quite paradoxal, eh? ;)

I'm happy you guys liked Jack's post yesterday - he saved my tired ass. ;) He knows already what his next post is gonna be about and he won't tell me. I like surprises anyway. :)

Two days ago I cut my post in the middle because the cat was driving the whole building nuts. Like I said, that spanking wasn't a very big deal, but I perceived it as something that could bring me close to tears. Why? Because I was tired. If I'm tired all it takes is a couple of hard slaps, and I feel like I've been spanked for days... So if Jack had gone on, I would have cried. Fortunately - and this time I mean the word - he didn't. For me being tired is as bad as being drunk. Weird...

By the way, is it only me or is the world wide web getting full of mostly F/F spanking pics and videos? What happened to the guys? Wherever I look, girls and more girls! Male spankos became an endangered species. Maybe they are scared to come out and play in today's society when women are getting powerful *weg*... or maybe only female spankers are multiplying. Lucky for some, sad for me.

I want a Japanese school uniform. I love everything Japanese, except a few things related to business and women - being an Economics graduate and studying intercultural stuff I learnt some stuff... Japanese art is absolutely fabulous. Japanese girls are awesome. Japanese furniture - my fav bedroom. Japanese food - to die for! But I couldn't live in Japan. Anyway, I love Japanese school uniforms... I gotta find one soon. I think Jack would like that too. hehe

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go look online for one. I'm in the mood. ;)

Hmm... I got an idea for another post on Japanese anime and hentai, on control, raping, monsters, rough sex... It sounds like fun! hehe


Tiggr said...


I want to see you in that new uniform... with a very red behind and grinning like a saucy Cheshire cat...

I see you already in my mind... what color would you get? Red to match your bum or blue to match your blog?

Love you, babe,

Ree said...

You know, the one time I write a post that says something just a little bratty I get caught. So i guess I have to be good for now since Rowan hasn't decided what he is gonna do with me.

I know exactly what you mean about only a couple slaps putting you over the edge when you're really tired. I feel the same when I am too tired. Rowan likes to make sure that I am in "good space" as he puts it before giving me a spanking so that I "get everything coming" to me. Oh there are so many things I would like to say esp. about how mean he is...but I won't. I'll be good for awhile - but I'm sure its gonna kill me!!


Theresa said...

ok I think you lost another idea here! Or did you just find a new one!


Fitz said...

Strangely enough, I've got no problem with all that F/F spanking stuff. Can't think why.

Control, rape, monsters, rough sex...

Sounds like a damn good session if you ask me :)

Paul said...

Yes Kay Japanese cartoons are very appealing, if you find a uniform can we have the URL please.

Anonymous said...

That uniform idea is HOT!! I wear skirts like that all the time..they're fun to wear. If you have a Forever 21 store near you..look in there. They have lots of cute plaid skirts with suspenders and stuff.
I love your drawings. You haven't lost anything. That second drawing is HOT!! Now I just need to find a guy? Know any?

Kayley said...

hehe It seems that all of you guys are excited about the uniform business! I'll give you tomorrow glimpse of what I want and the site. ;)

Anonymous - I dont have that store next to me, but Imight be able to find some plaid skirts around. But The top is the problem, cuz I cant find anything like the Japanese stuff!!! :( Thanks for the compliment. :) Well, I did lose...

Ummm, I know guys but none are spankos. hehe I dont think that helps...

Ree - I cant wait to see what happened in real life in your 'yard'! ;)

Tiggr - I dunno yet, ut I love... I adore... the blue socks! maybe blue cuz I already have the other reddish skirt. ;)

Fitz - Of course you dont have a problem: you're a guy! YOu even find them hot I guess! hehe ;)

Paul - Sure you can! Just wait till tomorrow! ;) Oh, if only I can get Jack to get me one!!! hehe

Theresa - You mean the monsters or the uniform? lol Yeah, new ideas cuz Ican expand on them! ;)